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Article: Getting it Right: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Gift

Getting it Right: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Gift

Getting it Right: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Gift

Never fear, because we’ve got the ultimate holiday guide to gifting, complete with meaningful gift ideas for every budget and lifestyle. Whether you’re celebrating with a minimalist edge this year or looking for something a little more extravagant, this guide has got you covered.

Setting a Budget

One interesting aspect of gift giving is the feeling of necessity when it comes to spoiling our loved ones, even when our pocketbooks may not love the idea. And no one seems eager to share the status of their wallets, even though many of us find ourselves struggling to come up with creative, yet-budget friendly ideas for celebration.

This year, try setting a boundary with your friends and family, suggesting a predetermined gift amount or even a Secret-Santa-style gifting game around the holidays. Celebrations are about being with those you love, not about making sure they have more material objects. If money is tight and you’re willing to set this boundary, you’ll be creating a stress-free environment of familial celebration for everyone involved; and, chances are, everyone will be grateful.

You might be surprised how much sentiment and utility can go into a $20 gift.

Getting Creative

It seems like when we were kids, we understood the value of a handmade gift; and as we grew up, it became more and more important to purchase something for a friend or family member to show them that you love them.

There are millions of DIY projects available on this internet that are perfect for the holiday season and friendly to the wallet—from alcoholic apple-pie-in-a-jar to handmade paintings. Think about the joy you feel when someone you love takes the time and creative energy to actually make something for you; it can feel a lot more personal and loving than any item from the store.

Wrapping it Up

No matter what you choose to gift to your loved ones, you’re probably eager to present it in a beautiful package; but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on wrapping paper and pretty bows. When it comes to wrapping your holiday gifts, creativity and resourcefulness are key. Nothing looks quite as nostalgic as a gift wrapped in newspaper, after all.

There are many interesting and resourceful ways to wrap your holiday gifts, from newspaper to Trader Joe’s bags. (Bonus points for the fun, holiday designs.) This is also a great time to revisit that heap of gift bags we all seem to have locked away in the corner of a closet—after all, we say we’re going to reuse them when we stuff them in there, right?

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Framed Memories

A unique and thoughtful gift idea may include something as simple as printing your favorite picture of your and a loved one and placing it in a unique, beautiful frame. You can even find gorgeous frames at your local thrift store, making your gift creative and ethically sourced.

Passing Notes

Many people are fans of journaling or using notebooks for taking notes and writing down ideas. But what could be more fun than receiving a notebook with your friend’s thoughts and affirmations sprinkled within the pages? Try finding a special journal for your loved one and including small notes and mementos throughout.

They’ll enjoy their new special space for their thoughts, as well as the love and thought that you put into it.

Utilize Your Unique Skills

If you have a particular talent or skill, this is the perfect time of year to put it to use. If you’re an excellent cook, the perfect gift for your loved ones may be a personalized pie or small loaf of your famous banana bread. If you’re a talented artist you can use your time and energy rather than money to create something fantastic and totally unique, like a painting of a scene from their favorite movie.

Few things are as meaningful as a gift that shows that you really know someone and using your personal gifts can help you create a perfectly personalized gift for others.

Spread the Love

The most important aspect of gift-giving is celebrating the love in our lives, and if you spread that love, you’ll have a fantastic time no matter what. Try not to spendtoo much time worrying about the perfect gift, but rather focus on the gifts that we receive every day in the form of family and friends.

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