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Article: 5 Essential Oils to Spark Christmas Cheer

5 Essential Oils to Spark Christmas Cheer

5 Essential Oils to Spark Christmas Cheer

Christmas! A time of cheer, presents, amazing food and celebration.

People from all over the world, no matter how you celebrate the holidays, this season always has that tinge of Christmas because of happiness and joy surrounding us all.

We use essential oils for a variety of things: diluting them with a carrier oil and pouring a few drops in the bath for a relaxing homemade spa session; pouring a few drops into hot water and inhaling for ten minutes to help remove stress from our bodies; allowing oil burners to waft them across our living spaces.

So combining this with the general good vibes in the air as friends and family come together, there’s something else we can put into the air too, to make this season even more festive: Christmas essential oils!

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The Top 5 Essential Oils for the Holidays

Essential oils are marvelous at the best of times, but during Christmas they bring that extra special something to the atmosphere.

Let’s add them to your Christmas cheer to really get you in the mood for the Christmas season. Read on for five essential oils you can use for added cheer this month!

Cinnamon Oil

The smell of Cinnamon simply screams “Christmas!” The origin of this goes back to Medieval times when spices were used to preserve and cover the bad taste of meats. Meat preservation was especially important during Christmas and Cinnamon was one of the most popular spices to use for this.

Over the years, Cinnamon became one of the most noticeable spices associated with Christmas and today it is used in Cinnamon is cinnamon cookies, Christmas pies and even edible Christmas tree ornaments! You can enhance the scent of Cinnamon with an essential oil and use it in an oil burner for that extra Christmassy feel.

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Frankincense Oil

Frankincense can be described as woody, earthy, and spicy with a fruity nuance, all of which are essential to the essence of Christmas time.

Its association with Christmas is old and cherished by many across the globe who burn it as a treasured pastime, this can generally be tied to the Christian faith as Frankincense is one of the gifts bestowed to the baby Jesus in the bible. Additionally, Frankincense can be wonderfully healing and soothing as it brings calmness to those who smell it, which is a wonderful energy to have around during this time of year.

Mulled Wine Oil

Yes, mulled wine comes in the form of an essential oil – just make sure you don’t drink it!

Mulled Wine in its drinking form is a type of red wine flavored with different mulling spices. It is a traditional drink to consume around Christmas-time and provides that warm, cozy feeling of Christmas as everyone sits around the fire listening to carols. A Mulled Wine essential oil is especially good for inhaling in some hot water – and it won’t make you feel too woozy either!

Tangerine Oil

This is a fun essential oil to use for Christmas time! In the United States, some people put some kind of orange (usually a tangerine or clementine) in Christmas stockings as a gift. One explanation for this is because oranges were once a scarce treat in North America so finding one in your stocking was a great way of celebrating the holidays.

Tangerine offers a pleasant and homely smell and is wonderful in an oil burner.

Clary Sage Oil

When the presents have been opened, when everyone is stuffed and happy from a scrumptious meal, once the carols have been sung and the re-run of everyone’s favorite film has been played and everyone is in bed, it’s time for some Christmas relaxation.

Clary Sage is a beautiful essential oil to wind down with. Clary Sage is a natural calming oil and also wonderful at reducing stress. It is powerfully connected to the moon and our feminine side and can help us wind down after a jam-packed and exciting day. A few drops in an oil burner will send you straight to the slumbers of relaxation.


Christmas is a time for fun, loved ones, giving and love. Let’s make our environments even more delightful with an array of Christmassy oils to bring Christmas cheer!

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