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Article: 5 Signs You Need a Daily Meditation Practice

5 Signs You Need a Daily Meditation Practice

5 Signs You Need a Daily Meditation Practice

Have you ever wondered, can meditation really make me happy? This is precisely the question that many people who found happiness started with. The curiosity led them to a class, an online video or some type of stillness practice. Maybe that question led you here!

The more you meditate, the better you’re able to see how your subconscious thoughts may be really steering your life. You can use meditation to train yourself to be more secure in yourself, optimistic, and to shift your behaviors so you can get along better with others. Meditation improves your health, can help you manifest, and allows access to dormant creative insight.

On a deeper level, in meditation, you find a sense of purpose even during the hard times. But in most cases, what we are seeking is to undo the pressure valve on our psyche and find a sense of personal peace. Meditation opens the infinite space in your soul that contains everything you need to know.

So the answer to your question, quite simply, is YES, meditation can make you very very happy. Here’s how.

5 Signs You Should Be Meditating Daily

1. You Feel Like You Just Do Things Just to Get Them Over With

If you find yourself dreading your life or just doing things because you feel you have to, you are missing out on a whole different level of happiness that many regular meditators know on a daily basis. You can find a sense of magic in life by becoming aware of energy and having an intention to be positive and loving. Then even the seemingly mundane things become, hyper interesting. You begin to experience love in each moment.

2. You Constantly Feel Uneasy or Self-Conscious in Public

Have you lived with anxiety your whole life and just accepted you always will?

You don’t have to.

Maybe at one point, you wondered, can meditation cure anxiety? Maybe you brushed off the idea because it didn’t seem like sitting and doing nothing would help at all. But you didn’t have the full picture. Meditation calms the fight or flight response that releases hormones in your body and taxes your energy reserves. It can reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety and with practice, your body will feel at ease naturally. It can help you see thoughts that may be deep-rooted about your worth so you can replace them with positive, healthy thoughts over and over until those thoughts become natural as well.

3. You Feel Stuck, Powerless, or Somehow Doomed to Struggle

The false belief that you have no control over what happens to you can be eliminated through visualization and emotional conjuring that is done in the practice of manifesting, which is a type of meditation. It’s harmless and helpful, and if you’re feeling bitter because people you know are succeeding while you’re still at the beginning of your journey, you can turn to meditation to change your energy and attract positive opportunities.

Even if you don’t yet understand how it works, the nature of reality has been studied extensively and there are many people that use the powerful wavelengths of thoughts to create the reality they desire. You can study their books, take classes and retrain yourself to know your power.

4. You Can’t Stop Obsessing Over Something or Someone

If you’re struggling with alcohol, drugs, overeating, getting over a relationship, or anger that just won’t let up, meditation calls! Many people have struggled with the same things and have looked within to find the answers to these cyclical thought patterns. When we understand that we are the ones allowing our thoughts to circle and that we can redirect them, we are free from the mental chains of the mind that make us feel like we cannot escape our own behaviors.

If you feel like you don’t have the willpower to make good decisions, meditation is the best place to start (followed by seeing a counsellor or spiritual healer!).

5. You Constantly Want to Drink, Smoke, or Check Out

When we feel stressed, depressed, or have been avoiding dealing with our emotions for a long time, our subconscious actually creates an electromagnetic, psychic pressure that exerts a force on our energy field. It is no wonder you want to check out and escape.

Meditation is a way to clear that subconscious pressure without harming yourself. Breathing exercises that go along with meditation effectively clear the subconscious like a toothbrush cleanses the bacteria daily from our mouths. Many addicts have overcome deep-rooted depression and substance abuse problems by incorporating meditation into their daily routine.

Find Your Zen

Many people haven’t been exposed to meditation and don’t know why meditation is important. For those who have found themselves depressed or needing to change their life to survive, meditation often shows up as a solution. Whether you have had a hard or relatively charmed life, meditation can help you find a deeper sense of happiness. Often, it’s the people who seem to have it all who need meditation the most. Meditation can be simply deep slow breathing on the way to work, setting your intention during a quick bathroom break, or going for a walk with the intention to clear your mind.

Now, you may be wondering how to start a daily meditation practice or which meditation is best. Companies are pouring money into meditation apps today because they are accessible anytime and any place. If the experience of meditating in a temple or yoga studio seems more appealing, get out there and give it a shot! Otherwise, if you can’t make it to a yoga class, free meditation apps beat not meditating at all. They are right there when you start the day to set your day in a good direction. They are right there when you get in an emotional pickle.

I cannot emphasize enough how meditation changed my life. I was making decisions that weren’t good for my health, dating people that didn’t treat me well, and I really didn’t know how to feel good without seeking happiness through validation from my external environment. Meditation freed me from the habitual thoughts that had been deeply ingrained in me by growing up without mindfulness or healthy coping skills. Meditation was the beginning of getting my life back for the first time. It was the door that helped me find my power. I hope you find it as helpful as I do, even today.

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