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Article: Earthing: What is it and How Can it Help You?

Earthing: What is it and How Can it Help You?

Earthing: What is it and How Can it Help You?

To put it simply, earthing is a process where you connect to the earth’s energy in order to heal yourself. It’s so simple and direct, and yet so many people are not even aware of it!

Connecting with the Earth

The hustle and bustle of stressful, busy lives can lead to a host of problems on a physical, mental and emotional level. To cope with these stresses, we may turn to a variety of solutions, many of which end up making our problems even worse.

Earthing is based on the lack of connection to nature we experience while living in the concrete blocks of society. Our disconnection with the earth as a species has caused us to forget one simple thing: that the earth provides everything we need – including the ability to heal us and ease our pain.

How can Earthing Help?

Earthing is an intuitive-based type of healing that allows us to meditate and connect to nature at the same time. It is also known as ‘grounding’ and relies on the basis that connecting to the earth’s natural energy can help ease troubling ailments such as insomnia, inflammation, mood disorders, and arthritis.

This is something that both the New Age community and the more hardcore scientific one appear to be in agreement on – access to an abundance of free electrons from the earth can help neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are those dreadful molecules, atoms and ions that seek to cause damage to the human body, usually associated with chronic pain and ageing – they are combated with antioxidants, like sipping on all that green tea, and earthing.

So if you are someone who is wearing shoes all day, who rarely goes out among nature and who spends all their time walking on hard floors or sitting on a chair or couch, then you are every free radical’s dream. Remember, the body is constantly under attack from free radicals. They are all around us, from fried foods, to alcohol, to air pollutants. The less healthy the lifestyle, the more exposure to free radicals one is under.

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How Can I Earth Myself?

So it’s time to get earthing. Just as the sun provides us with essential Vitamin D, so does the earth beneath us. The great part is that it’s free healing from the greatest healer there is – our planet.

So how can you earth yourself? Read on to find out!

Man standing barefoot on road.

Walking Barefoot

This is the most popular and best way to earth yourself. In ancient times, before the industrialized society gradually took over the world, it was common for people to walk barefoot outdoors.

You can walk barefoot on the sand at the beach, on the grass in a park, in the mud, or even on clean pavement. Anywhere that is outdoors and gets in touch with your soul will do the trick.

Walking barefoot on the natural earth is the best way to soak up the planet, it is recommended to do this for at least thirty minutes so you can feel the full benefits of it. It is also important to really feel the connection with the earth as you do this.

Much of the stress and anxiety we suffer is due to a disconnection with our physical bodies. By grounding ourselves in this way, we have the opportunity to reconnect with our physical bodies.

So next time you are on a beach or in a field, take your shoes and socks off and let yourself connect with the earth, imagining all the healing going into your body. Doing this on a regular basis can provide some incredible health benefits for you.

Woman sitting in the grass on a hill.

Sit on the Earth!

You don’t have to stand in order to reap the benefits of earthing. Sitting works just as well. Sitting on the beach, in a field or on concrete works just as well in terms of drawing electrons from the earth’s energy. Again, try for thirty minutes per day and see if you notice a change in any aches, pains or stress levels.

Sunflower indoors in a mirror.

Indoor Earthing

Not everyone is able, or has access, to earthing outdoors. For some, it is not practical or possible. That’s why earthing products have been created. Special grounding mats, chairs, bed pads and even socks can be purchased in order for you connect with the earth while indoors.

Always do your research online and check for a reputable company that sells these products so you can get the most out of indoor grounding!


Earthing, when performed regularly, can be healing for us on so many levels. Rather than allowing stress and free radicals to get the better of us, we can fight back by enlisting the help of our greatest ally – the earth.

Start grounding yourself today and let the earth’s natural resources heal and ease your troubles.

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