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Article: 8 Activities to Soothe Your Soul

8 Activities to Soothe Your Soul

8 Activities to Soothe Your Soul

Do you feel restless? Are you struggling with anxiety or depression?

Perhaps you seek a new means to soothe and calm your soul.

You just need to settle - even just for a minute.

You aren’t alone. Today’s society poses many stressors and burdens on our mental health. It’s taxing. Even just turning on the TV is a burden in and of itself. The news flashes images of death, grief, fear, and sadness. It isn’t exactly soothing.

On top of that, it’s go-go-go.

You’re lazy if you aren’t always driven or motivated. You’re not putting in your all to reach your goals if you aren’t any closer to them. Look at everyone else - look how successful they are.

The pressure. It builds.

The truth of the matter is you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone takes a different journey. Everyone has a different life.

But you can control your feelings and your stress. You can soothe your soul via activities that aim to relax your body and mind, as well as shift your perspective.

These activities build mental resilience. They contribute to heightened emotional intelligence. That way you can deal with anything life throws at you in a calm and collective way - without feeling overwhelmed or particularly anxious and stressed.

So, how can you do this? Let’s check out the following list of activities that may help you soothe your soul.

1. Stop. Breathe.

It sounds simple and maybe a little mundane to some. But sometimes we completely forget to just halt for a second and take a few deep breaths. It’s proven that this can help calm the mind and soothe the soul. It adjusts your physical body to a state of calm.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, just take a quick break. Take a few big, slow, full belly breaths. Allow yourself to decompress - even just for a minute or two.

2. Think About Others - Instead of Yourself.

Sometimes we get so stuck in our own head that we lose perspective. We internalize everything. It becomes a problem that leads down a slippery slope of potential self-loathing and self-blaming.

Get out of your head. Giving to others - even if it’s just a small amount of time or a compliment - can do wonders when it comes to soothing the soul. With giving comes personal development and growth. If you decide to volunteer at a homeless shelter, you’ll inevitably leave your volunteer position a different person than when you entered it.

Further, personal development gives way to more mental clarity. Flip and expand your perspective. It can absolutely get you out of a funk.

3. Plan for Regular Digital Detoxes.

Even if it’s just for a day or two, intentionally separating yourself from the digital world can work wonders on your mental state.

Calm your soul and your mind by muting all that excessive stimuli. Take part in activities that don’t require any digital stimulation. Go hiking. Read a book. Meditate. Talk with your friends without looking at your phone.

Just unplug for an hour or two. Once that becomes easy, try going a day. Record how you feel before and after. Does it make a difference for you? The most likely answer is yes. Give your brain that time it needs to replenish and restore - without technology and digital stimuli playing its part in your perspective and mindset.

4. Angry or Sad? Give Yourself a Timeframe.

Emotions are a normal part of life. It’s okay to feel sad or angry from time to time. It’s okay to let yourself sit for a bit and really feel it. But limit this. Don’t let these emotions take control of your thoughts and get out of control.

Set a time. Don’t let your mind get exhausted from it. Cry it out, then pick yourself back up and power forward. Detach yourself from those emotions after you’ve felt them. You’ve felt them, now there is no point in mulling over them. It won’t get you any further in your life and it definitely won’t calm your soul.

The lowdown: Don’t dwell.

As soon as you feel a negative emotion, set a time for yourself to detach and move on. Taking action, such as the next steps to move forward from what set off your emotions, is a great way to help you keep pushing forward to that better life.

5. Get Outside.

Have you been cooped up all winter? When was the last time you spent time outside in nature? Studies prove that the outdoors boosts our mental health and mood. These effects can soothe your soul, making you feel better.

Take a walk, without your phone or digital device (or at least put it in your pocket). Take in your environment outside. Feel that fresh air touch the skin on your face. It’ll feel good - trust us.

6. Write!

If you’ve never journaled before, you don’t know what you’re missing! It’s time to start. It’s one of the simplest ways and easiest activities to fit into your routine. It can help you sift through complex problems and emotions. It’s also a way to express yourself.

Let it all out. It’s like talking to a friend but in writing.

7. Refocus & Reorganize.

Life happens. Sometimes, it throws more at us than we can handle. This often results in high stress. But you can let it get carried away sometimes. Remember, you’re in control of your thoughts and emotions.

So, refocus. Reorganize yourself and your goals. Where do you want to be? Who do you want to become? Take action toward that goal. Focus on your journey and changing things in your day-to-day to get to your goals. Just because you’ve been off-track doesn’t mean you can’t get back on track.

Hint: Google Keep and other notepads on your phone or digital devices offer great ways to make lists and prioritize. Plus, on Google Keep you can even tick things off as you go adding to feelings of accomplishment and purpose.

8. Use Affirmations & Gratitude on the Daily.

Personally, I do these two things every morning. I ask myself, what 5 things am I grateful for today? Then, I list them, no matter how small.

I also have 2 go-to affirmations:

  • “I am enough.”
  • “I have all the time to do what I need to do.”

These resonate with me since my biggest reason for stress comes from thinking I don’t have enough time and not being good enough.

If these don’t sound good to you, find affirmations that work. Choose statements that mean something to you and push you toward your goals.

Soothe Your Soul - Choose Activities that Work for You & Your Lifestyle!

Life is tough sometimes. It can feel like you’re on top of the world one minute, and the next it can feel like you’re hurtling toward the ground at lightspeed. Occasionally, you may feel buried in life stuff, making you feel an array of negative and crushing emotions. But these emotions and feelings don’t have to bury you. You can overcome and soothe your soul, guiding yourself toward a better you and a better life.

Don’t overcomplicate it. You don’t have to do all 8 activities at once or at all. Choose one at a time and try it out. If something clicks, keep using it. And you can always add to it to take yourself to the next level.

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