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Article: Losing Your New Years Fitness Motivation? Here Are 8 Ways to Stay Motivated

Losing Your New Years Fitness Motivation? Here Are 8 Ways to Stay Motivated

Losing Your New Years Fitness Motivation? Here Are 8 Ways to Stay Motivated

Resolutions are tricky. I tell myself every year I’m not going to make them - then, inspiration strikes. It’s a New Year - a new opportunity. Now, why wouldn’t I grab that by the horns and run with it? Exactly.

So, here I am writing this article with the ultimate resolution: I’m going to run a full - no cutting it in half this time - marathon (I’m cringing slightly because now if I don’t, it’s even worse: I just put it in writing).

Yes, I’m terrified, scared, not looking forward to the hours of training I have to put in, and having some serious doubts right about now.

And I’m sure some of you can relate to how I’m starting to feel. If you made any fitness resolution, you might find you are hitting a brick wall. I know I am. “It’s impossible.” “Who am I kidding?” “I just can’t keep up.” “Maybe I just won’t…” Then the shrug of the shoulders: “Well, there’s always next year.”

I’m putting my foot down. This year is MY year. It’s YOUR year. And guess what fam? We aren’t waiting until next year. It’s happening. Get ready!

So, I went looking for fitness inspiration. And I’m pulling you along with me. How can we stay motivated? Here are the 8 ways I found to keep on keepin on - especially when you really don’t want to anymore. Set yourself up for success! You can and you will. Keep reading.

1. Don’t be Scared to Switch it Up

Fitness is a lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean you have to rock at one particular thing. Or become a die-hard gym goer. Trust me - I’ve been there. It’s not fun nor particularly motivating. In fact - you might agree with me here - it gets SO boring.

So, what do you do? Mix it up. Plain and simple. How? Try different activities.

I’ve gone from emphasizing running, weightlifting, HIIT, group classes, solo training, spinning or cycling, barre classes, softball, floor hockey, yoga, to pilates and more… And now I’m back to spinning and running. I cycle through them. Why? Because I get bored and I need to keep it interesting. And if I don’t, I will become a self-proclaimed couch potato - which been there, done that. It doesn’t feel as good as this does.

Plus, getting in shape or reaching certain fitness goals isn’t black and white. You define them. And you don’t have to pay up for it either. Try walking or investing one-time in a pair of snowshoes - and use those all winter.

Don’t be scared to cancel that gym membership if it isn’t working for you. Look up other fitness places instead. That spinning place down the road? Try out their intro membership for 2 weeks. And if you happen to find something you love, stick with it until you fall out of love with it. Then, find something else! Eventually, you might reclaim your love for that old activity - but for now, you just need a change.

2. Visualize How it Feels to Accomplish Your Goals

This is important. What will accomplishing that goal feel like? Picture it. Take it all in. Do this every. single. day. Those feelings, that rush - Let it motivate you. Let it drive you. Wake up in the morning and imagine that ideal scenario - where all your goals come true.

You can even create a dream board or little reminders. It can provide that extra push when you need it the most.

And remember, celebrate all your wins - even the small ones. If you lost 1 out of the 10 pounds you’re aiming for, celebrate it! Go for that massage or buy those new shoes.

3. Schedule! Schedule! Schedule!

Plan ahead. Make a calendar and write out when and where you plan on working out. It’s more likely to happen when you have it scheduled into a time slot.

4. Remember, it’s a Lifestyle.

Make it a part of your life - like brushing your teeth every night. It contributes to your overall health and wellbeing. It’s not an option. Start seeing your goals this way. And use this as fitness inspiration to push you to be better each and every day. You’ve got this.

5. Rally the Troops

I’ve mentioned this before (and so have a million other fitness articles). But working out with a buddy really does work. It forces you to be accountable. You said you would show up to that next workout class. Your workout buddy is going - thus, so should you. Use each other for motivation to crush that next workout session. It works.

6. Buy a New Outfit

Why not? If it motivates you to workout, do it. Get that new pair of leggings and that workout top you’ve been eyeing. Gear up! Use your next workout as an excuse to wear your new outfit.

7. Reward Yourself

This comes back to celebrating your wins. Reward yourself with food your body craves (and needs). Find new healthy and delicious food recipes. Or drop by that new smoothie place after your next workout.

Reward yourself via that massage you’ve been talking about. Or with that new outfit!

8. Plan to Fail

Try and try again. Go over the worst case. How will you get back on track? If you plan for it, you’ll be better prepared and ready to handle it. Plus, failure is only real when you completely give up. Keep moving forward! Great things take time.

Don’t Give Up Yet!

You might want to give up. You might want to throw in the towel. But this is the moment where you prove you’re tougher than all that, where you decide and make the conscious decision to keep moving forward toward your goals. Use the above tips to drive your fitness inspiration and motivation.

All you have is right now. Use it. Remember, we’re in this together. And this year is YOUR year.

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