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Article: Consistency: Your Way to the Body You Want

Consistency: Your Way to the Body You Want

Consistency: Your Way to the Body You Want

Consistency: the quality of always behaving in the same way or of having the same opinions, standard, etc.; the quality of being consistent.

Interestingly, Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, wears the same jeans every day. I’m not kidding. Mark Zuckerberg and Obama do something similar.

Why? It helps them avoid decision fatigue. They do these things consistently so they can put their energy toward other aspects of their life or work. Thus, they have become successful because of this.

While you don’t need to be consistent in the same thing you wear every day, successful people consistently do the things that help them work toward what they want. It might be something big or something very small. The point is, they stay consistent. They do these things almost daily - or at least at regular intervals.

The same can be said when you’re trying to actively make a healthy lifestyle change. Maybe you constantly look for fitness inspiration or some motivation. You’re not always going to find it. You need a routine that keeps you consistent.

This routine may involve the food you should eat and other nutrition and wellness aspects. Maybe you meditate or visualize every day, so you stay focused on your goals - and that gives you motivation or creates a habit of some kind.

How Can You Stay Consistent?

Life happens. Or perhaps you get bored with the same ol’ routine. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you stay consistent and get to where you want to be (and help you get the body that you want!):

1. You Focus on the Journey - Not the Destination

Healthy isn’t a destination. It’s a life-long journey that enables you to do what you want with your life. When you need a little fitness inspiration, think about the journey. Think about how doing these things will create the life you want. Remain positive. And don’t think that once you get to an ideal weight, you’ll just stop. Healthy requires maintenance. You’re in this for life! And you can do it.

2. Create Habits by Changing Your Behaviours

As aforementioned, you won’t always be motivated. That’s why when it comes to sticking with fitness or healthy routines, you need to create a habit. This may involve a ton of patience for the first few months. Again, keep reminding yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing! Create a schedule or plan ahead to make it easier to stick with it.

3. Constantly Look for Ways to Improve

Mistakes happen. So, you flopped on that last workout - why? How can you prevent this from happening next time? If it was because you go home first after work before going to the gym, bring your gym bag to the gym. Go straight from work to the gym. Eliminate your excuses. Challenge them!

4. Track It & Log it!

Are you holding yourself accountable? Keep track of it. Use an app to check off or measure your workouts. Keep a food log to make sure you stay on track with your healthy eating habits. If you don’t track it, did it happen?

In addition to tracking it, celebrate those small successes! Were you able to lift more or exercise longer this time around? It’s a win. Act like it. Did you stick to healthy meals and treats all week? Good job. Pat yourself on the back. Remember to acknowledge your successes. It will keep you motivated, as well as put you in the right mindset. You’ll be thinking about things in a glass half full kind of way as opposed to a glass-half-empty way.

5. Simplify It - Don’t Overcomplicate

Keeping it simple is always the sure-fire way to go. Don’t change everything overnight. You’ll get overwhelmed, frustrated, and ultimately, you might give up. Nutrition and wellness habits are built by adding one small change at a time.

Try cleaning up your eating habits. Make one small change and keep it that way for a few weeks. Then change another thing, then another. Slow is the way to go. And these small things add up! They create big changes down the road that are oh so worth it.

The Bottom Line

Consistency is the only way you’ll get the body you want and the life you want. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Time is of the essence. Stay consistent, gang! You can do it. Use the tips above to push through those tough times and keep that healthy wheel turning.

Did you know that working out with a buddy can help you stay on track? Try these 5 partner workouts next time you hit the gym with your friend or partner!

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