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Article: Colour Therapy Glasses: Trend, Therapy, or Both?

Colour Therapy Glasses: Trend, Therapy, or Both?

Colour Therapy Glasses: Trend, Therapy, or Both?

You may have heard about color therapy glasses, but do you know anything about them?

Color therapy glasses are a part of color healing therapy, known as chromotherapy. They are lightweight glasses which come in various colors that mostly correlate to the chakra colors. Each color links to certain emotional states which the color induces naturally in your brain. They can also help with certain physical symptoms.

In practical terms, these glasses can offer you positive feelings without harmful side effects. Some people may turn to alcohol when they’ve had a stressful day, but imagine just putting on your magenta color therapy glasses and feeling the instant effect.

They can even help curb emotional eating. They are only going to cost you about $14 and they don’t leave you with a headache. Of course, you don’t want to wear color therapy glasses while driving, because you wouldn’t be able to see colors properly at stoplights and you need to see brake lights.

Are your ears starting to perk up? Imagine being able to avoid the caffeine crash from that sugary energy drink because you have some new color therapy glasses that give you the needed boost. Imagine feeling more open to meeting people just by letting a certain color help bring harmony to your nervous system!

It’s an underrated and remarkable field of study - and don’t get us started on how great it is for curing diseases because science can back up chromotherapy as an alternative healing modality. They also protect you from UV light just like sunglasses.

How Do Color Therapy Glasses Work?

The way that colors affect the hypothalamus has a predictable effect on the emotions by regulating our hormones. Because each color has a frequency, the body and brain are trained to that frequency by wearing the color therapy glasses for 30 to 60 minutes each day.

Of course, you can wear them more than that and use them to regulate your energy throughout the day. If you need energy, you put on red, orange or yellow but if you need to calm down before bed, you put on green, pink or purple, which have a more calming effect.

You are probably wondering, do color therapy glasses actually work?

Have you ever walked into a room and had a feeling come over you? The way a room is designed affects your physical state when the brain perceives the colors in a room which are designed to create a mood. If you walk into a room with dreary browns, grays, and greens you may feel depressed, but if you walk into a room with bright pink, green and yellow, you feel playful and awake.

This type of healing is easy to comprehend but there is also science to back it up.

This article published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information states,

“Chromotherapy is a narrow band in the cosmic electromagnetic energy spectrum, known to humankind as the visible color spectrum. It is composed of reds, greens, blues and their combined derivatives, producing the perceivable colors that fall between the ultraviolet and the infrared ranges of energy or vibrations. These visual colors with their unique wavelength and oscillations, when combined with a light source and selectively applied to impaired organs or life systems, provide the necessary healing energy required by the body.”

Basically, the colors we see can trigger an emotional or even hormonal response within our body and by doing so, can help us on the path to healing.

What Are Color Therapy Glasses Used For?

Here are some of the basic emotional states induced by the common colors of color therapy glasses:

  • Red helps with stability, energy, and basic survival needs.
  • Orange stimulates creative energy, sociability, and joyfulness.
  • Yellow builds optimism, confidence, and a better sense of humor.
  • Green helps you feel peaceful and loving towards yourself and others.
  • Blue is great for improving communication and openness.
  • Purple can help your mind function clearly, aids intuition, and improves decision making.
  • Pink is able to help you relax and reduces anger.

Color therapy glasses are commonly used for dyslexia, menstrual cramps, computer waves, anxiety, migraines, headaches, autism, and depression.

With all of these wonderful effects, it’s surprising they aren’t used more often. Perhaps it’s that people feel self-conscious wearing something that isn’t fashionable? The designers thought of that too. There are stylish color therapy glasses made by one of the most well-known chromotherapy glasses brands, Rainbow OPTX.

This makes a simple gift for someone you know is struggling with low energy, negativity or even confidence. You don’t even have to tell them they are therapeutic! Maybe they will just start wearing them not realizing why they feel better.

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