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Article: How to Deal with Workplace Conflict Confidently

How to Deal with Workplace Conflict Confidently

How to Deal with Workplace Conflict Confidently

Have you had crunchy interactions recently in the workplace? Do you feel like toes are being stepped on or there’s tension in communications? Well, I have a fun solution to infuse your workplace with love and positivity which leads to more fun and creative solutions. I’m speaking from experience on this one.

I had a rough time in two particular jobs and went straight into blame mode, pointing the finger at everyone else for my own unhappiness. Here is how I pulled myself out of it and was able to shift my relationships at work to build rapport and respect!

I’m also including some concepts that can help you reduce drama, gossip, and negativity, which are easy for people to fall into, especially in a workplace. It’s time to get out of victim mode and into the love frequency! The next time someone is gossiping or you feel attacked, say something so loving that it raises the vibration of the interaction so that negativity is no longer in your consciousness.

Positive energy is 10 times stronger than negative energy… here’s how to use this powerful energy to deal with workplace conflict.

Don’t Blame

If you dread your interactions with certain people, you don’t have to anymore. Your own ability to direct conversations and build positive energy is unlocking, right here, right now. We often project our discontent onto others and suddenly we have convinced ourselves they are the reason we feel blah.

Well, it’s just a perception we have allowed our mind to have. It’s time to redirect the mind to have a more loving intention so you are the person that brings the vibes up with your smiles, your loving words, and your helpful spirit.

Let’s dissect this a bit further: what we are getting at is creating an intention. It’s a secret weapon that will win the war, the war you thought was with others but is actually with yourself.

Stop Judging

If you’re seeing the negative traits of others, you’re not in a positive mind frame. Your intention is not high vibration and you’ll never be able to see the potential joy you can experience if you are picking people apart. This is an empowering viewpoint because it can affect not only our workplace conflict but our personal relationships as well.

Stop judging people and start being loving. The moment your blood starts to boil, the minute someone gets under your skin, the second you feel yourself resenting your job, set your intention to be the most positive, loving, and helpful version of yourself you can possibly be.

This is the start of shifting your reality at work. You’ll be in the same office, but you’ll experience different aspects of the people in that room. People sense your tenseness and they also sense your goodness, your smile, your sense of humor.

Start Helping

Before you go to work, set your intention. On your lunch break, set your intention. You can train your brain to infuse your day with love so that when someone starts to gossip, if someone comes in with a frown, or when a challenge presents itself, you’re equipped with a positive attitude and the intention to be helpful instead of hurtful.

Successful leaders know that allowing themselves to fester in their negative energy breeds a negative work environment. When we use our ability to redirect our mind and have the intention to be helpful and super loving, we inspire people. We help them see another reality is possible.

Concluding Thoughts…

If you remember one thing from the article, remember this be this: stop judging and start helping.

You can transform your conflict and make it an opportunity to bring more positivity and good intentions into your work and professional relationships. It’s actually very simple. When we have that direction in our minds, our hearts will open and we will have compassion for others. Our words and actions will follow suit.

Your work can be a magical place where you experience deeply genuine soul connections with people, regardless of their quirks and beliefs. I switched from blame mode, which created uncomfortable conflicts at work, to empowerment and positivity.

I started practicing yoga and exercising. This brought my vibe up enough to shift my intention. I started feeling positive from the inside out and it spewed out, infecting the rest of the people at my work. Instead of sucking energy from people, I was providing it.

I was in control of my energy by deciding to be a force of love and positivity. It was a monumental, a colossal shift that allowed me to see that I don’t have to dread work or hide from people when I can be my own source of joyful exuberance, looking to uplift others and make their days memorable, easy, and fun!

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