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Article: Revolutionary Romance: Practices to Strengthen Any Relationship

Revolutionary Romance: Practices to Strengthen Any Relationship

Revolutionary Romance: Practices to Strengthen Any Relationship

One of the most beautiful aspects of this life is romance, the passion, and love that we experience for another being. Existing within the space of a romantic relationship can increase optimism, positivity, confidence, and overall happiness. Love is a powerful force that brings many varying experiences and relationships into our lives.

When you find someone who inspires this feeling of romantic love, the desire to allow that love to grow is immense. You want your love bubble to be protected and safe from the external toxins of the outside world.

While maintaining harmony and passion within a relationship requires work, there are simple techniques that you can practice each day to increase the romance within your relationship. If you’d like to learn more about the everyday practices that will strengthen your bond, keep reading.

Daily Practices to Strengthen Your Relationship

Try Meditation

Like many of the practices that will be included on this list, meditation is an activity that you will most likely practice on your own. While this activity may not involve both members of a romantic relationship, the simplicity and efficiency of meditation should not be overlooked.

Sometimes we fail to see the beauty of the present moment because our minds are preoccupied with other moments in time. For instance, an argument from the past or the uncertainty of the future. Especially for those who desire marriage and children - and may not be there yet within their relationship - a preoccupation with the future can become overpowering, wondering when your significant other will settle down and pop the question. You may end up overlooking moments of magic and passion, focused instead on what the future holds.

Meditation brings your focus to the present moment and allows you to see all of the beauty contained within. Beginning each day with a short meditation will help you set your intentions for presence of mind and increased focus on the moment. When you’re busy enjoying yourself, there’s little time to worry about the past or the future.

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Two people hold hands, one is wearing a grey sweater and the other is wearing a plaid. They stand in front of a green bush.

Practice Mindfulness

Linked to and resulting from meditation, mindfulness is the simple practice of observation - of the things, people, and circumstances around you, but also of yourself and your own thoughts. A cognitive-behavioral technique, observing your thoughts consists of exactly what it sounds like. When you feel the tension between you and your partner, simply take a moment to reflect on the thoughts that occur.

What is conjured in your mind? Judgment? Fear? With objectivity and curiosity, simply observe these notions and where they might come from.

Sometimes we project our feelings onto others, and mindfulness can help you maintain awareness when this happens. Are you assuming that your partner no longer desires you because they didn’t comment on your new haircut? Or, is there a chance that they may be going through something that they haven’t yet found the courage to share with you? Mindfulness helps you step outside of your comfort zone to see the bigger picture.

Work on Listening

Unlike meditation, this practice is crucial for and involves both parties within a relationship. Listening is an undervalued skill and one that can quickly dissolve when there is tension in a conversation.

Our brains are often off in thought about our next response, rather than listening to the words coming from our partner’s mouth. Other times, we may hear the actual words, but misinterpret the meaning, of what our loved one is trying to tell us.

Listening, with an open heart and an open mind, can inspire the solution to so many of our issues within relationships. In fact, there are many times when a person simply wants to feel heard; and showing them that you are listening to their feelings, their words, their issues, will show them that you care.

Furthermore, when you listen with patience and compassion, you may find the answer you’ve been looking for all along.

Two people sit holding each other on a hillside. A woman kisses the back of her bald partners head. He smiles and glances back at her.

Prioritize Encouragement

We may feel that speaking openly about what we don’t want out of life or a relationship will prevent those situations from occurring; however, this can actually have the opposite effect. The Law of Attraction suggests that you bring about what you think about - in other words, the situations and circumstances that are most frequently on your mind are those which you will manifest.

If you think about what you don’t want constantly, you can expect to see what you don’t want in your life more frequently.

Encouragement and gratitude are the easiest ways to manifest the things you desire. If you want openness in your relationship, focus on that desire, rather than the fact that you don’t want your partner to be closed off. If you desire more intimacy, encourage your partner when they are close to you. If you desire more connection, praise your partner and express gratitude during those times that you do feel connected. Positivity and encouragement go much farther than negativity and nagging.

Offer Support

We all need support from our loved ones, and your partner is no different. While you may not agree with every choice or decision they make, it’s important to support their goals and dreams. When your partner feels supported by you, you enforce the feeling of teamwork, binding you together in positivity and approval. And if you don’t fully support the work or goals of your partner, it may not be a good fit - as support is necessary for maintaining a healthy romantic relationship.

A couple sits on the edge of a hill looking at a city skyline. They are surrounded with romantic candles as the sun sets in front of them, they lean on each other for support.

Act with Compassion

Showing compassion for your loved one is crucial, especially when they are vulnerable. While it may be difficult to maintain composure during heated discussions or confrontations, it’s important that you remain empathetic with your partner. Compassion brings us together, as we attempt to understand and empathize with our loved one. A lack of compassion can lead to misunderstandings and even destruction of the relationship; extending empathy will only bring you closer together.

Allowing Your Love to Blossom

It can be difficult, especially when your relationship has hit a rocky patch, to make the first move towards rekindling the fire. Stubbornness can dissuade support; resentment can overpower compassion. And taking the first step towards understanding can feel like defeat, depending on your attitude. But no one truly wins an argument that ends in the destruction of a once loving relationship.

Making these small, daily commitments will not only reinforce the foundation and passion of your relationship, it will help you grow and evolve as a person.

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