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Article: Losing Your Hair? How to Conquer Male Hair Loss & Get Your Confidence Back

Losing Your Hair? How to Conquer Male Hair Loss & Get Your Confidence Back

Losing Your Hair? How to Conquer Male Hair Loss & Get Your Confidence Back

Losing your hair? Don’t lose your mind.

I first noticed my thinning dome back in 2014, when a freckle on my scalp began to free itself from my receding hairline and greet the world. Naturally, I handled it with poise and grace. Which is to say, I immediately set about developing a complex about it that took years to unravel.

Sound familiar? Well, I have good news – it doesn’t have to ruin your life. There is a myriad of safe and accessible products on the market today that have proven results for mitigating the effects of male pattern baldness.

I’ve been through a few of them now, so take the opportunity to put my experience to use.

Left - Hair before treatment. Right - Hair after one year of treatment.

Left - Hair before treatment. Right - Hair after one year of treatment.

How I Battled Early Hair Loss in My Twenties

The following are some of my favorite allies in the battle against hair loss.


Minoxidil has the unique distinction of being one of the first lines of defense against most forms of genetic balding as well as one of the more complicated to get a routine going with, so let’s cover that first.

Minoxidil goes by many monikers, Rogaine being one of the most well known. It is a topical solution that gets applied directly to your scalp twice a day, right after you shower and right before you go to bed. It takes a few hours to settle in, so don’t go applying it before you wash your hair to try to save time. It is available in a few different concentrations, 5% being the most commonly used among men suffering male pattern baldness (raises hand).

Minoxidil hair treatment.

You can order Minoxidil online from a variety of brands, Kirkland being one of the most trusted and cost-effective out there. I would avoid shopping for it in the store, as the prices are outrageous, quantities are limited, and varieties reduced to only the most expensive brands.

Liquid or foam?

It’s kind of up to you and that noggin of yours. Liquid tends to be less expensive and some have expressed better results, but the solution can cause scalp irritation. The foam variety is easier to apply and quicker drying. Keep in mind that it can take quite a while to start seeing results – I didn’t for about 3 months, which is average for those suffering from receding hairlines or alopecia.


Good news! Finasteride is much easier to deal with and will work into your routine without much fuss. Finasteride is also sold as Proscar or Propecia and has a variety of uses, male hair loss being a primary reason for prescription. It is pretty cheap and super easy to get a script. If you don’t feel comfortable, I went to a medi-center and got one in about twenty minutes. One pill each night, big difference in the long run

Pura D'or shampoo and conditioner.

Specialty shampoos

If you know where to look, they can make a difference. When I first started to lose my hair, I found solace in all sorts of snake oil shampoos and conditioners. However, PURA D’OR products are the best bet. In addition to easing the look of thinning locks, it relies on apple stem cells as its main active ingredient – no more harsh chemicals on that scalp!

While not directly helpful in reducing hair loss, a good medicinal anti-dandruff shampoo will also come in handy. Any hair loss rejuvenation process like this is sure to cause some dry scalp. I use Nizoral once a week and have no problems.


In the same fashion as facial dermarolling can bolster collagen production, dermarolling your scalp can “increase cell production and increase blood circulation,” helping to further the effects of other products you use as part of an overall hair loss strategy.

Biotin Supplements

They’re cheap, they’re on the shelves of every drug store, and they promote overall hair, skin, and nail health. Take them anyway!

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You don’t necessarily need to integrate all of these into an obscenely complicated and time-consuming regimen. I almost never dermaroll, it just never really became part of my routine. I forget to use Minoxidil sometimes. I skip a day of the shampooing now and then. It isn’t the end of the world. If it starts to feel like it is, there are more pressing matters for your wellbeing that should be tackled.

There are a ton of tools available to help with hair loss today, but the most important thing to consider is your outlook. A receding hairline does not have any implications for your physical health. If you want to try to recover your locks and feel good about it, then great! But you must be careful not to hinge too much of your self worth on hair.

Confidence is truly key when going through this process, don’t be ashamed to be beautiful, balding you! The key is to embrace it, battle it, and find a new style that suits you.


It’s important to note that every product and remedy I listed above didn’t bring back the hair I had when I was 20 and it may never come back in the same way.

All the remedies on the planet could stop working on my scalp tomorrow. One day, I might need to shave my head anyway, and that’s okay! Its just hair. It isn’t going to make the difference between your best and worst possible lives. You will still be beautiful, people will still love you, and you can - and should - still love yourself, whenever and however you can.

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