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Article: Top 5 Old-School Workouts You Have To Try

Top 5 Old-School Workouts You Have To Try

Top 5 Old-School Workouts You Have To Try

What’s up, blast from the past?!

We’re taking a walk down memory lane to spice up your workout. The same-old gets boring. So, perhaps it’s time to find new fitness inspiration - or, er, old-school inspiration - to mix things up.

Fitness fads come and go. And it isn’t surprising - we’re always looking for ways to keep things interesting. It’s no secret that the same routine gets old fast. But, sometimes we completely forget about old fads that actually worked. Remember that Jane Fonda workout? Or when Richard Simmons’ exercise videos were the ‘it’ go-to workout? They made you sweat - admit it!

Pull out your retro tights and headbands - We’re getting back into it! Here are the top 5 old-school workouts that you have to try (and that are making major comebacks in the fitness scene).

1. Dancing Your Way To a Fitter You

Dance aerobics were huge in the 70s and 80s. Today, dance workouts are again everywhere. And they are entirely worth a try. It’s fun - you move to the music and can get in your zone. Unleash your inner dance goddess!

With the popularity of Zumba and other high and low options for dance emerging, these classes are easy to find through a quick no-fuss Google search in your area. Even the celebrities are into it. From Kate Hudson to Sandra Bullock, many high-profile actresses are hopping on the dance cardio train.

What’s the catch? No catch! It burns calories and builds coordination and agility. Basically, it’s a fitness party. What’s not to love?

But… If dancing really isn’t your thing, we recommend pulling out those Richard Simmons videos. His cardio is still like a party, but much simpler and takes less coordination to follow along. He simply wants people to move. It’s a great starting point for beginners and offers a refreshing take on fitness.

2. Jump Your Way Into Health (Literally!)

Trampolines and acrobatic fun are making their way into the mainstream. Mini-trampoline workouts were a thing back in the 80s. A NASA study showed that bouncing on a trampoline had similar aerobic effects to a treadmill. Huh? Yup, you read that right.

Plus, it’s super low-impact. Do you struggle with knee or hip pain? Trampoline workouts might be right for you. You can purchase DVDs or find YouTube videos for trampoline workouts that use exercises like high knees, running, and jumping jacks. Other workouts mix it up with your regular strength routine - alternating between strengthening moves and trampoline exercises.

Hey, we have to keep it interesting somehow, right? There are also a variety of circus schools and trampoline gyms that offer free-time hours (you still have to pay) where you can jump about as you please. Make it a family affair. Jump-start your and your family’s road toward a happier and healthier life with a trampoline workout!

3. Get Your Skate On!

Roller discos used to be the cool spot to take your hot date. And guess what? Some are still holding on strong, with disco balls in full use. This is another workout that you could make a family event. Make sure to check out the times for when the free skate is happening, so you don’t show up disappointed.

Another retro rollerblading workout that’s a great way to mix things up? Join up at your local roller derby. Most places offer a crash course (and often, you can rent the equipment first - meaning you won’t have to make any major price commitment). You can learn the ins and outs of skating then, join a team and try out your new skills!

4. Dust Off Your Hula Hoop

Hula hoops aren’t just a fun kid’s pastime. In the 1950s, it was also a popular and effective workout. It offers a quick and easy cardio, as well as strengthens your core.

Cosmopolitan even claims that their workout can help you get Beyonce’s abs. We are so down. You can also find an array of hula hoop workouts on YouTube - with some listed at only 7 minutes for those busy workers or parents.

Basically, if you’re looking for an old-school workout off the beaten path, this one is it! Even Michelle Obama is apparently on-board with the style of exercise. Dust off the hula hoop that’s been cramped behind your garage workbench and get moving!

5. Take Up Step Aerobics

Gin Miller developed Step Aerobics in 1989. It might not be super old-school, but it definitely amps up the cardio aspect. Gin Miller started with it because he had a knee injury - meaning it’s low-impact (and perfect for those of us with awful knee or hip joints).

Essentially, you step on and off a bench in a variety of ways. It targets your glutes and other major leg muscles, making for a killer lower body workout. You will work up a sweat and yes, your thighs may feel like jello after (hey, that means it worked!).

Some gyms still offer these classes today. Check out your local gym or fitness studio and see! It’s one workout you won’t regret.

Try 1 or All 5 - Mix Up Your Workout Routine Today!

Getting in shape doesn’t mean a weight rack or busting out the same moves every time. In fact, our body thrives off of change. The body adapts fairly quickly so, if we don’t switch things up, we won’t progress or reach our fitness goals.

Further, one of the biggest complaints and barriers to exercise is that people say they get bored. And you can’t blame them. Yet, today is the time to get fit. There are so many options that you definitely should be able to find your thing! And it doesn’t have to be the norm. Just get moving. Don’t over-complicate things.

Take a look back into the past and bring back those old-school workouts. There really is no excuse. Start dancing. Grab your old roller skates. Dig out that hula hoop. Check out a trampoline park or simply find a new step aerobics fitness class.

And most of all, have fun with it! Laugh it off if you don’t get that choreography down the first time. Feel slightly silly in those old-style roller skates. Enjoy the experience. And know you are doing your body and your health a huge favour!

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