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Article: A Mantra to Attract Summer Love

A Mantra to Attract Summer Love

A Mantra to Attract Summer Love

This summer, experiment with your magic with the power of mantras!

One of the great time-tested tools of manifestation used by yogis, entrepreneurs, and metaphysical aficionados for hundreds of years is the power of the spoken word combined with visualization techniques.

Mantras are words or phrases that are spoken out loud (usually repeatedly) to create new pathways in your brain so your neurons fire the same thoughts automatically. In other words, mantras work by replacing patterns of negative thought with specific, repeated positive affirmations.

When we call in relationships that are full of love and respect, we are fine-tuning our magic — mantras are not just for fun, they are healing as well. Let’s break the pattern of negative or disappointing flings and call in a higher love, a true soul connection where both people are supported, respected, and able to grow spiritually and emotionally.

Sound good? Okay, let’s look first at how to use mantras before we deliver you this powerful love potion.

The Nuts & Bolts of Using Mantras

You know that feeling of falling in love where you feel like you’re drinking a magical love potion? It’s often during that phase when we forget the lessons we have learned in our past relationships and end up repeating the same mistakes in our new ones.

Having a clear intention that includes the relationship advice you’ve gathered from your life lessons and mentors will help you attract a love that is not only full of excitement but also more healthy and stable.

The intention behind a mantra is just as important as using the mantra itself regularly.

Think about a lighthouse and how it spins its light to signal the boats to come into the harbor. If the lighthouse spins fast, it will blink its signal more frequently and more boats are likely to see it. Similarly, the more you send this mantra out into Universal consciousness, the stronger its energy becomes and the more likely it is to manifest. Think of it as drawing a blueprint of your life in the fabric of the cosmos.

While you use any mantra, visualize yourself in the situation you wish you attract. You’ll start to get used to the feelings of the visualization and it will help charge your emotional state and direct your mind to make decisions that will lead you to situations that mirror those visualized experiences. This will help you overcome avoidant behaviors or even shift your energetic vibe enough to open you up to love. Use the mantra daily and watch as things shift.

You can say it or write it, but give yourself at least three minutes each morning and night to focus on this mantra. Use it anytime that you think of it and say it mentally to yourself. You might consider setting your phone to alert you with the mantra as often as you’d like.

A Mantra to Invite Summer Love

Mantras don’t have to be complicated and it’s great when you can remember them easily. This mantra has carefully chosen words that help to create a specific feeling that will be sent out to the universe to help you attract some incredible summer love.

I have an exciting relationship.

I am grateful for our deep soul connection.

We are growing into better versions of ourselves.

If you want to modify this mantra to make it unique to you, feel free to do so. Make it memorable and packed with exactly what you want. Remember, you will attract the energy you put out, so if you want a friendly partner who is considerate and successful, be that person yourself first.

Closing Thoughts…

There are numerous additional ways to call love into your life, and we say, go ahead and use them all! You can also check out a traditional yogic mantra called So Purkh that is known to attract love. You could also create an altar or a crystal grid with the intention of calling in love and you can write down gratitude for your lover each morning and night. Create a vision board that makes you think of the fun things you’ll do together, and voila!

Finally, put yourself out there. Try an online dating app, join a book club or a hiking club. Go to places or events where you will encounter people with similar interests and meet the Universe halfway, friend.

We are excited for you to use this mantra and any other metaphysical tools you feel called to so you can experience cloud nine in record time!

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