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Article: Meaningful Ways to Make a Difference on Veterans Day

Meaningful Ways to Make a Difference on Veterans Day

Meaningful Ways to Make a Difference on Veterans Day

Sunday, November 11th is Veterans Day in the U.S., or Remembrance Day in Canada. It gives us all a chance to honor those who have served our countries and provide inspiration for the next generations. Our veterans have been through a lot, and we can learn a lot from them.

Many of us live peaceful lives without fear of going a day without food or having our homes destroyed, Veterans young and old have worked to secure that safety for us, some have even given up their health and their lives to do so. This is why we take November 11th to give back.

The point is, there are a lot of people who have sacrificed their comfortable lives for the greater good and they deserve our thanks. Regardless of our opinions on the reasons we go to war, those that have lost a limb, been shot, or lost friends have all gone through trauma that deserves to be acknowledged.

In order for us to heal, we need love and we need tools. We may feel there’s not much we can do to help veterans, but that is an incorrect assumption. The spouses and family members who support veterans benefit from our gratitude, donations, and involvement. Here are some ideas on how to take action this Veterans Day.

If You Can, Donate

Make a donation in someone’s name as their holiday gift this year. Wouldn’t it mean a lot if you gave the money you would spend on presents to help someone who needs it? It’s important to research before donating to make sure a charity organization has a good reputation for using donations ethically, but once you’ve found one, get donating!

Charity Navigator reveals the percentage of funds that actually go to services versus administrative costs in a non-profit. This keeps them honest.

If you’re unsure or can’t find a local charity in your area to support Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America was listed last year on CNBC’s top 10 Veteran charities to donate to. This organization supports education, healthcare, employment support and also helps vets connect with other vets in their area. You can donate by clicking here.

Vital Warrior was started by a Navy SEAL and almost died from the drugs he was given for his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. He found kundalini yoga and meditation very helpful and started the organization to help others. He offers free classes in Venice, CA, and has great resources about drug facts and other holistic treatment facilities on his website, which can help veterans on their path to self-healing.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of donating your time. If you know a veteran, you may want to offer to help take them to an appointment - or just regularly check in with them. Spend time in a nursing home or senior center talking with the residents. You’ll probably make some cool new friends and learn a lot along the way.

The stories they may share could also possibly open your eyes to a world you haven’t seen and may never see. It’s important to open your world and mind to these things so that future generations can also learn and grow - not to mention, it will definitely further your own personal growth and learning.

Share Remembrance on Social Media

Share your gratitude and link to resources for veterans to use for assistance on social media. You never know who might see it and who it might help.

Especially in the event that you can’t donate money or time, you can share links with others to donate through social media. Do your own research and share your findings about natural remedies and therapies for PTSD that are being used as alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. Be a part of spreading valuable information.

Attend Local Veterans Events

There are 1,700 veteran hospitals in the US operated by the VA and you can find ones close to you on this map. You can check in to see if there are events at a hospital near you or if you can visit with some of the residents at a senior’s home. Most towns hold parades, memorials, or other events for Veterans Day, so check your town’s events calendar for other ways you can get involved and thank someone for their service. It’s also common for people to visit cemeteries for fallen soldiers on Veterans Day. You can thank the souls that have secured your freedom and safety in prayerful gratitude if you choose to.

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In Canada, Wear a Poppy

Show your support. Proudly wear a poppy before and during November 11th. And go ahead, attend a parade or event for this day. It means more than you know to those who have served.

Seek Other Ways to Learn

Visit your local war museum or memorial. Takeaway the lessons those before us have learned. It’s the only way we’re going to move forward and prevent events - like the Holocaust - from happening in the future. Make it a ‘never again’ event by learning more.

If you’re a parent, consider informing your kids early on about the world and the wars fought. History isn’t to be forgotten but learned from. These are the lessons our veterans pass onto us. Use it as your inspiration for the day and motivation daily to make this world a better place.

Concluding Thoughts…

Even the smallest acts of kindness to express your gratitude such as a thank you card, volunteering at a senior’s home, or giving a veteran in your life a handshake or hug can make a world of a difference. Gratitude doesn’t have to cost money. Visit our friends at Mind Movies for more ideas on How to Show Gratitude for the People in Your Life.

Remember, doing something small does makes a difference even if you can’t do everything. Don’t let future generations forget what the past has taught us. This is one of the best ways to honor those who have served. Let’s move forward together into a brighter future and use this day to keep that front and center in our minds.

Want to learn more about moving on and healing from past trauma? Check out Moving On: How to Heal Your Soul from Past Trauma.

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