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Article: Don't Give Up! These Yoga Types Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Don't Give Up! These Yoga Types Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Don't Give Up! These Yoga Types Will Help You Reach Your Goals

In order to really kick off your progress with good energy and give yourself an advantage when it comes to actually achieve your goals, we’ve compiled a simple list that will guide you to see how certain types of yoga can give you the energy you need to do just that.

It would take a lot of time and money to go out and try all these types of yoga which are very different and provide different perks so spending a few minutes reading this article is already helping you reach your goals quicker.

Why Yoga?

Essentially yoga is a philosophy about creating harmony with your mind, body, and soul. It connects you to your true self, your inner strength, and a meaningful way of viewing life by activating your more positive emotional centers.

As you practice yoga consistently, you’ll find you get sick less, you feel more confident, and you seem to attract more opportunities. The way it amplifies your energy makes it the perfect activity to pair with your vision.

See what category your resolutions fall in below and you’ll find a type of yoga that will best suit you at this point in your journey.

Savasana pose.

Best Yoga for Lowering Stress

Restorative yoga is going to be your jam. It can also be called yin yoga, gentle yoga, or therapeutic yoga. This calming and slow-paced class helps you if you’re feeling burned out or emotionally raw after a stressful time.

It can also be a starting point if you’re feeling extremely low energy, stiff, or just starting to get into a healthier lifestyle. It’s a way to let your breath begin to lift the layers of negative energy that have been weighing you down and it has many therapeutic effects such as improving sleep, reducing muscle soreness, and lowering anxiety.

This calm style of yoga often utilizes props like bolsters, pillows, and blankets to make your session as cozy and comforting as possible. You’ll do less poses than in a traditional class because you’re in a pose for a few minutes. The point of this type of yoga is to release the tension in your muscles by relaxing them instead of engaging them. If you feel wound up, this will help you find homeostasis.

Check out our Restorative Yoga Flow for Healing to begin your stress reduction right now.

Best Yoga for Manifesting & Expanding Creatively

Kundalini yoga is going to work it’s magic for you. This meditative and deeply esoteric form of yoga will help you harness the power of intention while raising your vibes to help you attract more abundance.

Kundalini yoga is like getting on a rocket ship for your energy. It really helps you see the world, yourself, and possibilities in a new way. They call it the experiential yoga because you can’t really understand why people feel so great from it and transform doing it until you actually dive in and breathe until you feel like you’re floating.

Check out our article What Kundalini Yoga Can Do For You to see what this combination of movement, breathing exercises, and mantra work is all about.

Best Yoga for Finding Balance

You will find hatha yoga has what you’re looking for because it really helps us focus on balance while teaching us how to breathe to pay attention to what we need moment to moment. This Beginner’s Guide to Hatha Yoga will get you started and familiarize you with some of the basic poses so you don’t feel lost in your first class.

Hatha yoga focuses on finding alignment in poses and introduces you to ways of strengthening from your core. This type of yoga may look easy but it’s quite a challenge if you really engage with the instructions. Slowly your joints become more mobile and you become more flexible as you practice each day.

You will develop better breathing habits so your body will regulate itself emotionally when you need it most and you’ll be able to feel a new type of strength that is calm and serene from this practice.

Downward facing dog.

Best Yoga for Getting Fit

Vinyasa or hot yoga will sculpt and tone your muscles but it’s faster pace will improve your overall health as well. Our Beginner’s Guide to Vinyasa Yoga will give you all the details about the hobby that will give you a big bang for your buck when it comes to physically feeling your best. Vinyasa yoga includes traditional sun salutations and often upbeat music to help you feel motivated.

You’ll get to experience what they call ‘breath to movement’ which is about breathing consciously as you move so that you feel like you’re just flowing through the class. This type of movement helps you pay more attention to when you’re pushing too far, how to stay calm moving from one thing to the next, and just how much better you feel after an hour of deep breathing.

It’s also rewarding not only because it gets you in shape but because you always get a little nap at the end called Savasana which means ‘little death.’ Yogis like to infuse inspiring themes into Vinyasa classes that are about becoming your true self and letting the negative parts of you ‘die.’

Best Yoga for Being Social & Trying New Things

There are some more obscure yoga classes popping up that will certainly check off the box when it comes to trying something new. There is cat yoga, goat yoga, naked yoga, stoned yoga, beer yoga, laughter yoga, and mommy and me yoga. If you’re wanting to just go out and have some fun, why not move your body and get a workout while you do it. You don’t have to be super serious every time you step onto the mat so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

If you’re nervous about trying yoga, you can also look for introduction classes and beginner classes where everyone else will also be trying to learn all the funny names and twisted poses that an experienced yogi so effortlessly gets into. Try a few studios or teachers and you’ll find the right fit for you. Of course, if you’re super busy, you can always start out doing online classes or finding intro courses on YouTube.

Tree Pose.

Best Yoga for Deepening Spiritual Connection

Now that is the million-dollar question. What yoga is the one that will help you reach enlightenment? Well, to be honest, it depends on what resonates with you and more importantly which teacher you feel helps you grow.

Kriya yoga, laya yoga, and raj yoga are all the terms that date back to the more spiritual and traditional practices that involve the 8 yogic limbs. Anusara and Ashtanga are often more traditional as well. They are often taught with Sanskrit and adhere to traditional structures established before yoga was westernized.

If you’re interested in learning more about the spiritual roots of yoga, you can read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, or the Bhagavad Gita.


If another one of your goals is to travel, consider a yoga retreat! As you can see, there are many different styles of yoga and ways to practice that can fit your lifestyle and goals. There is a yoga for every part of our journey of life, whether we are trying to meet new people, looking for self-love, trying to get up the courage to ask someone out, or really wanting more energy to start a business.

Yoga can help us heal from loss, help us overcome fears, and help us see possibilities for our lives that we haven’t conceived of before. More than anything, yoga helps align your energy so you can find the goals that will light up your soul and bring that spark back to your life.

Yoga doesn’t have to be the same for each person, let it be something you enjoy and it will help you unlock a more joyful version of who you are today. We hope this inspires you to roll out your mat and have an exceptionally high vibration. So until next time, namaste.

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