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Article: DIY Sanitizers & Cleansers for Your Make-Up Brushes

DIY Sanitizers & Cleansers for Your Make-Up Brushes

DIY Sanitizers & Cleansers for Your Make-Up Brushes

It’s one of those things we all just seem to forget. You’ve got the make-up, the brushes, the mirror, and your face. What more do you need?

Oh, right. A make-up brush cleanser!

We’ve all been there before. Most of us use our make-up brushes on the daily but often forget to clean them regularly. It’s easy to forget, but it actually happens to be quite important. You are putting these brushes on your face, after all.

Cleaning your make-up brushes is important for several different reasons, the main ones being:

  • Bacteria build-up.
  • Dead skin cells on the make-up brush.
  • Oil accumulation.


These things are bad for your skin and can often lead to breakouts and other skin problems that no one really wants to deal with. Not properly cleaning make-up brushes is often the main reason for some of these skin problems.

It’s time to make sure your make-up brushes are in tip-top condition! Don’t panic. We’re here to help.

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3 DIY Make-Up Brush Sanitizers & Cleansers

Maybe you don’t want to spend a fortune on make-up brush sanitizers and cleansers – and you don’t have to! Below are three very easy, DIY make-up brush cleansers that you can create with ease in the comfort of your own home.

It’s amazing what a few natural remedies can achieve. Ideally, you want to ensure you’re cleaning your make-up brushes at least once a week. These methods can also be applied to make-up sponges.

Read on to find out more!

Method 1: Soap & Water

Nice and easy.

Mix a bit of dish soap (something gentle like Dawn is a good choice) with lukewarm water (avoid hot water, which can damage your brush’s bristles). Dip the brush into the mixture and swirl it around for a little while. Wipe the brush back and forth on your hand to dry it out. Then, leave it on the counter overnight on a paper towel.

Repeat the same for all of your brushes.

For some added benefit, add a few drops of olive oil to your mixture. The olive oil keeps the bristles in tip-top shape, while the soap kills off the bacteria.

Method 2: Rubbing Alcohol

Useful for many different things, rubbing alcohol is fantastic for cleaning your make-up brushes, and it is a very quick and convenient way to do so. If you are not interested in all the mixing, the dipping, and that sort of thing, this method is perfect.

Pour the rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle. Then, lay the make-up brushes on a paper towel. Simply spritz the lot of them. Then, rub the bristles on the paper towel as the residue comes off.

Keep spritzing and rubbing until all the make-up has come off the brushes. Once you are done, let them dry out.

This is a fantastic way to kill the bacteria from your make-up!

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Method 3: Vinegar & Water

Another very simple method.

Mix three tablespoons of water with one tablespoon of vinegar. Dip your make-up brush heads in this mixture, and stir for about a minute. Rinse under the tap in warm water. Ensure you are keeping them under the tap until all the make-up has washed off.

Bear in mind and this method may give your brushes a smell of vinegar.

So if you’re not keen on that, simply mix a bit of laundry detergent in with your mixture, and it will give your brushes the nice pleasant scent of freshly-washed clothes instead.

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Make-Up Brushes!

Cleaning your make-up brushes doesn’t have to be long, laborious, or expensive. It’s a very simple act, especially with the methods above. Cleaning your make-up brushes is not only important to keep them in good shape (which is fantastic if they were really expensive!), but also important for your health as well.

Self-inflicted breakouts are always a cause for regret. This can be avoided by cleaning methods if your skin is acting up from the bacteria or other residue on your brushes.

The simple act of washing your make-up brushes once a week can make a world of difference. This is especially important to remember as we approach seasonal changes. If you are someone who struggles with breakouts due to the change in weather, cleaning your make-up brushes is even more important than usual.

Fit this into your weekly routine and remember, it only takes a few minutes of your day. Your skin will definitely thank you for it – and what’s more, it’ll save you having to fork out on new make-up brushes every few months as your original set will be in great condition.

Stay clean! Which method works best for you?

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