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Try Daily Life 10x Multi-Mushroom Gummies

Use Mother Nature’s Secret Weapon To 

Bulletproof Your Body & Supercharge Your Health

In 5 Different Ways*

*It’s actually 20+ different ways but we didn’t like to brag!

This revolutionary mushroom blend contains ingredients that are proven to unlock the healthiest version of yourself imaginable.

Just two a day can support your:

  • Immune System
  • Increase Focus
  • Increase Awareness
  • Natural Energy
  • Lower Inflammation
  • General Wellness

And... Well There’s Actually Too Much To List - See Proof Below!

There are 3 major reasons you’ll want to make these super mushroom gummies a part of your daily routine.


Our clients are RAVING about the Natural Energy Boost they receive! (proof below)


Our ingredients are clinically proven to support your Immune system (proof of that below too)


Improved Stamina & Physical Energy (yep, you guessed it - proof below)

Here's exactly what our customers say:

This Exclusive Formula Was Created By An Expert Nutritionist

  • Each serving is packed with 2500mg of raw mushroom goodness
  • 180 Day Guarantee
  • Made right here in the USA at an FDA Certified Facility
  • Formulated by an expert nutritionist
  • Only Fruiting Body - Yes! We only use the "fruits" of the mushroom, meaning no grain, fillers, or mycelium.

And Guess What?
The Ingredients In These Gummies Are Clinically Proven To Have A Huge Host Of Benefits


Reishi Mushrooms have been used in Asian cultures medicinally for over 2000 years… and western wellness is finally starting to catch up.

Clinical studies of this wonder-nutrient have found that:

  • It can boost your immune system (View Study)
  • It can decrease inflammation. (View Study)
  • It can reduce fatigue and increase feelings of wellness (View Study)
  • And serveral studies have shown a decrease in blood sugar from reishi! (View Study)

Lions Mane

Lion’s Mane has been used by Buddhist monks for centuries as a way to increase brain-focus and general vitality.

Here are few things that clinical studies have shown for Lion’s Mane:

  • Studies have shown Lion’s Mane can help lessen the symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer’s (View Study)
  • Studies have also shown that Lion’s Mane helps stimulate the growth of new cells in the brain - which is great for long-term brain health -  (View Study)
  • Lion’s Mane has been proven to reduce digestive intestinal inflammation and tissue damage in those with digestive issues in various studies (View Study)(View Study)(View Study)
  • Studies have shown Lion’s Mane can help heart disease by preventing the oxidation of cholesterol in the blood strream (View Study)
  • Studies have also shown that Lion’s Mane is jam-packed with the kind of anti-oxidants that can reduce the oxidative stress that causes increased inflammation (View Study)


Cordyceps has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries, for a whole host of situations such as Fatigue, sickness, kidney-disease and even low sex drive!

Here’s what the studies show:


Chaga has been used in Northern Europe for hundreds of years to do everything from treat diabetes and heart disease to boosting immune systems.

Here’s what the studies show as the benefits of Chaga mushrooms:

Turkey tail

Turkey Tail is thought to have first been used in ancient Chinese medicines as a tonic and to treat lung conditions.Modern science is only now beginning to use clinical studies to dig into this wonder-nutrient and uncover its true potential.

These studies have shown:

  • It’s jam packaged with over 35 different antioxidants (View Study)
  • It increases immune response and suppresses inflammation (View Study)
  • It contains prebiotics to aid gut health and encourage growth of beneficial gut bacteria (View Study)

All Those Clinical Studies Show Exactly How Beneficial This Astonishing 2500mg Blend Will Be For You…

… And That’s Not Even Including The 5  Other Super Powerful Mushrooms We Include!

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The chef’s favorite! But most people don’t know these delicious treats are also jam-packed with minerals that help with our body’s essential processes

Wood Ear

Wood Ear mushrooms are a little-known superfood because they’re chock full of copper, pantothenic acid, selenium and riboflavin… and much more besides!


Shiitake mushrooms are from East Asia originally, and are a great source of copper. Not only that but they have a similar amino acid profile to meat - so you get all the benefits and none of the downside!

Royal Sun

Royal Sun is another mushroom superfood because it’s full of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, coppy, manganese and much more… and it’s historically been used to lower inflammation and fight allergies and a variety of other issues.


“Maitake” in Japanese means “dancing mushroom!” Why? Because as legend would have it, people were so excited with the health benefits of this amazing adaptogen that they danced for joy when they found it. And because it’s an adaptogen it’s GREAT at helping your body fight against both mental and physical challenges, which includes stress and recovery.

Here Are Some More Happy Customers:

3 Reasons To Order From Us TodaY


Our Unique, Potent Formulation & The Great Results Our Customers See

The results speak for themselves! You can see just how much people love our formulas by the reviews they leave!


Our Product Is Made Right Here In The USA

Everything that goes into every single bottle we produce comes from right here on US soil. Not only that, but each capsule goes through multiple tests and checkpoints before it’s shipped to you… and our entire facility is certified by the FDA as following Good Manufacturing Processes. That’s the gold standard in the supplement world!


180 Day Guarantee With Every Bottle We Ship

We’re so confident in what we do and the results we get that we guarantee it for 180 days!

Here’s How That 180 Day Guarantee Works!

We really want to make your Daily Life purchase an absolute no-brainer, the easiest decision of your day. So we completely remove all risk and cover each bottle with a no-questions-asked 180 day guarantee.

If you try Daily Life and don’t get results like you’re reading about here, or simply decide you don’t like our product for any other reason, let us know at and we’ll arrange an immediate refund of every penny you paid.

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