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Article: What Inspires Each Enneagram Type

What Inspires Each Enneagram Type

What Inspires Each Enneagram Type

Have you been struggling with inspiration? Have you been feeling particularly unmotivated and “blah” due to the current state of the world? This is where the Enneagram comes in handy!

Actually, the Enneagram comes in handy a lot anyway.

It’s a tool for getting to know yourself at a deeper level, helping you to understand why you act the way you do, why you respond the way you do, aspects of yourself that explain your behavior in relationships, and much more.

The Enneagram is a test that categorizes you into one of nine different personality types. Of course, many of us will exhibit various qualities from different personality types, but there will always be one type that dominates over the others.

This is you, the core of your personality.

The Enneagram can be used for all kinds of things, and its accuracy can be startling. If you don’t yet know your Enneagram type, take the Enneagram test before reading on.

What Inspires Each Enneagram Type

If you’re looking for a bit of Enneagram personality inspiration, look no further.

This article delves into each personality type and highlights how you can feel inspired. For example, walking among nature is always inspiring. A hot bath Archimedes-style can produce flashes of inspiration too. Philosophical discussions with others can also help.

But when all else fails, look to the Enneagram to assist you!

So if your pen is refusing to write, your keyboard is refusing to type, your canvas is blank, and your ambitions are going nowhere, scroll down to your Enneagram personality type and look at where you can gain some inspiration.

1. The Reformer

Crime Novels & Documentaries

The Reformer is someone who needs challenge (though in a different way to number 8, The Challenger). The Reformer is a person who has tremendous mental discipline and relishes a good mystery.

If a Reformer is feeling inspired, it’s likely because they are not mentally challenged.

Therefore, as a Reformer, it’s time to bring the challenge to you. Delve into an Agatha Christie murder mystery or watch crime-solving documentaries on Netflix and beyond. Let the intense workings of your inner mind move along with the mystery. That will get your mind churning will all types of ideas.

2. The Helper

Acts of Heroism

The Helper is a hero in their own right. These people are very caring and will put the needs of others before their own (sometimes to their own detriment as it can lead to self-neglect).

A Helper who is feeling uninspired feels they are not helping others. This can lead to low self-esteem.

Acts of bravery are awe-inspiring to the Helper. So if you are one of these wonderful people, watch a film with heroes fighting off the bad guys, or Google stories in the news about acts of heroism, especially where the odds were defied. This will compel your natural compassion to amplify, and you’ll feel inspired to make a difference again.

3. The Achiever

Motivational Words

An Achiever is someone who is driven to succeed. Therefore, when they experience a blip in their goals or feel stuck somehow, it can be challenging to deal with and leave them feeling uninspired and listless.

Sometimes, a motivational quote is all you need to remind you that your goals and ambitions are still there! Luckily, yours is one of the types that can usually jump back on its feet quite quickly, despite setbacks.

Google “motivational quotes” and spend an evening reading through them. You’ll feel invigorated and ready to rumble once more. Remember, every successful person experienced setbacks at some point.

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4. The Individualist

Abstract Art

As one of the most creative of all the types, the Individualist is someone who has a flair for dramatics and an incredibly creative mind. As a result, they can produce the most astonishing pieces of art, and their mind travels to places that are out of this world.

However, they can be easily discouraged, especially if they feel their art is unappreciated.

It is times like this that, as an Individualist, you can benefit from abstract art. Because it is so open to interpretation, you can let your mind wander and see where it leads you. This is a way to let your imagination roam freely, and in doing so, you are giving it full permission to be inspired.

A similar effect can be achieved with cloud-gazing.

5. The Investigator

Problem-Solving Puzzles

An Investigator is very cerebral and has fantastic analytical skills. They can come across as emotionless at times, but a lot is going on in their minds and a depth to them that others rarely see.

An Investigator often feels uninspired when they feel their investigative and problem-solving skills are not being put to good use. They thrive on solving problems.

Therefore, seeking out puzzles or online games which are all about problem-solving is a good way to challenge your quick and penetrating mind as an Investigator.

6. The Loyalist

Joining a Worthy Cause

As the name suggests, the Loyalist does not waver from a cause or commitment and will take secrets to the grave with them.

Lack of inspiration comes from feeling that their protective and loyal natures are either being unused or unappreciated. This can also come from having a life that is “too easy.” A Loyalist thrives on proving their strong sense of duty and loyalty to others.

Therefore, joining a cause - whether it is a human cause, animal cause, environmental cause, local, national, or international cause - helps them feel inspired again and allow their dutiful natures to find a place and purpose.

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7. The Enthusiast

A Change of Scenery

The Enthusiast is one of the most fun-loving of the Enneagrams, and there is never a dull moment with these people around!

They lack inspiration when life gets too boring. Therefore, a new change of scenery is essential for them.

As an Enthusiast, you benefit from taking a weekend away now and then or checking out new restaurants or bars or places you haven’t visited before. If you’re unable to get out and about, changing up your living space every now and then really helps.

Scenery art can also be constructive to bring into your home, as you are very visual, and the sight of a new place can be inspiring for you.

8. The Challenger

Shadow Work & Positive Affirmations

The Challenger is a powerful personality with a strong presence. They inspire fear or respect in others (sometimes both) and can often be found in positions of leadership.

A Challenger feels uninspired when they feel they have failed or when they feel they do not have something worth fighting for, like the Loyalist. As the name suggests, the Challenger thrives on challenge.

To boost inspiration again, as a Challenger, focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses. This is one of the types that benefit from inner work when feeling uninspired. Inspiration will come from within, not from out there.

Engage in shadow work, write down positive affirmations and write down a list of your achievements to date. Listen to songs that boost your mood. This will be inspiring for you, so you will be ready to face the next challenge.

9. The Peacemaker

Explore Your Spiritual Side

As the name suggests, the Peacemaker likes to keep the peace. They are generally well-liked by everybody and are reassuring and agreeable.

If a Peacemaker feels uninspired, they can become lackluster and feel little zest for life. This can lead to dangerous escapist tendencies.

For inspiration, as a Peacemaker, you need to nurture your spiritual side. Books such as The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle can inspire you, and so can walks among nature and regular meditation sessions.

Delving deep within your spiritual side can remind you of your purpose and help you feel boosts of inspiration again.

How Will You Get Inspired?

Whatever Enneagram type you are, remember that inspiration can be found in many ways.

But knowing your Enneagram can make it that little bit easier to find ways of inspiring you when you feel inspiration is nowhere to be found.

Motivation for Enneagram types helps you to give yourself a boost when you’re feeling down. There is always a way to push forward; sometimes, it is just a case of reading a little about your Enneagram type and finding the way that works for you!

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