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Article: How to Bring Joy Back Into Your Life with the Law of Attraction

How to Bring Joy Back Into Your Life with the Law of Attraction

How to Bring Joy Back Into Your Life with the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a mysterious wonder that connects us to everything on this planet and the universe. It is a manifestation of cause and effect, where everything you put out into the universe comes back to you.

The universe does not judge what is “right” and what is “wrong.” Things simply are. So if you are having negative thoughts, anxious thoughts, dark thoughts or self-defeating thoughts, this is what you are going to attract into your life. Likewise, if you are having positive, upbeat, loving or confident-boosting thoughts, this is what will come into your life. The universe is excited to work with energy, and thoughts are energy – it doesn’t care if this energy is negative or positive, it cares only that it exists.

Our lives truly are in our hands. Many people go through life not realizing the enormous power they hold within them – the power to manifest the life they want. We are taught about so many things when we go to school, college and university and yet, somehow, this potent life skill is alien to us as we grow. Some people go through their whole lives not understanding how the law of attraction works or even knowing of its existence; some sink deeper into negative thoughts until it becomes a vicious cycle and it seems there is no way out. Negative things keep happening to them, and the more they think negatively, the more negativity approaches their lives.

Depression can be a killer; a silent, unforgiving killer that ensnares its victims over time and operates in secrecy in order to keep them trapped in its vicious web. It is quite devastating that mainstream society places little emphasis on alternative approaches to commonly diagnosed pills. Much focus is on the mind, but very little on the spirit and soul, and this is mostly to do with the ongoing battle between science and spiritualism; science does, of course, require hard-core evidence to substantiate claims – and as one cannot actually see the soul, it is difficult to prove its existence.

But the Law of Attraction is fundamentally a weapon utilized by the soul. The mind is an important vessel for enacting the Law of Attraction, but it is from the soul where the true power lies because the soul is what connects us to the workings of the universe. It is by combining our soul and mind and harnessing the Law of Attraction that we can beat the blues and bring positivity and sunshine back into our life.

How to Bring Back Joy Using the Law of Attraction

Below are some methods you can use to bring joy into your life using the Law of Attraction:

Train Your Mind to Use Your Mind

The incredible thing about the mind is that you can use it to do other things, other than actually ‘think!’ You can use your mind to observe your mind and see where things are going wrong. We see this most prominently in meditation, particularly when we are tackling unruly thoughts.

To first harness the Law of Attraction, you have to use your mind to acknowledge the negative thoughts. Rather than simply allowing one thought which could be, “I’m worthless and good for nothing”, instead observe that thought which says “I’m worthless and good for nothing” by then thinking, “OK, I “think” I’m worthless and good for nothing. I see that thought. I acknowledge it.”

This type of separation between your thoughts creates a separation between you and the negative thinking. Remember, you are not your thoughts. Your thoughts are subservient to you – not the other way around. Just because a thought tells you that you are worth nothing, it doesn’t make it true.

When you observe negative thoughts rather than believe them, you give them less power over you.

Find the Right Spot

It’s hard to think positively if your environment is dark and dismal. A chaotic, messy environment makes it a lot easier to allow negative thinking to thrive.

Try to find a spot out among nature, such as a field or park where there are few people around; somewhere near water would also be excellent. Alternatively, if you cannot get outdoors, prepare your living space as one of peace and harmony. The smell of essential oils, indoor plants, meditation music, candles – all of these can have a positive and harmonious effect on you. Our environments are important.

Now to think!

Close your eyes and think positive.

Rather than focusing on your failures, focus on your strengths. Rather than concentrating on things that went wrong, think about what could go right. Rather than dwelling on your endless bills, imagine yourself with the amount of money you would like to have in the bank. Rather than brooding over a failed relationship, think of a relationship where you are happy and fulfilled – even if it is just a relationship with yourself (which can often be the best kind!)

Find the silver lining in every thought and counter the negatives with the positives. For example, you may have bungled up the dates that your vacation is coming to an end. You had everything planned up until the dates, but now you realized you’re actually three days short!

You may start thinking:

I’ve bungled the dates! Everything is ruined! What am I going to do? I’ve let everyone down! My friend can’t change the dates now and my family can’t switch their plans around to accommodate this. What have I done?

Instead of sinking into despair, think of the positives!

I may have bungled the dates, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. We can still have a good time with the dates that we do have. Just because my friend can’t change the dates, it doesn’t mean they don’t respect or love me – it just means it clashes with their schedule. We can have an amazing time together still – we will have an amazing time!

Then, imagine what a fabulous time you will all have together with the time you do have, rather than thinking of the gloomy time you’ll have with the time you don’t have.

The Law of Attraction is all about imagination and visualization. Imagining a clear scenario in your head where you are upbeat and positive, envisioning what you want to manifest and how you want your life to be, are the first steps to making them a reality.


Joy can be found in even the simplest of things – making a cup of tea, settling down with a good book or having a laugh with friends. The more we envision our lives as a happy one, the happier they will be; and should our minds have a predisposition towards melancholia, then we may have to work doubly hard to battle our negative thoughts. Spend ten minutes each morning and ten minutes every night (or whenever necessary) repeating positive affirmations to yourself. Believe that the universe is on your side – it really is, and what’s more, you can work with it to live a happier, more fulfilled and joyful life.

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