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Article: Lighten Up Your Black Friday: Hacks to Master the Madness

Lighten Up Your Black Friday: Hacks to Master the Madness

Lighten Up Your Black Friday: Hacks to Master the Madness

You’ve heard all the Black Friday shopping horror stories: adults fighting over a bike, people waiting in line for days for $2 paper towels, people tackling each other to the ground to get the last shirt or dress on sale.

To say Black Friday has gone into utter madness isn’t an exaggeration. Some people have even been seriously hurt and every year it seems the deals get slightly more crazy.

So this year, let’s work toward more mindful shopping tactics and a little more kindness to ourselves and others by working on some stress management during the holidays and avoid the stress-inducing side effects of Black Friday shopping.

How? We’ve got all the tips and tricks to keep you safe this Black Friday because we know you’ve got to get those deals.

All the Black Friday Shopping Tricks & Tips You Need

1. Forego the stores & shop online instead

Part of living a wellness lifestyle is keeping your finances in check, so it’s important to not dive headfirst into buying everything you can grab on Black Friday. We think you 100% should take advantage of those sales, but maybe try doing it from the comfort of your own home?

The online Black Friday sales are always insanely good. Plus, online you get to avoid the chaos and madness that comes with the crowds and hoards of people. It will also make it less likely that you’ll pick up an extra thing to buy that you don’t need just because it’s on sale.

It’s less stressful and you don’t even have to leave your house to get the best sales of the year! Sign us up!

2. Bring a nutritious snack

We’re serious when we say that the Black Friday hangries are a real thing. Have you ever noticed that when you’re hungry, your temper is short? Now imagine you’re in a chaotic, messy shopping mall, hungry you might snap when a pin drops.

So bringing a tiny snack to keep your stress levels down is a smart idea. When you haven’t eaten and your body’s telling you it’s hungry, your stress hormones rise, but don’t worry! It’s within your control!

Curb that hunger with a granola bar, an apple, some chopped-up veggies, or even a homemade sandwich. Whatever is easy, compact, and gives you that extra kick of energy you need to navigate through the crowds.

A resuable shopping bag that says 'Ice Cream & Sprinkles

3. Bring your own bags

If we all did this on Black Friday, imagine how much plastic we could save! Also, it may save you your precious arm space as stores have people in and out of them all day long and having your own bag will help you avoid having to carry your items due to bag shortages.

Not only are you helping the store and yourself out, you’re also giving the environment a little nod.

4. Take breaks

Don’t be afraid to take a moment, sit down, and breathe for a second. If you find you’re getting stressed out, find a space to rest for a few minutes. Perform a quick meditation or stretch if you need it.

There’s no shame in taking a break from the chaos. Bonus points if you’ve have time to go sit in your car and escape the chaos for a hot minute.

red-headed woman on a bench in a shopping mall. She is on her phone and listening to music.

5. Make a plan of attack

Make a plan! It’s the best way to navigate through the madness. Plan where you will go and what you want to get.

The best way to do this? Check out the stores online and see what’s available. Make a list and a plan of action. Which stores will you hit up first? Prioritize! It’ll keep you in check and at least throughout the chaos of it all, you’ll have some organization for yourself.

6. Bring water

If you plan on being out all day, a water bottle will serve as a major life-saver. You probably don’t want to wait in another line to purchase one.

Staying hydrated is important! Bring one from home and it’s one less worry for you.

7. Leave the kids at home (if you have them)

This is one shopping trip you should do alone or with a buddy that matches your pace. Bringing the family in tow might add even more stress. Plus, this gives you an opportunity to shop for Christmas gifts for them!

8. Try mindfulness in crowds

Take the time in between stores to partake in mindful moments or walking meditations. Give yourself this time to re-balance, take note of your body, and notice your breath. This will help you keep you focused and on track.

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Person shopping on laptop.

9. Don’t forget, there’s always Cyber Monday

If most of the items you want are sold out, don’t panic! Cyber Monday offers another chance to take advantage of all the sales and truth be told, a lot of stores restock or hold back stock for this second day of sales. There’s no reason to fret, you haven’t lost your opportunity yet and it all can be delivered to your door.

Black Friday Shopping? Check!

You’ve done it! Black Friday is in your dust. Now all that’s left is to get everything home.

Shopping is tiring, especially on Black Friday. We suggest that once the fun and games are all over, plan a relaxing day for yourself. Enjoy the results of your shopping extravaganza and have yourself that much-needed downtime. Let yourself reset, you deserve it.

Want some ideas for resetting and relaxing? Check out these winter self-care options for your zodiac sign.

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