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Article: How to Overcome Indecisiveness

How to Overcome Indecisiveness

How to Overcome Indecisiveness

In a logical sense, indecisiveness would seem to stem from any number of insecurities. However, at the very root, indecision can stem from an infinite amount of places.

The soul is your inner compass, your sense of inner guidance from the interconnectedness we all have through intuition. When we are trying to decide who to date, whether or not to leave a relationship, which career field is best, or where to live, we can get stuck in this state of limbo for so long that our decision becomes not deciding.

However, to break this cycle, we need to first establish that it’s better to be decisive by looking at why this is the case.

Why are we Indecisive?

When we are decisive, we get to learn from our mistakes and we open the chance for success. When we are able to be clear with what we want and express it, we can experience life instead of being a bystander just watching time pass. To live with a lust for life and really experience our personal power, we need to make decisions to see how much of a positive impact we can truly make.

To overcome that fear of choosing, instead of thinking harder, we are going to guide you to think less, feel more, and trust your gut on a whole new level. This isn’t about just following your emotional whims but truly developing a relationship with your soul and the Universe.

Sounds pretty epic right? It is.

Look at Why You Don’t Trust Your Intuition

When we don’t know how to make decisions by going within, we often look to other people to help us make decisions. Either we never knew we had this skill of intuition or haven’t been able to quite tap into it.

A way you can do this is through mindfulness and meditation practice, this allows us to look for the thing that lights you up inside, and feel like the most loving, uplifting path. The truth will set you free and when you feel free, free from the fear that is, that is the choice that your intuition is guiding you towards.

Perhaps you were raised to over-analyze everything. Perhaps you’ve lived around people who do things only so that bad things don’t happen. They make fear-based decisions and you’re not used to making intuitive decisions.

Why is Intuition important?

Your intuition has access to information beyond time and space which is more than what the mind can conceive of. Looking for signs, listening to the inner voice and nudges of your soul, will help you make decisions on your own accord without the conditioning of society which feels like an obligation or a ‘should’ more than an empowered choice.

Maybe you’ve made bad decisions in the past and you no longer trust yourself. That’s also ok. You can look at what state of mind or intention you had in those moments which led to what you’re labeling as a failure.

You can choose to shift your intention and this time allows the decision to come from a love-based space within you instead of from the ego which tries to impress people or prove your worth.

Think About Times Things Worked Out

You can remind yourself about when you just went for it because you were really excited about it and you achieved success. You can also remind yourself of times you went with your gut and ended up learning an invaluable lesson as well. We don’t have to know the outcome to trust where our gut is leading us.

Thinking positively about outcomes will help you step in the direction that you truly want to spend some time visualizing a positive outcome and notice how that makes you feel to see if that feels like it aligns with the person you want to be.

Stop Worrying What Others Think

Spend some time really looking at whose opinion is influencing your indecision. Your heart knows what you want but we often get stuck when our subconscious mind still cares what Aunt Mildred thinks. You need to separate your own identity from what other people think of you.

This can come through meditation and journalling about what is in your heart to be. You can feel when it’s coming from your soul because it will feel expansive instead of heavy. Letting go of our family’s opinions of how we should live our life or even society’s traditions is a majorly helpful part of overcoming that feeling of being stuck.

Get Out of the Future & Into the Present

Often when we are stuck without knowing what is the best decision it is because we are too focused on the future and not tuned into the present. When we are clear on our intention and stay present, we can sense what is the best decision even without knowing all the facts.

This can help you avoid decisions that may fall apart quickly due to unforeseen circumstances and it can lead you to the decision that you need the most for your soul to grow.

We think in terms of money and society’s definition of happiness which is often a picture of a happy family in a home but our intuition expands beyond the mind to give us what will provide much deeper satisfaction. The soul speaks to us in the present and the mind calculates in the past and future. The wisest place to find the answer is in the present so tune into the moment to find the path that is meant for you.

Do What Is In Your Heart

Finally, once you’ve taken the labels, the opinions, the fears, and the conditioning off, you can get a more clear connection to your soul. Listen to what have you always felt in your heart about why you’re here and how the decision you’re considering lines up with that.

Acknowledge that most people make fear-based decisions but that people who really overcome the normal disconnect from the soul, activate a life that is fulfilling, full of growth and excitement.

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Enhance Your Intuition

If you’re new to living intuitively, there are many ways to start enhancing your intuition as well. You can look at making healthy choices and adopting a healthy lifestyle. The more we bring positive states of mind into our day, the easier it is to sense intuitively.

This is because our chakra that is is linked to our intuition center is a higher vibration that our emotions of fear. The more positive you feel, the easier it is to tap into that state. Listening to uplifting music, decorating with uplifting flowers and art, joining a meditation class, and reading about developing intuition can all help open it for you. Even business decisions that feel big and small decisions such as what to wear will become a fun process instead of an anxiety-inducing one.


Finally, if you’re really feeling stuck, and you’ve worked to connect to your intuition but still can’t quite get to the place where you feel sure, see a spiritual counselor you resonate with. Often we are just a hair away from seeing something clearly and they can affirm that we are truly on the path of our soul. It’s OK to ask for help from a spiritual counselor but you don’t want to rely on them for all your decisions. Sometimes they can help us see a deeper energetic block that is hard to see either because it’s a past life issue or family karma.

You can learn to trust yourself by deciding to develop your spiritual life and open your intuition. You’ll find that you know things and you can’t explain why and soon people will be asking how you knew what was best and you can inspire them as well. Ultimately, living intuitively leads us to find that the right path isn’t always the one that will bring fame and fortune because happiness is about sharing love and compassion.

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