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Article: How to Stay Social in the Age of Social Distancing

How to Stay Social in the Age of Social Distancing

How to Stay Social in the Age of Social Distancing

We’re currently living through a challenging time that calls for social distancing—maintaining a six-foot separation between ourselves and others. Many of us are working from home right now, and those trips to the local market have become less friendly and more concerning for a lot of people.

While this is a confusing and difficult experience across the globe, there are still many ways that we can maintain our connections with others, as well as our own mental health.

It may feel easier to give in to our fears and anxieties right now, but this is the time that we have to stand up and say that we will not let this moment break our spirit. Although you may not be able to be physically near those you love, you can still reach out and make sure that you’re spreading love and light during this moment of darkness.

How to Stay Social During Social Distancing

We’re called on right now to protect the elderly and immune-compromised members of our society by maintaining our distance from others. It may not feel heroic, but your ability to maintain your distance may actually save lives. And that’s what makes it so important to make sure that your own sense of mental wellbeing and connection with loved ones remains stable. Here are just a few ways to stay connected and take care of your mental health during this challenging time.

1. Virtual Connection

One of the easiest and most convenient manners of connection during social distancing occurs through the use of our many technologies. There are myriad ways to get a hold of your loved ones these days, thanks to the technological advances that have been made in recent years. Even as recently as 20 years ago, it was not as easy to send a simple text, and video calling was reserved for futuristic movies and television shows.

Today, we’re fortunate enough to be able to stay connected through the use of our computers, tablets, and smartphones, making it easier to get through this period of social distancing. Try sending a text message to your introverted friends—even though they may need time to recharge between hang-out sessions, they still appreciate being checked on.

Video Calls & Instant Messaging

Make a video call to your more extroverted friends, who love being in front of the camera. Being able to see your facial expressions will help them feel more connected. Video calls are also an excellent way to stay connected with family. While the little ones may not be growing that fast, it will still make your family feel involved when seeing their face.

Sending emails is another great way to connect to your loved ones, especially in the age of virtual junk mail. Imagine the smile on your best friend’s face when they open their inbox to find a letter from you rather than an advertisement.

This is also a great time to make new virtual friends. Hop on a forum that deals with a subject that you’re interested in or try out a new chat room. Many of the loneliest people are looking for new friends online right now, and your presence will brighten their day.

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2. Snail Mail

While we may feel concerned about the cleanliness of surfaces now more than ever, packages and letters can be set aside for 24 hours to make sure that they’re safe. This is a wonderful time to send a letter of love and light to your family or friends.

Many of us feel stuck at home right now, increasing the delight we feel when receiving a card from a friend. If you can’t be around your partner right now, this is a great way to express your love.

If you are unable to send the card, take a picture and send it to them over text or in an email and promise to hand-deliver it once you can. Let’s bring love letters back in the 21st century!

3. Pick Up the Phone

Some of us might remember spending hours on the phone as teenagers, speaking to our friends about anything under the sun—from that new crush to your favorite album. This is an excellent time to foster the gift of gab. Pick up the phone and call your best friend, your grandmother, your lover, your colleague.

Everyone appreciates being thought of right now, and a surprise call from you will likely make their day.

4. Maintaining Mental Wellbeing

Staying connected is important, but it’s critical that you maintain your mental health right now and focus on self-care. It’s too easy to let depressive thoughts take hold during such a confusing time, so your self-care practices are crucial. How you cope during this time will determine how well you handle future challenges.


Meditation is one of the easiest ways to bring your focus to the present moment, allowing you to concentrate on everything that is good and wonderful right now. We don’t know what the future holds, so don’t waste your time worrying about it. Try to bring your focus to the here and now. Meditating each morning will not only allow you to release negative energy, but it will also help you take things day-by-day.


Yoga balances the body and the mind. When your body is limber, your mind is more open; yoga will help you achieve the harmony that you need to stay positive. Yoga helps us control our breath, which is essential for reducing anxiety. Begin each day with a Sun Salutation to open up the chakras and align yourself with the vibrations of the powerful, benevolent Universe.

If you miss your workout classes or want to feel connected through this avenue, look for virtual wellness classes online. Many people are offering virtual yoga classes right now.

5. Practicing Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude is necessary right now. Take this time to make a list of each thing that you love about life, every person and circumstance that brings you joy. While things may seem frightening in the moment, there are still so many things to be grateful and appreciative for. If you take a moment each day to practice gratitude, you’ll lift your own vibrations, as well as helping to lift the vibrations of the world. If each one of us begins practicing gratitude and focusing on the positive, we can collectively shift this moment into one of love and transformation.

We’re All in This Together

Even though we may feel nervous or disconnected right now, it’s important to remember that we’re part of a global community of souls. Working on creative connection and self-care will help you contribute to your community by bringing love and light into the world.

While we may need to maintain social distance for the safety of others, we are all in this together. You’re not alone. And we will get through this as a community.

Stay Safe.

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