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Article: Is Your Anxiety Coming From Your Environment?

Is Your Anxiety Coming From Your Environment?

Is Your Anxiety Coming From Your Environment?

Ever been around someone who was super positive and you notice how great you feel in their presence? You feel hopeful and excited about life.

Alternatively, when we are around a person with a lot of unconscious emotional strife, we may feel like a dark cloud is hanging over us.

And this pandemic definitely feels like a dark cloud.

Undeniably, many of us might be feeling more on edge than normal. Our anxiety or stress levels might even be at an all-time high.

Research shows that our environment and our experiences greatly impact our stress and anxiety levels. Similar research also indicates that a sense of control can predict anxiety and depressive symptoms.

But you have more control than you think. Below, we look into anxiety causes and why you might be experiencing it more than normal right now. We’ll also dive into how you can release these feelings with very simple tools.

Here are five ways to identify where you’re anxiety is coming from…

1. Think Critically

Ask yourself where your anxiety is coming from and see if something comes to mind. If it’s something you’ve been putting off, start it. Maybe it’s your diet or not eating. Are you eating the right foods? Are you drinking enough water? Are you sleeping enough?

Maybe it’s that you’re discontent with your work and your body is saying it’s time for a change. Take steps toward that.

2. Check Your Astrological Sign

While not everyone looks to Astrology as a source to determine energy sources, it can often help us put reason and words to our feelings. You may feel that Mars has no effect on you, but it can help you pinpoint the emotion or source of what you are feeling.

Astrology lovers are often in-tune with their emotions and are proactive in ensuring emotional success.

You can keep track of what’s going on astrologically on websites like Astrology Answers or Cafe Astrology.

3. Check Your Environment

Consider the energy of the people you are around you. Are they positive or have they been stressed lately? This can help you identify if you’re picking up on someone else’s vibes.

When you figure out where it came from, you can learn to release it. Maybe it’s not your stress or anxiety to bear. Maybe you can help another person deal with their stress or anxiety and in turn, help your own.

In addition, talking about it with others can really help. If you think it’s coming from a family member, bring it up from a caring perspective. Find out how you can tackle your anxiety and their anxiety together.

4. Move More

If you’re not exercising at all, your body is probably creating your anxiety. Get a good power walk in, do a yoga class, or make up your own routine and see if your anxiety was just stagnant energy and lack of endorphins.

Sometimes, movement really is the best medicine!

5. Take Note of Changing Environments

The area where you live has rivers of consciousness. What is the culture you live in like? Are they aggressive? Anxious? You can notice the way they think will come into your mind and make you think it’s your own thought. Notice how your thoughts shift when you leave a certain area and go somewhere else.

The belief systems are in these rivers of consciousness and often the lower vibration areas hard for empathic people to live in.

Here are five simple ways to clear the negativity you pick up:

1. Burn sage or incense to clear your aura.

This helps to cleanse your energy field and you can sense a difference right away. Use your intention to release any negative energy in your energy field as you move the smoke around your body.

2. Take a salt bath to cleanse your aura.

This can help in a major way to cancel the energetic imprints you’ve picked up that can be draining you. This can build up over the course of a few days and leave you feeling drained. This will help you recover your energy.

3. Mentally say, “I give back anything that is not mine in past, present, and future.”

This is a great affirmation that will send the energy back where it came from. Then, you can feel light and clear once again. You may have been holding onto your mother’s pain for years unconsciously and you can let this go by affirming it’s not yours.

Note: This doesn’t hurt anyone, it just gives you your energy back so you can help people from an elevated place.

4. Get a Reiki session if you feel you need some assistance.

Reiki practitioners are used to helping people with this and they can often use their intuition to help you identify what person’s issues have been draining your vital energy. This can even be done at a distance.

5. Try progressive relaxation techniques.

Progressive relaxation is a great way to release tension and built-up anxiety.

Learn more by reading this article: Feeling Anxious? Try Progressive Relaxation.


Your body is intelligent and you will be able to figure out why you feel off if you just sit with yourself in meditation. The answer may surprise you. Sometimes, you’ll find something you’re very used to is creating anxiety in your life and your body was kindly trying to tell you to get rid of it.

Sometimes, it’s just a negative attitude you’ve picked up from someone else and you can train yourself to think positively with practice and intention. Sometimes, it’s environmental energy sitting in your aura and you can do breathwork to let that stuff go!

The more we create habits that calm us and cleanse our soul, the less anxiety we will have. It’s about balancing our goals with relaxing, creating relationships with positive people, and then paying attention to our own thoughts and directing them positively.

Finally, we need adequate water, sleep, and nutrients to feel okay too. If you’re feeling anxious and haven’t ate any food in a while, that should be your first go-to.

Lastly, find an affirmation you can easily remember and one that helps calm you. Repeat it 5-10 times when you feel anxious. You’ll be surprised how much these techniques can help!

Want to learn more about working with your anxiety? Read this article next.

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