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Article: A Meditation For A Broken Heart

A Meditation For A Broken Heart

A Meditation For A Broken Heart

Have you recently experienced the pain of a broken heart? Do you feel unsure about the future? It can be difficult to figure out the next steps, how to pick up the pieces and begin the healing.

A broken heart is something most of us will face at least once in our lifetime and when you’re in the throes of pain that deep, it can feel like it will last forever. Even if you understand, deep down, that time heals all, you might wonder how exactly how much time it’s going to take.

If you clicked on this article, there’s a chance that you are experiencing the pain of a broken heart right now. We send love to you through this guided meditation to help you begin to move on and heal from your broken heart.

You deserve to be and feel loved in this life, most especially loved by yourself.

This guided meditation will help you focus on the self-love and self-assurance that will help you through this painful time. So, if you’ve had your heartbroken but you’re ready to move on, put on something comfortable and get ready for a meditation that will encourage healing and growth.

Prepare Your Heart & Space

Before you begin, it’s important that you create a sacred, safe space for yourself. Find a place in your home that you love and clear the air of any negativity.

Light Candles

You can light a candle, burn incense, smudge sage, or set your favorite crystals out. Once your space feels bright and energized, make sure that you’re wearing something comfortable.

If possible, stick to the color pink (or white as a replacement) when setting up your space, as traditionally these colors are used to manifest love and wellness.

Grab the Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the best stone to work with when mending a broken heart because it encourages unconditional self-love. Incorporating this crystal into your guided meditation will enhance your results and help you focus on self-acceptance.

You can wear a piece of jewelry featuring rose quartz or hold a small chunk in your left hand while meditating. You can even place a piece of rose quartz on your altar to promote self-love throughout the day.

Get Comfortable

Seat yourself in a position that feels comfortable before you begin. Some people choose to sit with their legs crossed, but the only requirement is that you’re seated in a position that is not distracting or painful.

Try to align your head, neck, and trunk for the best results. You can even place a folded towel or blanket under your sit bones to increase comfort.

A Guided Meditation To Mend A Broken Heart

Now that we’re comfortable, let’s begin.

Take Notice

Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the sensations moving through your body. Are there points of physical pain? Does your heart feel heavy? Is there a part of your skin that itches? Try to allow yourself to sink into the meditation, moving beyond the physical sensations you feel.

Notice your breath now. Is it shallow and tense? Are you breathing deeply? Observe your thoughts as well as your breath without trying to change them and continue to breathe.

Purify Your Breathing

Once you’ve taken the time to observe your thoughts and your breath, it’s time to refine them.

Meditation can feel frustrating sometimes because many people believe that it is the ability to completely let go of all thoughts. In fact, thoughts are impossible to prevent, and they will absolutely pop up while you’re meditating. The trick is to observe them and let them go.

Release Your Thoughts

Sometimes it can be helpful to imagine a river in your mind, beautiful and pristine. Each thought that occurs is like a leaf floating along the river. The secret is to allow the leaf (thought) to exist and flow along the moving water without clinging to it. You can acknowledge the thought and allow it to pass. Trying to force a thought away from the mind will only make it harder to let go of.

Meditation encourages awareness and mindfulness, and now it’s time to turn your attention to the breath. Feel the cool air flowing into your nostrils and out of your mouth. Each time you inhale, you’re taking in fresh, healing energy.

Imagine that each breath you take contains light, like a glowing orb of oxygen. Envision those healing breaths flowing throughout your body and soothing any emotional or physical ailments.

Once you feel connected to your breath, it’s time to heal the heart.

Send Love to Your Heart

At this point in the meditation, you will likely feel more relaxed and attuned to the world around you. It is now time to use that self-awareness for good. The breaths you take in are still healing the body, but we are now going to begin sending this healing energy to the heart.

Notice how your heart feels. Is it heavy? Try to imagine the space it takes up in your chest; notice each beat.

To begin healing, imagine a glowing light surrounding your heart. Imagine your heart sitting in your chest, illuminated with healing energy and love. Each time you breathe in, send that healing breath straight to the heart. Think of your breath as a beam of Universal, luminous energy that fills the heart with love and joy.

Breathe & Conclude

As you begin to come out of your meditative space, become more aware of the room around you. Take in how light and calming this energy feels, and rest in your body. The soothing breaths and healing thoughts will bring a sense of peace and calm to your heart.

Carry The Love With You

You can practice this meditation once a month, once a week, or even once a day until you begin to feel the heart growing bigger and stronger. Even though you have ended your meditation, it’s important to take the internal lessons we gain from this experience as we work on our healing process.

We recommend opening up your feelings into a journal, especially after you finish this practice. Let the negative energy flow out and renew your inner peace.

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Appreciating Your Heart

While your heart may be hurting right now, it provides both physical and metaphorical benefits that you need to attract love and light into your life.

We know it doesn’t feel good to deal with a broken heart, but it’s time to embrace your big heart and what it does for you.

You will move past this. You will heal. You deserve both internal and external love. Practice gratitude for who you are to continue healing your heart and filling it with love.

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