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Article: Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy

On average, Americans spend 2.7 billion dollars on Halloween candy. We aren’t making this stuff up. And it’s even harder to fathom how much candy that actually is (it’s a lot!).

When Halloween rolls around, most of us look forward to that indulging in all the delicious mini chocolate bars and sweets. I personally look forward to that day-after-Halloween discounted chocolate.

It can be overkill in the sugar department, especially when a box of 90 mini chocolate bars disappears fast! Way too fast.

You or your kids are left with the ultimate sugar high, then the dreaded sugar crash. So, maybe this year you’ve decided to take a healthier route. You’ve decided nutrition and wellness is where it’s at. Perhaps you normally limit your child’s Halloween candy consumption and want to throw in a few healthier - yet, still delicious and fun - options. So what food should you eat on Halloween?

Whatever the case may be, we have a few healthy alternatives for you and surprisingly, they aren’t all healthy foods. Hand out other options that kids will enjoy just as much, minus the empty and oh-so-sugary calories. So, without further adieu… Let’s dive in.

What Are Some Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy?

1. Consider Skipping Halloween

Wait - what? Yeah, you read that right. Are your kids still young? Or are they passed that trick or treating phase? Skip it! Don’t give in to this holiday if you don’t want to indulge. This is a simple option.

You don’t have to do it… But it’s there if you want it.

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2. Juice Boxes

Okay, we know - there is still sugar in these. Go for the more organic juice box selection. It includes more natural sugars and less of that added stuff. These kids have been walking around for hours. They have likely worked up a thirst. Quench it with a healthy alternative. It’s still sweet, but with some serious nutritious content.

3. Bouncy Balls

Not a snack, but a hit with the kids! Who doesn’t love bouncy balls? They are simple and super cheap. Plus, they provide hours of entertainment. They’ll keep your kids busy and out of their sweet bag.

4. Lunchbox Snacks

You can buy a lot of healthy lunchbox snacks in bulk - like Halloween candy, but better for you. Go for granola bars, pumpkins seeds, cheese sticks, or raisins. We know they aren’t as fun as those special Halloween treats, but they are more healthy and less loaded with unhealthy added sugars. Make sure they come individually wrapped!

5. Fruit Leather

Go for the natural kind - it’s better for you. These are also something you can buy in bulk stores, like Costco. They also resemble and taste like candy.

In other words, they are one healthy food that won’t disappoint.

6. Glider Airplanes

These are fun, like ridiculously fun. Some kids might even prefer these over candy (hey, not all of us have a sweet tooth!). They might even be cheaper than buying the regular ol’ Halloween candy boxes.

Hit up your local dollar store for those cheap glider airplanes that provide hours of entertainment.

6. Temporary Tattoos

I don’t know about you, but I would have been thrilled to get temporary tattoos in my Halloween bag as a kid. They last longer than candy and are fun to apply.

Go for the spooky variety packs - maybe some ghosts or ghouls to stick with the Halloween theme.

7. Flashlight Keychains

Safety first! These little keychains are a practical Halloween goodie that will get used right away.

Most of the time trick-or-treating is done in the dark. It’s hard to see and easy to trip over curbs and what-not. Help out the local kids a bit and hand out mini flashlight keychains to help them get around better for the rest of their night.

8. Organic Candy

Replace the regular candy with organic styles. After all, for many, Halloween is all about the candy. So, if you just can’t imagine handing out flashlights or toys, take the organic route. They don’t have added sugars and are much healthier than the norm.

9. Fake Mustaches

Why not keep up with the Halloween trend of dressing up? Get some different fake mustaches. Hey, maybe you’re family can even have a fun photo-shoot with them later on!

Get creative. Halloween isn’t all about sweets.

Beyond Trick or Treating: At-Home Halloween Party Snacks

It’s not just about what you hand out to the trick-or-treaters. What about that Halloween party you’re hosting? We’ve got you covered! It doesn’t have to be all junk food and chocolate treats. You can squeeze in a few healthy food alternatives to your snack table.

Jack-O’-Lantern Stuffed Peppers

Get creative with your healthy food items. Make it fun! Our special Halloween recipe for Jack-O’-Lantern Stuffed Peppers are as cute and spooky as they are delicious and good for you! People often find healthy food boring. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. Get the family involved and get creative with your pepper carving!

Make these: Feed Your Body Friday: Stuffed Jack-O’-Lantern Halloween Peppers

Try Making Some Deviled Eggs

Make spider-looking deviled eggs to add that Halloween theme. Or make them look like eyeballs. Whatever floats your boat. These will definitely be a crowd favourite.

Set Up a Fruit Fondue

We know we mentioned axing chocolate treats, but fruits are still packed with a ton of nutrients so you won’t feel too badly about this snack. If you really want to be healthy about this one, stick to dark chocolate

Try Ghoulish & Monster Shaped Sandwiches

No party is complete without a few mini sandwich bites. Again, it comes down to a little creativity. Use olives as eyes on top. Cut the meats and cheeses to make it look like teeth and tongues.

Arrange a Healthy Orange Platter

When all else fails, put out some healthy orange goods. Buy carrots, orange and yellow peppers, and oranges. Make it a Halloween colour scheme!

Make This Halloween Your Healthiest One Yet

Save yourself and your family for that upcoming Christmas treat time. There will be loads more foods to indulge in soon enough.

If you must go for those chocolates and sweets, make sure to ration it between your kids and yourself. Don’t eat the whole box or bag in one go. You’ll end up with a sugar crash and an upset stomach.

Remember, Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the food. Make it more about the costume and decorations - who can create the best one? Make your kids think of treats as more than just candy. Toys and other fun gadgets can be great substitutes. Find your happy and healthy Halloween balance!

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