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Article: Treat Your Mom: Happy Mother's Day

Treat Your Mom: Happy Mother's Day

Treat Your Mom: Happy Mother's Day

We have some fun ways to spend time with your mom that you both will enjoy and that don’t cost a fortune. We came up with some relaxing and active ideas to offer you a variety of options. It can be hard when we are so far apart from our loved ones and it is important that we still celebrate them, no matter what.

Instead of approaching Mother’s Day as an obligation, think of it as an opportunity to have a new experience that will help you and your mom bond. Have your own little adventure, laugh, reflect on the meaning of life - oh, and of course, eat delicious food! Let’s go with the theme of self-care so that by the end of the day, mom feels revived and nourished.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Order Her Brunch

Nothing says Mother’s Day like a good breakfast in bed. If you live with your mother, serve up the classic orange juice, tea, buttered toast, scrambled eggs, and fruit, or do something extra special and different and whip up our healthy Hemp Seed Breakfast Donuts. Of course, a nice card and rose on the serving tray or table can make it extra special for her.

If you are unable to see your mother, consider ordering her breakfast. Tell her to be ready at a certain time and order her pancakes from her favorite restaurant. Think of how many meals she’s made you over your life, and no matter the distance, it’s still important to make this one count! If you can manage to surprise her, even better.

Try a YouTube Dance Class Together

It might feel silly, but try doing a dance class or workout class with your mother. Once again, if you are social distancing, you can do this through zoom or facetime to keep you connected while you get your sweat on. Nothing will get you and mom laughing as hard as a YouTube dance class! You don’t have to worry about being embarrassed and having two left feet in the comfort of your own home, but you’ll still get the blood flowing and have fun.

This is sure to be a memorable experience. Try ballet, hip hop, or a Zumba dance video. This could be fun to get the whole family in on! Push the living room furniture aside, turn on the laptop cameras, and let loose. If mom tends to be serious or is feeling stressed, this can help her be present and feel like a kid again.

Or Do Gentle Yoga

Speaking of self-love, some gentle, stretching-focused (rather than strength-focused) yoga can be just what the Mother’s Day doctor ordered. Similar to our last point, use video chat to follow a yoga routine together. Try restorative yoga poses, as they are not forced but just held gently and meant to allow you to open up and get back in touch with yourself. It’s grounding and can help release stuck emotions.

Simple seated forward fold, legs up the wall, child’s pose, and savasana can make up a whole session because they are meant to be held for 5 minutes or longer. Check out the hundreds of free yoga videos on YouTube and follow one together. If she enjoys it, consider getting your mother a yoga mat or a yoga pass for future use!

Order Her a Gift

Order her a gift that will arrive at her doorstep that will make her happy. Try to order her something that she would never get for herself, so the surprise is that much better!

You can also mail her a card so that she can feel the love from you in the old fashioned way.

At-Home Spa Day

Who doesn’t love a good foot soak, face mask, and exfoliating sugar scrub? Surprise your mom with a basket of spa goods that she can use to relax on Mother’s day. Find a good spa music playlist, prepare spa water with cucumbers, and even light candles to give make the ambiance calm.

If your mom loves to take care of others but doesn’t often make time for herself, this can really help her feel rejuvenated. If you get her a bathrobe it may inspire her to take more ‘me-time’ throughout the year.

Read or Watch a Movie Together

Find something that you both want to enjoy and use technology to connect you. Whether you read to her, you both read in silence or you use Nextflix party to binge Love is Blind together, spending this time together will make you feel like there is barely any distance between you.

Or watch some movies from when mom was growing up, and you’re sure to jog some fun memories! She can tell you about the actors and it can be really fun for both of you. Seeing the clothes, cars, and music from her time can help you walk in her shoes, so to speak, and it can certainly bring you closer. You can rent most movies on YouTube these days for a low price.

Take a Scenic Walk

If you want to keep things low-key and calm, a simple nature walk will help lower stress by releasing endorphins and giving you that essential vitamin D from the sun.

Find a nature walk that is new for both of you, or maybe go to one of her favorite areas to stroll. Being in nature has countless health benefits as well as helps us feel relaxed. Maybe it will inspire a new habit for both of you if you’re not already walkers. Walking is low-impact for the joints if your mom is older, and there’s no rush to reach a particular destination

A Soulful Mother’s Day

Choose one or a few of these ideas to plan a soulful Mother’s Day this year. Try not to put pressure on yourself or feel like you need to spend a fortune. As you can see from our list, lots of fun and memorable things cost little to absolutely nothing.

Taking time to show our love to mom fills her heart and yours. We are creating positive habits by showing people we care and it also builds a more peaceful society every time we do something thoughtful for someone else. Feel the high vibrations on Mother’s Day as we thank those who have done so much for us.

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