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Article: 4 Important Lessons We Can Learn From Plants

4 Important Lessons We Can Learn From Plants

4 Important Lessons We Can Learn From Plants

We share the natural world with animals and plants. Animals are sentient beings–they feel emotions just like we do–and many animals are our companions and friends.

But what about our relationship with plants?

Some people feel a more natural affinity with plants than others do. There is no denying that plants can have a powerful and often therapeutic effect on us.

This is why we keep plants in the home. Plants send out loving vibes, and they have a special way of connecting with us as they come from the earth itself.

Gardening is often therapeutic for people. Walking among a garden with its beautiful flowers and array of trees and plants is a wonderful way to relieve stress and balance ourselves internally.

Needless to say, we can learn quite a bit from our green friends. In the typically fast-paced world we live in. Certainly, in the world we have been in for the last year, where many of us have experienced greater stress and anxiety due to the worldwide pandemic, connecting with nature is something that can help us at every opportunity.

So what can we learn from plants? Below are four important lessons our friends can teach us (though they may not even realize they are doing it).

What Can We Learn From Plants?

1. Stillness

The plant is something that spends most of its life immobile, rooted to the ground–except for the odd blowing in the wind when outside, shifting back and forth to catch the sun’s rays or slightly swaying when being watered.

Yet, it often has a fruitful, satisfying, and, in its own way, long life. We can learn a lot from plants by taking a moment to appreciate the stillness ourselves.

It is in the stillness that we can let go of our racing thoughts for a moment. In the stillness, we can take a moment to practice gratitude and be glad for all we have. It is in the stillness that we can simply just be.

So when things get too much, just take a moment to stand in the stillness and let the magic wash over you.

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2. Patience

How long do we water plants? Care for them? Nurture them? Then watch over time and eventually get rewarded with how they grow into a splendid blooming thing that we love to look at and which helps bring joy and life to our environment.

But the key thing here is time. A seed doesn’t sprout into a plant overnight–it takes plenty of loving patience to see this plant bloom.

It is the same with us.

Sometimes we may be frustrated going at a slow pace or not experiencing results right away. But like the plant, it’s time to exercise patience and remind ourselves that the best rewards take time.

3. Resilience

The plant teaches us resilience. In the wild, the plant must thrive and survive on its own. There is no one to water it or take care of it. It must rely on the sun and the rain and thrive as a single entity on its own.

We, too, can learn resilience from the power of the plants.

What challenges do we face that require our strength and fortitude to overcome? What storms do we face? Can we withstand them?

The plant seems delicate, but it would not be out in the wild unless it was able to withstand the rain and wind thrown at it. And just as even the daintiest of flowers can survive a harsh storm, so too can you practice resilience.

4. Stronger Empathy

Empathy is one of those much-needed qualities that there simply isn’t enough of in the world.

Though plants cannot speak in the same way we can, they have their own special spirit, which speaks to us in other ways.

When we tap into the energy of plants, sometimes simply by staring at them for a prolonged amount of time or meditating next to them, we are able to empathize with them. We can sense their peace and their stillness.

Doing so strengthens our own degrees of empathy, which then paves the way for greater compassion for ourselves and others.

Life Lessons From Plants

As you can see, there are quite a few lessons from plants that we can take and adapt to our own lives.

The natural world is a very special place, and whether we are fortunate enough to spend time among it or whether we can only visit it every now and then, plants are whispering to us all the time.

House plants can be especially helpful for those who would like to benefit from the healing and helpful nature of plants. Those who are able to grow plants in the garden can likewise benefit from spending time among them. Plants help us connect with ourselves at a deeper spiritual level.

The next time you are next to a plant or you look at one, think about these four important lessons we can learn from plants. As silent as they may be, their messages for us are loud and clear.

They are here to help us to become the best of ourselves, in their own special way.

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