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Article: Toxins & Plastic are the Pits - Benefits of Ecofriendly Deodorant

Toxins & Plastic are the Pits - Benefits of Ecofriendly Deodorant

Toxins & Plastic are the Pits - Benefits of Ecofriendly Deodorant

There’s a trend coming into personal hygiene products that is expanding the positive impact of this industry and our daily actions that use these common products. We are all familiar with products that are safe for our skin and have all natural ingredients. We are always in search of that natural deodorant that actually works, right?

I have to admit, it’s very easy to use the cheap stuff, but the throwaway society we live in is a culture that’s both bad for our health and the planet. We really need to be smarter and shift away from this. We only have one Earth! We are evolving people! We are applying deodorant differently! This is neat!

Well, the next step in the evolution of our daily products is to stop using plastic cases, applicators, and packaging. I was delighted to find that some companies are doing away with plastic altogether and making the effort to not sell toxic chemicals.

Another way to make a deodorant eco-friendly is by not using certain chemicals, so we’ve listed some of those options to educate you on your purchase power as well! Many natural deodorants come in glass jars but have plastic lids. Check out these brands that are using cardboard and glass for their deodorant, we’ve also found some brands that use metal lids.

Basic Environmental Toxins To Avoid

Phthalates are used to make plastics softer and cause a risk of infertility for humans and other living organisms, yuck! These get into the environment from products that release them into the air and water, and they can be present in food too. They can be inhaled and ingested transdermally. Phthalates have endocrine disruptors and are often used as solvents in personal care products.

Parabens are used as preservatives in personal care products. While they were designed to prevent bacteria growth, they have harmful effects. They mimic estrogen in the body and can disrupt the endocrine system. They’ve been linked to breast cancer and have been found to accumulate in the body and pose health risks.

Our Natural Deodorant Recommendations


Available on Etsy, this deodorant handmade, vegan, and 100% natural. It contains no parabens, aluminum, or phthalates, but what’s more is that its container is compostable. Yes, it is cruelty-free, but this one is top on our list for having a biodegradable applicator. It’s a gender-neutral scent and has an odour guarantee, meaning that if it doesn’t keep you smell free all day, you get your money back. It’s reasonably priced at $9.99. This is a great gift that will inspire your friends!

Tap Tap

In efforts to be zero waste, Tap Tap, based in San Francisco, offers spray deodorant and refills. The spray refills are $10 and the lid is recyclable aluminum. Even the packaging is plastic-free, with reusable, recyclable, or compostable materials. The product is a combination of essential oils and baking soda, making it a unisex product.

Manliness Organic Deodorant Cream

This deodorant is made to order and can last up to 6 months! A little bit goes a long way, and for those who prefer a gentler scent, this is your go-to product. With a combination of rosemary, cedarwood and black pepper, the rich aroma is sufficiently woodsy. Starting at $6.99, this could make a great gift to someone or yourself - and you don’t have to be a man to use it!

Make Your Own!

If you’d like, you can get creative and make your own natural deodorant. Some people use lemons, but I found that can sting if you shave. You can make deodorant with coconut oil, baking soda, essential oils, and shea butter. There are many different methods to make deodorant that you can easily find online. Some include ingredients that do already contain toxins, so be sure to use only natural ingredients. This option could certainly save you money in the long run, and you can make a scent that’s completely personalized for you.

Concluding Thoughts…

When purchasing personal products, don’t just think about how they will help you today, but how they will affect your health (and the health of the planet) long term. We know aluminum in deodorant has been linked to breast cancer, and while it’s cheaper to buy generic aluminum containing deodorant, you can’t put a value on your long term health. Encourage your loved ones to use products that are good for them and for the environment as an expression of your love for them.

If we are indeed a soul having a human experience, connected to everyone through an all-pervading energy, we are in a very real sense a part of the whole, now and into the future. If we are to protect and love the unity of all things, the essence and spirit of life itself, these small decisions such as choosing eco-friendly deodorants help to ensure we are a part of the movement that will keep the earth inhabitable and disease-free into the future.

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