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Article: Redefining Beauty: How To Feel Good, at Any Age!

Redefining Beauty: How To Feel Good, at Any Age!

Redefining Beauty: How To Feel Good, at Any Age!

There’s a sad stigma around aging in our society that is completely unnecessary and ready to be replaced with a better perception that lends itself to looking forward to getting older! In fact, our society would benefit greatly from a shift in negative attitudes towards aging because it would revive a large percentage of our population and reduce the amount of fear and shame currently surrounding the physical signs of aging.

What’s so bad about grey hair and wrinkles? Nothing. The marketing campaigns that have painted youth as the beautiful ideal are only capitalism at work. Age, the sign of wisdom, should be looked at with much more mystery and reverence. How many truly wise young people do you know? With age comes the ability to make better decisions and the ability to offer significant, life-changing advice?

We are going to break down the illusion that aging is something to be feared, and empower ourselves to get really, truly excited about how much better our lives get with each revolution around the sun!

Beauty is Not About Anyone’s Body

Most major marketing companies promote beauty as perfectly smooth, tight skin and shiny, colourful hair, yet what we as humans are actually attracted to is on a much more primal level. It’s pheromones, which cannot be produced in a lab or constructed by plastic surgery. When someone is happy and confident, that’s attractive.

The beauty industry has stolen the happiness from the aging population by writing a narrative that they are somehow less valuable than the younger-looking crowd. It’s a farce and we can see through it now.

We are actually attracted to smiles and energy, someone’s aura and how they make us feel. Physical appearance is quickly overridden by someone’s positive or negative energy. Have you ever seen someone with ugly, insecure energy? They are not attractive! This doesn’t make the anti-aging brands money though, so they won’t tell you.

Think of the most attractive people you know, is it their youth or their energy that really makes them stand out? I guarantee it’s their love and their passion that affects you. So why are we so obsessed with Botox and colouring our hair? The idea that plastic surgery and expensive makeup will make us more physically attractive and lessen the effects of aging on the body is the biggest lie the public is currently believing and it’s not something you need to buy into (literally) anymore.

How To Replace Fear of Aging with Excitement

Notice when your thoughts are damaging to your natural self and tell yourself that what you’re feeling is a result of a mechanism of some corporation wanting you to feel insecure so you will buy their product. We’ve already established that attraction isn’t actually based on that youthful look anyway.

Make sure to think of birthdays as a right of passage into the next level of wisdom, where your life gets easier because you have 365 more days of experience to draw from that can allow you to truly own your power, which comes through your soul and connection to your loving spirit. This is the truth.

You might get stuck in thinking that this is just the way the world is - superficial. But I can guarantee you there are different levels of reality. Those living in fear and who are easily manipulated by the media do live in the reality where self-worth is based on looks. But there is a whole other reality where people’s worth is based on the love they give, how high they lift others up, and how they share the truth of their soul passionately. That is the energy of the gods that the Greek’s referred to as ki (pronounced ‘chee’). This is what will make anyone attractive.

We can feel good at any age by reconditioning the brain’s programming. When you find yourself doing what the masses do and resisting the natural beauty within you or hating your looks, stop yourself and replace that thought with the truth: you are nature and nature is beautiful because of the energy that flows through it. Surrender to it.

Think about it this way, too: you are not your body. You are a spirit inhabiting a meat suit. Your spirit, when you allow it to come through, is so magnetic and uplifting that it trumps all contrived attempts at aesthetic appeal. Even the biggest stars and celebrities aren’t anything unbelievably different than anyone else, they’ve just unlocked the stream of energy from their soul so their energy is high, their vibration is strong, and thus their impact on us is potent.

It’s About Intention

It’s not about getting attention. It’s about giving and loving and being there to help and inspire the world. As we age and learn our lessons, we take off the layers of the persona of the ego. We start to realize that life is a lot more about how we treat people, how we think about ourselves and how we are willing to accept others with all their cracks and flaws. It’s not about a $50 tube of lipstick that offers a fleeting feeling of satisfaction.

The aging process is a gift. The more years we get, the more valuable life becomes. When you stop valuing yourself based on contrived beauty ideals and realize you are valuable and wonderful because of the spirit that flows through you, connecting you to an intention of love and compassion, you will always feel good. As long as you’re breathing, you can uplift others and that is truly beautiful, impactful, and memorable.

To overcome this lie that the media has so shamelessly painted for the vulnerable masses, live with intention to rise above fear. Live with the intention to be loving, to be there to connect people with the truth of their soul. Live with the intention to help others see they are beautiful, at any age, because of their spirit and the love in their soul that can stream through them and clear the clouds, opening the heart with the warmth of the sun.

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