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Article: 5 Positive Intentions for Dealing With Uncertainty

5 Positive Intentions for Dealing With Uncertainty

5 Positive Intentions for Dealing With Uncertainty

Uncertainty is one of those things that doesn’t sound too bad, but when caught up in the midst of it, it can be as damaging and destructive as anything else.

Uncertainty is linked to fear. When we are uncertain – which often renders us in a state of paralysis mentally, emotionally, or physically – it is due to fear of what could happen.

But fear exists in the mind, and it can be conquered.

However, this article is not so much about conquering that fear as it is about finding coping mechanisms to deal with it. Conquering a fear can much time, effort, and the belief that one can do it.

In the meantime, it is essential to have positive coping methods to deal with the negativity of uncertainty. These coping methods are also crucial assistance in defeating the fear itself.

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How to Get Through Uncertain Times

Uncertain times are scary, but we can handle them if we put our mind to them. In 2020 (and much of 2021), the world was plunged into collective uncertainty due to the pandemic, resulting in much uncertainty and anxiety.

Though we cannot control what is happening around us, we can control our reactions.

It is here that we must claim responsibility for ourselves and harness our own personal power. This is where self-pity becomes self-defeating. The more we wallow in the self-pity of our uncertainty, the more power uncertainty has over us.

However, if we view our own uncertainty as a battle we can win, we find ourselves stronger and more likely to overcome our challenges.

5 Positive Intentions to Battle Uncertainty

Use these five strategies as weapons to battle uncertainty.

1. Learn the Art of Surrender

Surrender does not always mean something negative. In the spiritual sense, surrender is one of the most profound and powerful forms of victory. In astrology, the Scorpio zodiac sign is most familiar with this spiritual life lesson. Surrender and transformation are fundamental parts of this sign.

Surrendering to uncertainty means accepting that there are things you cannot possibly know - such as what the future has in store. If you are uncertain and fearful about deciding because of what could go wrong, you may find yourself caught up in a devastating web of fear and anxiety, which prevents you from moving forward.

Accept things as they are.

Acceptance is not the same as giving up. It means that you accept the situation is negative, but acceptance is the first step to recovery, and it will enable you to see a path forward that can benefit you and not hurt you.

2. Find Healthy Outlets

When we are stressed and unhappy due to uncertainty, it is common to seek “quick fixes” to make ourselves feel better.

We might engage in binge shopping, stress eating unhealthy food or alcohol, or binge-watching shows at the expense of being productive. This is to provide us with a brief sense of comfort.

But this type of solution is only temporary, and it is addictive and unhealthy for us in the long term. We will see this because our mind, body, and soul will start to suffer.

Healthy outlets include things that are good for us while providing a sense of relief.

Spiritual practices such as meditation can calm and soothe a fearful mind. Exercise, whether it is walking, hiking, weight-lifting, or any other form of movement, helps to boost our spirits temporarily.

Nutrition is important because the food we put into our bodies directly affects our mental health. Pure, natural, and organic foods make our body happy, while foods high in sugar and saturated fat will weigh us down mentally, physically, and emotionally when taken to excess.

It is hard to break out of our comfort zone, but if we have a good plan and willingness to help ourselves, we can accomplish anything.

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3. Be Mindful

Breaking out of the comfort zone can only be achieved by being mindful of our actions.

Mindfulness is not an over-complicated concept that takes hours of study to understand. It is simply assessing your actions before you do them and thinking about your words before saying them.

For example, being mindful of food helps us to achieve our dietary goals. Many of us consume things unthinkingly and could cause us to feel sluggish or to have low energy.

But if we think to ourselves, “What does my body need right now? What can I give it to nourish it? What will help me feel better right now?” we find that having this conversation with ourselves will result in a healthier lifestyle because we are questioning what we put into our bodies before we do it.

Being mindful also helps us focus on the present moment instead of stressing about the uncertainty of the future.

4. Focus on the Positives

Uncertainty is based on the fear of the unknown – particularly an unknown future or negative situation.

That is why it is important to focus on the positives.

Instead of imagining a scary future where you are in pain or trouble, imagine one where you are happy and content. The more you focus on the positive, the more you cancel out the negatives.

Write down the positive things in your life right now and the positive future you can envisage. The more you concentrate on this, the more you realize there is very little to fear.

5. Do Something That Makes You Feel Afraid

Uncertainty is born from fear. When you live in a state of permanent fear, it is debilitating on many levels and also begins to affect those around you. Fear is contagious, and it will spread if given a chance.

This is why doing something each day that you are afraid of is important. Fear thrives when it is allowed to hide. This is how it grows inside us.

When we face our fears, we take power away from the fear and give the power back to ourselves.

What frightens you?

Perhaps you have a fear of speaking to others in case you come across looking “foolish.” If so, at every opportunity you get, speak to someone. Say something that makes you feel afraid of looking silly. Push through the fear. The more you push through it, the less power fear has of you in general.

Positivity is Key to Battling Uncertainty

Managing uncertainty can take some getting used to, but we are all capable of doing it.

When left to run freely, uncertainty can take over our lives. As with any other fear, it is essential to gain control before it spirals out of control.

Personal responsibility is something we must all learn in varying degrees. Do not see fear as a monster that wants to consume you. Instead, look at it as a life lesson to learn and a challenge that is asking you to overcome. Fear is one way of learning personal responsibility because it involves becoming the master of ourselves.

The next time you feel uncertainty, try these coping mechanisms to help you push through it. You must be willing to push through the fear because only you can do it – no one else can do it for you.

And never forget. It is something you can do – one strategy at a time.

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