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Article: 7 Wellness Tips for the End of Daylight Savings Time

7 Wellness Tips for the End of Daylight Savings Time

7 Wellness Tips for the End of Daylight Savings Time

Today marks the end of daylight savings time. This means you’ve just gained a whole hour of your life back.

And that extra hour can offer some serious inspiration and motivation for your upcoming week. It’s not every day that you’re granted an extra hour. What can you accomplish in that additional 60 minutes of your day?

While it doesn’t seem like much, you can do a lot with that time but first…

What is Daylight Savings Time?

Daylight savings time is the changing of the clocks by an hour. This alteration changes the time the sun rises and sets. In the spring - when daylight savings begins - the clocks ‘spring’ forward by 1 hour at 2:00 am. In the fall - when daylight savings ends - the clocks ‘fall’ back by 1 hour at 2:00 am. Usually, this means you get another hour to snooze (which honestly, I’m never going to complain about).

Thankfully, the end of daylight savings time is slightly easier than when it starts. A lot of positive effects come with it!

Why We Should End Daylight Savings Time

1. You Get An Extra Hour of ZZZs

Feeling tired after last week’s hustle? Lucky for you, you have a whole extra hour to sleep and relax. A good night’s sleep is associated with a million in one benefits (I’m not kidding). You end up with a sharper brain and a happier mood.

So if you want to get on that wellness lifestyle and start making big moves in your life, that extra hour of sleep might contribute to just that. Fallin behind on sleep can also often leave us cranky and unmotivated. Sleep matters - more than we think!

So, take advantage of that extra hour to nap or snooze. Maybe you need it!

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2. You Can Get a Morning Workout In

Exercise is part of a wellness lifestyle. You don’t even need the whole 60 minutes. A quick 20-minute jog or yoga session is sufficient. Just do something to move! Attend that fitness class you always say you’re going to go to - but never do.

Now is your time.

Try this workout: Morning Sweat Session

3. It’s Good For Your Immune System

When daylight savings time starts, the immune system becomes suppressed.

Essentially, the body does not produce the right amount of cytokines, an important immune cell, to fight off foreign invaders. Consequently, when you get sick, it may take longer to fight off. This is where you see those lingering colds flying through a school in early spring. It’s not fun.

But with the end of daylight savings time, that’s not an issue. An extra hour of sleep can help boost your immune system. That extra hour can contribute to less stress. In turn, you start your week off on the right note (and you probably won’t get sick).

4. The End of Daylight Savings Time is Linked to Fewer Heart Attacks

Maybe it’s the fact that people take advantage of this time to sleep. Or maybe individuals feel less rushed during this time. Whatever the reason - experts claim that there are fewer heart attacks during this time of the year.

So while the days may be getting darker, your heart health might benefit from that extra hour.

5. It Means a New Season is Upon Us

… Sort of! Fall is in full swing but bring on winter. And while you might sigh and roll your eyes at the thought of the cold, it means a new set of activities is about to start. Think skiing, skating, building snowmen, tobogganing, and more! Get excited. Christmas is also that much closer.

6. You Get an Extra Hour for Whatever Else You Might Need it For

Behind on errands? It’s your lucky day - you have an additional hour to catch up! Have you been wanting to clear out your closet? Use that hour to do just that. Want to grab coffee with an old friend? You’ve got a whole hour to chat and enjoy.

What will you do with that extra bit of time? How will it make your tomorrow better? Constant growth and improvement are exactly what wellness living is about - use this hour to do what you need!

7. Less Clock Hassle

Have you forgotten to change your clock or have clocks that never match? A lot of this has to do with daylight savings and the constant changing of the clock.

My stove clock for one summer was an hour faster than all my other clocks, which made me panic at times. A benefit of no daylight savings is if you never switched that clock, now you don’t have to! It’s right on time.

And Now that the Days are Getting Darker…

Consider investing in light therapy lamps. They’ll get you through those darker and colder months! Seasonal depression is all too real. But you can take those steps now to make it hurt a little less.

Be proactive with your extra hour and determine how youre going to make this winter season your best one yet!

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