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Article: The Benefits of Pets in the Workplace: World's Best Colleagues!

The Benefits of Pets in the Workplace: World's Best Colleagues!

The Benefits of Pets in the Workplace: World's Best Colleagues!

Work can be stressful. In fact, it can be one of the main causes of stress in a person’s life.

This is worrying, seeing as people spend a substantial portion of their life working and when a person is unhappy at work, it creates an imbalance for them on a number of levels.

Their mental and physical health can be negatively affected, with mental problems such as stress on one side of the spectrum, and physical problems which can lead to underlying health conditions further down the line on the other.

So, what is – by so many accounts – one of the best ways to reduce stress in the workplace and create a happier, thriving environment where everyone’s energy levels are positive and their ability to be productive is at its finest?

Pets in the Workplace!

Animals are a part of us. Essentially, we humans are simply ‘evolved’ animals as our primal instincts are still there – we just have better control over them! Dogs have a particularly special bond with humans.

People enjoy the company of dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, and other animals as companions all over the world. Millions of people have animals that are friends and that is because animals have souls and feelings just like we do. They make us happy simply by being around them and they bring us comfort and joy when we feel sad, anxious, or depressed.

Wouldn’t it make sense, therefore, to have our furry friends with us at work, which can be one of the most stressful places of all?

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Pets at Work Reduce Stress

Research shows that having a pet in the workplace reduces stress levels and also makes employees feel more comfortable and relaxed. There’s nothing like a lovely slobbering hound to bring everyone together!

People smile more with pets in the workplace; they feel boosted and motivated (plants have a similar effect on us; hence why indoor house plants are so highly recommended to reduce stress levels). What’s more, the pets love being with humans, so it’s a win-win!

Work-Life Balance: Less to Worry About

Having pets in the workplace also provides a strong sense of relief for employees who would otherwise have to worry about dog-sitters and doggy-daycare. This is especially good for employees who have to work long hours or those who are particularly concerned with finances.

Both pet-sitting, dog-walking, and pet daycare can be expensive so this is one less concern that some pet owners have to worry about.

All animals are different with different personalities. For example, most cats can happily go for a day without an owner (some cats like to roam in the great outdoors for hours before coming home; my very first cat, the aptly-named Tigger, would disappear for days on end before finally slinking through the cat-flap, and usually this was only because he wanted food, having grown bored of hunting mice and birds outside).

Dogs and other pets can be different in the sense because more attached pets can’t tell the difference between eight minutes and eight hours, and any time spent away from you equals sad times!

Good For Morale & Image

Having pets in the office can also be a good way to boost a company’s image. Many people like animals. Many people can also be intimidated by the rather formal image of a company, especially in a corporate setting. Having a pet around is a good way to make potential customers realize that, actually, real humans operate in the company and it’s a wonderful way to forge a closer connection with clients and customers.

This brings a more ‘human’ aspect in the workplace, which has come under threat due to the almost robotic aspect to corporations, especially large ones.

Above all, having a pet in the workplace makes us happy. Animals often bring a smile to our faces and remind us of our deep connection with nature. An animal has very few basic needs. Their presence reminds us to be like them!

To seek happiness, to enjoy the pleasures of life and to be happy with what we’ve got. Think of how happy a dog becomes when a bowl of food is put down in front of him – he becomes ecstatic with joy! Imagine if such a simple thing could trigger such happiness in us too.

New Coworkers, More Productivity

Our connection with our pets is a blessing that many of us have and which everyone is able to have if they choose.

When our pets are with us in the workplace too, we can experience joy that doesn’t just have to be limited to when we get home – and what’s more, so can they!

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