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Article: Workouts to Do with Dad This Father's Day

Workouts to Do with Dad This Father's Day

Workouts to Do with Dad This Father's Day

Mark your calendars! Sunday, June 16th is Father’s Day - don’t forget!

If your dad is super into wellness, you’ll love what we’ve got going on this Father’s Day. This year we’re all about fitness inspiration and family workout sessions. These workouts or mini workouts will definitely help you bond, building better family relationships all around.

Grab your workout gear and maybe a little motivation. Get ready to plan a Father’s Day that your dad won’t soon forget.

Let’s dive in headfirst! What workouts can you do with your dad that are fun and he’ll be all about?

1. Hit the Driving Range or Mini Putt

Is your dad into golf? But maybe the rest of the family isn’t exactly down to spend a whole day on the golf course (plus, you’ve got to be pretty good to keep from irritating the people behind you on the course). Why not try the driving range or mini putt followed by brunch, lunch, or dinner? Your gift could even be a round of golf on you where he gets to go with his buddies or friends at a later date.

Even the younger kids would have a blast with this one. And it’s definitely physical activity even though it may not feel like much. The benefits of golf or golf-like activities include:

  • Stress Relief: You’re outside and in the fresh air. The sun, plus putting your energy toward that golf swing, lets out the stress of the previous or upcoming week. And the little bits of movement also amp up your endorphins, making you feel good.
  • Increased Heart Health: All that walking pays off. It’s great for blood flow and your overall cardiovascular health.
  • Low-Impact: It won’t kill your dad’s joints. After the age of 30, our muscle mass naturally declines. This leaves the joints unsupported and more susceptible to injuries. But low-impact activities, like golf, won’t wear them out.

2. Try Out a Boxing Class

Feeling a little more hardcore? We’ve got you!

If you’re looking to crank up the intensity, why not try boxing? Boxing works the entire body. And like golf, it’s loaded with health and wellness benefits. First and foremost, it’s a serious cardiovascular workout that reaps heart, fat-burning, and respiratory benefits.

Punching heavy bags and hopping around also improves total body strength, and your core gets activated a ton. And it’s not all about punching! Chances are, your instructor will also incorporate other tough cardio moves. Get ready to sweat and don’t forget a bottle (or two) of water.

Similar to golf, it’ll also help you and dad burn off some stress together. And hey, if you play any other sports in your past-time (or your dad does) it may also help with your hand-eye coordination - a necessary skill in many team sports.

3. Plan a Hiking or Biking Trip

This is great for the whole family as well. And if your dad maybe isn’t as fit but looking for a bit of fitness inspiration, this might help. Plus, the great outdoors does a ton of good for your and his health.

Make a day of it! Pack a lunch. Hike to a lookout point. Lay around and have a beer or a picnic at the top. After all, you’ll have deserved it by this point. Plus, when else do you get to spend a whole afternoon with your dad? Make it count!

4. Go for a Simple Weight Workout

Stick to the basic if you’re unsure but want to do a quick Father’s Day workout with your dad. Hit up the weight rack! Here’s a quick circuit you can do with your dad this Father’s Day.

Set a time for 1-minute intervals. Spend 1 minute at each station and do 4-5 rounds.

  1. Squat and Bicep Curl - Use dumbbells for this one. Squat down and at the same time perform a bicep curl. It’s a two-in-one! And yes, after a minute, you’ll feel the burn.
  2. Burpee + High Knees - Perform 2 burpees and 6 high knees, then repeat. The goal here is to get your heart rate up!
  3. Chest Push-Ups - Simple. You don’t need any equipment here. Perform chest push-ups (meaning your arms are wide!) for the entire minute.
  4. Bosu Ball Static Squat with Overhead Lift - Flip a bosu ball so that the flat side is face up. Position yourself on it into a squat. Using weights, perform an overhead shoulder lift. Go slow. Use light weights if you’ve experienced a shoulder injury in the past.
  5. Plank Jacks - This one is to get your heart rate back up and to get that core working. Position yourself in a full plank. Hop both legs out to the side, then back in. Repeat for the full minute. If this gets tough, throw in a couple of mountain climbers.

5. Have a Father’s Day Obstacle Course Competition

How about an activity for the entire family - even spectators? Get your siblings together or your kids together. Create an obstacle course (nothing too dangerous though). Get a timer in hand and challenge each other to races. Keep track! The winner gets bragging rights. Finish off the tournament with a Father’s Day BBQ with a mash of your dad’s favorite foods.

Not sure what to include in your obstacle course? Lay out a plank to walk across. If they fall off, they have to start over. Put hula hoops across the grass - you have to hop in each one! Position chairs in a line and pretend the ground is lava in that particular spot. Have fun with it. Get creative! And take some pictures - it’ll be a fun day you and your dad will want to remember and look back on!

Do Something Different This Father’s Day

Sure, you can have the same ol’ dinner but why not dig into a bit of fitness inspiration and make the day an activity that benefits your health and your dad’s health? It can be fun and a great excuse for some serious family bonding.

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