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Article: 7 Ways to Improve Your Life with Coconut Oil

7 Ways to Improve Your Life with Coconut Oil

7 Ways to Improve Your Life with Coconut Oil

Ah, coconut oil - what’s not to love?

It’s great for baking, providing a healthier alternative to vegetable and olive oils. But it’s not only about baking. It’s also got benefits when it comes to your body, beauty, and hair care. Plus, it’s way more natural than a variety of other products and substances out there. Overall, coconut oil is a great decision all around.

Let’s dive a little deeper. What are some creative ways you can use coconut oil in your life?

Using Coconut Oil to Rev Up Your Beauty Regime

If you haven’t started using coconut oil in your health and body routine, there’s no better time than right now. We’re serious. Get on that all-natural trend train. It’s about time you got on that ride.

1. Treat Your Hair with a Little Coconut Oil

It sounds semi-gross - you know, putting something you eat into your hair. But oh baby, there’s nothing more au natural.

Coconut oil can be your savior for dry, damaged, or frizzy hair.

Get this: Coconut oil works by trapping the moisture in your hair. You can thank the fatty acids in it for this one.

Alright - maybe you’re now slightly convinced - or at least, you’re willing to try this one out. How do you do it?

Put a small amount in your hands (it’s best in liquid form, so if it’s solidified, melt it down a bit first and let it cool). Apply it starting at your roots. Work your way down to your ends. Afterward, brush or comb it through to make sure it’s evenly distributed.

Wrap up your hair using saran wrap or a towel. Leave it in your hair for about 15-20 minutes. Then, shampoo it out! And if you really want to maximize the effects, sleep with the coconut oil in your hair. But don’t forget to wear a shower cap to prevent waking up in a greasy mess.

Do this on the regular, and then say hello to shiny and silky hair! You don’t need a salon for that.

2. Try It Out as a Makeup Remover

This is probably another one you never thought to try. Ditch those chemical makeup removers - or the abrasive scrubbing. Instead, try coconut oil.

Start by putting a bit of the oil on a makeup pad or cloth. Gently wipe away your mascara and other makeup. Top it off with a face splash or two - this will get rid of the oil and the leftover makeup residue. Voila! Clean face.

3. Make Your Own Facial Scrub

Do you struggle to find a good facial scrub? Maybe you find they always tend to aggravate your face, rather than help it out.

Give coconut oil a shot. Combine part coconut oil with Himalayan crystal salt. Gently wipe exfoliate and wipe it off your face.

Here’s another twist: You can also use it as body scrub. Combine the coconut oil with sugar or ground coffee. Keep the bottle or tub handy near your shower and see how it works out for you.

If you want more on making your own facial cleansers and masks, check out this article.

4. Replace Your Expensive Body Moisturizer with Coconut Oil

Who knew coconut oil had so many uses?

It’s not just great for holding moisture into your hair. It’s also superb at keeping your skin nice and hydrated. Try this one out next time you jump out of the shower. And if you like the smell of coconuts, this one is a no-brainer.

Hint: It’s also great for the skin after you’ve had too much sun. It can ease that burn and possibly prevent peeling.

5. A Last-Minute Frizz Fixer

While it’s great as a hair mask, you can also touch up your hair before you leave your house with a bit of coconut oil.

Tame those stray frizzy pieces with a very small amount of coconut oil. Be careful not to use too much, as that could leave your strands looking a little greasy. When done right, it gives you a shiny and finished look.

6. Use It As a Shaving Cream

After all, the point of shaving cream is to moisturize and prevent friction as you shave. Coconut oil works the same way. Slather your legs with it before your next shave and you may never go back to those commercial varieties ever again.

7. Mix Up Some Homemade Toothpaste

Alright - this one is a little out there. But hear us out.

Use one part coconut oil combined with one part baking soda equals au natural toothpaste. If you want a more refreshing taste, add stevia or an extract.

What Will You Use Coconut Oil For?

Add it to your beauty routine. Healthwise, it’s a good choice. Environmentally wise, also a good choice. You’ve got nothing to lose. If you want to use it for baking… Replace olive or vegetable oil in recipes with the same amount of coconut oil. You’ll, again, want to make sure it’s liquid to help it mix better with the other ingredients.

Get creative! At-home remedies are so much more in right now than buying chemically-produced products off the store shelves.

What other trends should you be aware of? Check out the latest of 2020.

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