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7 Mantras for Inner Peace & Happiness

Creativity knows no bounds. Regardless of how creative you think you are, you have limitless energy to create the life you truly want.

While we each want different things, there are some universal desires we all share. Inner peace and happiness are things we all want and when we have them, life feels like a dream. Your boundless energy can create this by using powerful mantras.

Both mantras for peace and mantras for happiness are mindfulness techniques passed down from wise sages, who study ways to find inner peace.

Do you find yourself wondering how to create inner peace and happiness? Most people do! And during this time we are going through, inner peace is more valuable than ever.

What is Inner Peace and Happiness?

Inner peace and happiness are emotional states that give you that feeling of lightness and joy.

You’ll see these meditation mantras for inner peace will help heal your emotions. The more you say them, the more they unlock your ability to stay happy and cultivate inner peace all the time.

You know that saying, practice makes perfect?

Practicing how to cultivate happiness will make it a habit to be a happy person. Over time, you’ll find inner peace and happiness are your normal states.

Consider these your happiness healing mantras for your life toolbox.

Happiness Looks Different For Different People

We all experience happiness in our own unique way. For some of us, we just want to laugh, and for others, we want to just relax.

Just know there’s no wrong way to experience peace and happiness and it may come in different forms on different days.

If you feel OK and have a sense of hope, that can be enough to make you happy. You don’t necessarily have to be jumping for joy to be happy (but you can do that too if you feel inclined).

Your Mantras For Inner Peace & Happiness

1. “Everything happens for a reason.”

Try using this mantra by saying it out loud or to yourself when something unexpected throws you off.

After you say it, take a deep breath to really connect to the mantra. Each time you use it, you’ll find external circumstances don’t have control over your state of mind.

2. “My life is good and I feel peaceful.”

If you notice you are not enjoying the day (even if you just woke up) use this mantra by saying it mentally three times.

This will help you start to believe that your life is good. You will start to see the good things that are already there and be able to attract more.

3. “I’m a joy generating machine.”

This is a fun mantra you can use by writing it twenty times each day.

You can write it ten times in the morning and night to bookend your day with positive energy. This will help you experience your own power to generate true happiness. Writing mantras are a very effective way to use them.

4. “I smile and breathe to feel at ease.”

If you find yourself feeling nervous (maybe you’re going on a first date or have a meeting with your boss), use this mantra.

This will create a physical response in your body to help you feel content. Try saying it mentally five times. As you say it, breathe deeply through your nose as you smile.

5. “I approach everything with kindness.”

This is a good mantra to help you shift your attitude.

If you feel like you are negative or going to be doing something that tries your patience, this will help smooth things out. This is a good mantra to use in your relationships when you’re having important conversations.

Say it in your mind as you listen and it will help you respond with love.

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6. “I have peace in my heart.”

This brings your awareness to your inner world, where you create the energy you desire.

If people around you are negative, you can still remain peaceful. When you feel bad vibes from your environment or your own thoughts, place your hands on your heart, and mentally say this mantra as you visualize calming energy radiating from your heart.

7. “I am very calm right now.”

When you want to try something new, this will help you stay calm.

It can help you get out of your comfort zone and be more adventurous. Maybe use it when driving or when you’re starting to feel panicky too. You can say it mentally three times and you’ll feel its effects.

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Why is This so Incredibly Important?

When stuff hits the fan, you want to still be able to smile and know things will somehow work out.

That might mean you get unsavory news about a job, health issue, or someone does something that really hurts your feelings.

These things happen to all of us and we want to be able to be happy no matter what. Not everyone knows the power of the mind to choose to focus on a state of peace and happiness.

You can still actually feel like smiling without faking it when you use calming mantras. Feeling calm can improve your health, relationships, and help you attract success because you have good vibes.

But really, is there anything more valuable than being able to enjoy your day?

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Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry

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