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Article: Presence: The Ultimate Present

Presence: The Ultimate Present

Presence: The Ultimate Present

“The more I give myself permission to live in the present moment and enjoy it without feeling guilty or judgmental about any other time, the better I feel about the quality of my work.” - Wayne Dyer

How have you been feeling this last week? Have things slowed down a bit for you too? The seasons have turned and heightened self-awareness and reflection is starting to ask for more attention. During this time, we are given the opportunity to nourish and honour ourselves deeper. We can assure you that across the board, different individuals’ journeys with their guides were all carrying the same message, “You are so good. We are here, you are supported. Trust”. This is a message that is for the collective - it is ringing true amongst us all right now.

We have gone through A LOT of changes in 2018, and the Summer and start of Fall have been full of eclipses, wormholes, and energy shifts. Now as the weather is cooling down, it’s time to begin to settle into all that has harvested, integrating and being fully present with it. So much has changed and it will change again-including many things that you know to be true about yourself. It is with this knowledge that we can rely on the power of the present moment because that is the only truth we can live from. The past cannot be touched anymore. The future doesn’t exist yet.

Why should we care about implementing full presence into our day to day lives?

Being fully present in the moment will allow us to lower our stress levels, increase feelings of gratitude and pleasure, and develop deeper relationships with those we are spending our time with… not too shabby, right?

Ready to be more present during your days?

Question for you… how often are you finding time to give yourself the gift of presence? I mean, full blown I am going to pause and take in everything around me in this moment and make note of everything, everyone, and every breath that the moment is offering. I propose this question because even with my life dedicated to this work I find myself having to do check-ins with myself.

There is so much empowerment that ignites within ourselves when we allow ourselves to fall away from any distractions the external world wants to provide beyond the here and now. Presence is the best present that you can give in this life.

Presence with whoever and whatever you are doing. Presence with yourself and meeting yourself there with love and compassion. Presence with the NOW, because I mean- that is really the only time we have, am I right?

1. “Unplug” From Your Phone During the Day

I know, I’m addicted to my phone and social media, too. However, taking breaks from our phones and the networks we are established in allows us to enter the space we are physically present in much more. Maybe on your lunch break, you decide to leave your phone at your desk and have a conversation with a couple of co-workers where you are fully with them. Or at night once you are home, put the phone on the charger for a couple of hours and forget it exists to be fully present with whoever you share your home with… and if you are spending the evening in solitude - embrace it.

2. Make Note of Your Environment & the Sensations You Feel Within It

When we take a few moments (even allotting less than 5 minutes can help significantly) and check in with both our environment and how we are feeling within it, our state of awareness and focus heightens. Some questions that help with this practice could be: What are 5 things I notice in this space? Is there something I find aesthetically pleasing in this space? How do I feel right now? Am I holding any tension or emotion in any part of my body right now? As we begin to spend small periods of time observing our environment and how we are feeling in it, we begin to experience a heightened connection to ourselves and the space around us.

3. Talk to a Stranger

Um… Kelly… my parents taught me at a very young age - you do not talk to strangers.

Let it go. New world! Talk it up, everyone! Pick someone out of a crowd that looks interesting or just turn to whoever is sitting next to you and strike up a conversation. Everyone that we have a relationship with today was a stranger at some point. The days I chose to keep my phone in my pocket and engage in a conversation with someone new are usually days I made an incredible new friend, collaborative partner, or walked away with knowledge I could have never predicted receiving. Talk to someone new! Your next best friend, a new artist to explore, an exciting job opportunity, or a deep belly laugh is waiting for you.

In a world where we are all moving at a New York Minute (even when you live in a suburb), I invite you to give yourself the present of full presence.

Your relationships, your health, and future best friends thank you in advance.

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