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Article: 5 Ways to Find Inspiring New Friends

5 Ways to Find Inspiring New Friends

5 Ways to Find Inspiring New Friends

Have you heard the saying, “you’re known by the company you keep?” Let’s take that one step further and look at how our friends influence what we consider our ‘common sense’ to be. If you want to create a healthier lifestyle or expand your skills and ideas, you can look to your five closest friends to be major influencers.

All the small, daily actions we take and everything we create with our friends spins our personal web of significance—inside of which is our goals and ultimately the theme of our lives. If you’re wanting to surround yourself with people that have a fire under their rears, you have come to the right place. If you want to meet people more like you, people that are interested growing, educating themselves, live positively and for the greater good, look no further, we have some ideas on where to start looking.

To be blunt, most of us at some point realize that certain friendships in our lives are not going anywhere and are holding us back. But we are so deeply ingrained in our habits and the friendships themselves that we lack creative insights on how to make new friends. Many people also want to find friends who are willing to explore deeper into the very subjects we talk about on Daily Life, and, more than anything, we all desire to connect with people that are kind and follow their heart. You are not alone.

5 Ways to Expand Your Social Circle

  • Attend Inspiring Events - Looking for local events related to your interests that are going on in your community, such as workshops, musical performances, art gallery openings, or themed festivals. Being a part of the local community of people who want to be active participants in society in the same way you do, and for similar reasons as you have, will lead you to groups of friends that are also looking for someone like you!
  • Local Interest Clubs & Groups - If you do some digging online you can find groups that meet around certain topics such as parenting support, rock climbing, environmental conservation, human rights, and so much more. There are also support groups for just about everything such as dealing with family who have alcoholism, living with a disease, coping with divorce, learning nonviolent communication, or healing from abuse. You’re already on common ground.
  • Volunteer for Local Organizations - This is a great way to meet people who care about more than just themselves. If you’re wanting to meet a new caliber of people, be willing to give of your time for others. This is essentially the law of attraction; be the type of person you’d like to have as a friend. Do caring things for others and get involved.
  • Take Classes on Subjects You Love - If you’re trying to find friends who have good habits, look to those who are constantly looking to improve upon themselves. Those who think they know it all are often unable to work on themselves, but those who are humble and willing to learn are usually less egotistical and more open-minded. You can find free classes at community centers, colleges, yoga studios, and at festivals that can bring you into a crowd of go-getters and inspire you to live the life of your dreams.
  • Become a Gracious Host - You can play a big role just by sending out the Bat Signal. Using tools like Facebook events, you can easily coordinate your own book club, intentional healthy potlucks, in home meditation sessions, vision boarding gatherings or paint nights. You don’t have to spend money to have people over if everyone brings something. You can even invite people over for documentary watching with tea and popcorn.


We wanted this article to give you actual ideas on what you can do today to start building relationships that are healthy for you mind and spirit. Life is not a popularity contest and people’s actions do matter. If you’re surrounded by people who you don’t feel truly care about you, start to change your own environment, your own intentions, and your own actions, and the type of friends you make will shift.

When it comes to our friendships, we often see ourselves in those around us. Ask yourself what type of friend you are to others. Are you looking for ways to improve your friends’ lives? Are you looking for ways to contribute to society? Are you interested in staying healthy and inspired? As we shift within ourselves, our reality will shift based on the esoteric concept, “as above, so below; as within so without.” This means that the world mirrors our own intentions back to us.

What will you do today to put yourself in an inspired environment? What will you do to start attracting the right friends? You can start by deciding to take action right now by setting your intention to expand your social circle. It’s never too late to find kindred spirits. Remember that if someone is not treating you right or contributing positively to your life, it is well within your rights to remove yourself from that relationship and put your energy towards nourishing your real friendships.

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