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Article: Daily Life's Top 10 Wellness Influencers

Daily Life's Top 10 Wellness Influencers

Daily Life's Top 10 Wellness Influencers

Who should you be following? If you want to live that wellness lifestyle, it helps to be surrounded by top wellness influencers. And we have all the wellness influencers you’ll want to follow.

From mothers to spiritual leaders, you’ll want to click that follow button. Together, they’ve inspired millions upon millions of people worldwide. This group shows the power of social media and how it can be used to promote positivity rather than hinder it.

Do you need help loving yourself again? Do you need motivation? Inspiration? Or how about a little spiritual guidance? This groups got ‘em!

Daily Life’s Top 10 Wellness Influencers:


If you’re a mother, you’ll definitely relate to this wellness influencer. GOFITJO is ran by Joanne who goes by Jo. She’s a mom - like you. And she refreshingly doesn’t believe that the perfect body is all about looks. It’s based on how you feel and your health. She’s real. And she’s a fighter.

Her goal? Inspire individuals to become better versions of themselves. Her Instagram is a breath of fresh air in a sea of sameness; it’s full of bright, relaxed, and motivating photos and captions.

She’s also all about female power and women inspiring women. After scrolling through her social media and website, I now even want to be her friend.

2. Gala Darling

If you like the look of Gala Darling’s Instagram and website, you’ll have to buy her book. She’s a bestselling author. Her book, Radical Self-Love, teaches an incredible technique that has the power to change your life.

And she’s driving the self-love revolution forward with her influence. Her Instagram is full of quotes inspiring confidence and power. She believes that love can only multiply and it is really the only thing worth spreading. Start learning how to feel good about yourself again! Gala can help get you there - or at least be another positive influence in your world.

3. Chloe Wilde

Do not let the fact that she’s a talk host fool you. Chloe is also the founder of Healthy is Hot - a promotion of health rather than aesthetics. And as a community, they admit to not being perfect but that just draws more people in. Join the #healthyishot trend. Why? Because it is.

It’s all about self-love, confidence, empowerment, and offering a safe space for everyone. And Chloe Wilde is all about that life. She’s an inspiration - one of which we thought was worth a follow and we think you will too.

4. Jameela Jamil

If you’re lacking in the body positivity department, Jameela Jamil is your girl. She launched I Weigh in March 2018. Her motivation? To make every person feel beautiful, and look past the flesh on each other’s bones. We are all so much more than that anyway. And the account is super inspiring.

It’s full of non-edited photos of real people’s bodies. And these people are letting the world know what they’re proud of. It’s a movement. And definitely one you’ll want to be part of.

5. Chinae Alexander

Chinae’s even got a podcast. So, if you’re not all that into the social media things - go for the podcast. It’s worth a listen. You hear about people sharing their fears and basically spilling their guts. And then Chinae answers. She dishes out advice - and it’s pretty good advice at that!

And she’s a real woman with real curves. If you look at her website or Instagram, you’ll easily be able to tell why she stands out amongst the rest.

Oh - and she hates kale. So, if you’re tired of the traditional and same-old influencers online, trade ‘em out. Chinae isn’t scared to speak her mind. The best part: You’ll find you can relate much more to her than you ever could to a Victoria Secret model.

6. Sophie Gray

Are you in need of a little mental refresh? If you’re new to the world of mental health care, you need to check Sophie Gray out! Pick up some cool mental care strategies and think it out with her.

She’s another one of our top wellness influencers who has a podcast as well. And it addresses all kind of issues you may be having with your own thoughts. Sift through them. It’s likely going to be your new favourite go-to podcast.

But wait - there’s more. Sophie also has an app called DiveThru. It’s described as, “an introspection app that will help you to answer life’s questions. You know, the questions the internet can’t answer for you.” Elite Daily, Shape, Metro, and the Daily Mail all rave about it. So, check it out too. Who couldn’t use a little more positivity in their life?

7. Gabrielle Bernstein

Out of our wellness influencers, Gabrielle Bernstein’s got the spiritual wellness thing going for her. If you’re feeling disconnected or in need of a little more spirituality, dive into Gabrielle’s world.

Learn to meditate. Embrace her talks. Read her books. There’s so much info coming from Gabrielle Bernstein. It’s insane. And it’s the perfect start to your spiritual awakening or journey.

8. Hayley Garnett

This is another one for all the moms out there. Hayley is as real as it gets. She’ll post pictures of her post-partum body. She’s imperfect. She faces challenges. But so does everyone else. And she lets us all feel a little less alone on that journey.

Hayley inspires women to love their flaws - to embrace them, especially after childbirth. No body is stronger than that of a woman who has just given birth. And while Hayley boosts self-love, she by no means hides the fact that it isn’t easy.

9. MyNameIsJessamyn

Do you love yoga but feel your body is under-represented in the masses? Jessamyn won’t make you feel that way anymore. She embraces her body and all that it can do. She’s quirky and again, real. Just check out her Instagram and you’ll know why we love her!

10. Lee Tilghman

As I am writing this article, Lee Tilghman is currently taking a break from Instagram (don’t worry - her account is still there). But it’s crazy inspiring. Talk about being real. We all need a digital detox once in a while. Lee does it even with 300 000+ followers. And her account is all about moderation. You’ll see her enjoy delicious sushi and ice cream. She doesn’t exactly hide anything, which we 100% are behind!

Follow These New Wellness Influencers Today!

Bring new perspectives into your life! See what our top 10 wellness influencers can offer you. Maybe they’re exactly what you need to flip your perspective or open your eyes. Give them a follow and find out!

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