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Article: How Doing Less Can Help You Receive More: Permission To Pause

How Doing Less Can Help You Receive More: Permission To Pause

How Doing Less Can Help You Receive More: Permission To Pause

By slowing down and doing less, we can actually manifest more? Why, yes. Yes, we can.

It is a concept that is a bit hard to really wrap our minds around, but once we can begin to embrace the power of taking responsibility for our vibrations, this realization becomes quite clear. When we shift into a mode of manifesting and creating, we are able to allow for the act of receiving the things we desire and think about. These unfoldings can happen easily. A big piece of this is allowing for the power of the universe to take the lead in putting together the pieces the way they need to.

Making the Change

It can be helpful when thinking about moving into the receiving mode to think of yourself as a radio. At all times you are emitting a frequency that tunes you into a “radio station.” As you partake in different activities and environments, your frequency or “radio station” can change.

Stress and anxiety lower our vibration, and states of relaxation and health raise us to higher frequencies. The higher our vibration, the more joyful our human experience; it is in high frequencies that we experience our ability to manifest things that we desire.

Woman pausing on a beach looking out at the ocean.

What Does it Mean to ‘Pause?’

Granting yourself permission to pause nourishes and fills your tank in all areas of the Holy Trinity: Mind, Body, & Spirit. We allow ourselves to take moments to center ourselves and rejuvenate ourselves. The more often we have this tank full, the more powerful and potent our manifestation abilities are.

When we allow ourselves to pause we’re letting go of the feeling that we aren’t being productive, or that we aren’t doing enough. We allow ourselves to just be.

I hear you reader, “so it means that I do nothing?” Well… sorta. This sounds simple but it can be a lot more difficult than you think, especially in the modern age of technology. So let’s explore, how does taking time to do nothing help each of these areas?

Giving the Mind Permission to Pause

We are constantly on the go and while moving, our minds are racing. The human brain produces, on average, 35-48 thoughts a minute, so by the end of the day, we have used a lot of energy.

When the mind is depleted of energy, our creativity plummets, decision-making skills weaken, and our ability to receive new ideas and inspirations closes down. By giving the mind breaks throughout the day (and taking full days to let the wind blow through your ears), you hit the reset button.

You’ll be able to check back into your latest project or to-do list with a fresh, new perspective, allowing you to remain focused, energized, and inspired.

Practices to shift into rejuvenation mode include meditation, spending time in nature, even taking a nap!

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Giving the Body Permission to Pause

I think it is a fair assumption to say that we all feel the sensation of being tired. A trick and sweet spot to manifesting and performing at your optimal state is to learn your body and give it the appropriate rest before you hit extreme exhaustion.

Once the body has gone into depletion mode, an extra amount of recovery time is needed to refill the tank. Taking time to do nothing will allow the body to remain charged and also sends signals to the nervous system that it can relax. Having a calm nervous system is an important component of peak performance and manifesting.

Practices to shift into rejuvenation mode include rest/napping, get a massage, or try a sensory deprivation tank!

Woman pausing in the mountains. She is looking out at a lake while sitting on a rock.

Letting Spirit Take the Lead

When looking to manifest and produce more results in your life with less effort, one of the biggest factors is working with the universe as a team. This means declaring what it is that you want in your life and then believing fully that it is taken care of for you; the universe will do what needs to be done to make it happen. This does not mean that you just go sit at home all day, every day until it happens.

Make decisions and actions that are aligned with your highest self and watch the magic unfold. It is important to take time to relax and not be in action-mode all the time to keep the nervous system calm. Communicate with the universe that you know that it is taking care of things.

Ways to shift into relaxation and receiving include meditation, visualize your ideal scenario, do an activity that makes your heart sing.

Don’t Forget to Take Time to Be a Human Being!

This is your friendly reminder: we are human beings, not human doings. It is an important part of our human experience to let ourselves just be. Let yourself bask in the sunshine and relax to your favorite music. Know that when your tank is empty, the most productive thing you can do for yourself and the collective is going take a nap or a day off.

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