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Article: Fit Family Fun for This Father's Day

Fit Family Fun for This Father's Day

Fit Family Fun for This Father's Day

This Father’s Day, why not include the whole family in some fun and fit activities? You can make this Father’s Day a day your dad won’t soon forget, and you can do it with your family’s health as the top priority!

Planning activities together to get active stay fit can help your entire family live longer and healthy lives. It can help create a culture in your family of healthy habits that everyone can turn to as a support system, bringing everyone closer together.

Shake up the usual meat-and-potatoes dinner plans with our top 8 fun family fun activities you can try this Father’s Day.

1. Partake in a Family Hike

Gather up the kids or your siblings and plan an adventure! Look up local trails. Map out your route. Determine the length of time it will take. If it is a full day hike, plan 1 meal, snacks, and water. Bring a surprise dessert for everyone to enjoy when you reach the hike’s destination.

You’ll all meet your physical activity requirements for the day, and reap the benefits that being out in nature has to offer.

You can make the hike fun by including friendly workout competitions or participating in a game while you walk. For example, plan a hiking scavenger hunt. Don’t worry — you don’t need to hide any objects beforehand. Simply make a list of things each person or group has to find. The list can include things such as picking up a piece of litter (and putting it in the trash), a heart-shaped rock, a blue flower, or a stick that looks like a person. Whoever has the most on the list wins!

2. Try Mountain Biking

This one might not be for everyone. However, if you are all old enough and you think it’d be a fun activity, go for it. It really depends on your dad and your family.

Mountain biking is a great workout. It puts your health first by making your heart work, challenging your balance, and providing an easy activity for your joints. The whole family will get a good night’s rest after a day of mountain biking. Steep hills are tough work.

Get a little muddy. Race each other. Make sure to wear old clothes or clothes you don’t care about getting ruined. And most of all, have fun!

If your family doesn’t own bikes, you can rent them. Look up bike rentals in your city or near bike trails you want to check out.

3. Family Fitness Competitions

Hold a family friendly competition in your own backyard. It can be as simple as seeing who can run or dribble a basketball the longest. Channel everyone’s inner child by grabbing a few jump ropes or hula hoops from the dollar store.

You can even create your own obstacle course!

Create an obstacle course by using things in your garage or objects that are already in the yard. Use chairs to jump over, or tables to crawl under. Use the swing set if it is in the middle of the lawn. Make it exciting. Then, have the fam compete for the title of the Father’s Day Obstacle Course Champion.

4. Play a Sport Together

This one is pretty easy, especially if you’re already an active family. If you all play a sport, set up a game of it. If not, you can still have fun playing a sport with the entire family. If your family isn’t very active, try lower-intensity games like bocce ball or lawn bowling.

Set up nets for soccer or a touchdown line for football. Choose from an array of other sports, including volleyball, badminton, basketball, hockey, and more.

If your family tends to get competitive, lay out some ground rules ahead of time, or have one person play the role of referee. Try not to get too competitive and remember that this day is about celebrating your dad. So, have fun with it!

5. Cook a Healthy Dinner

Let dad sit back and relax, unless he wants to help out too. Look up some healthy recipes for Father’s Day dinner. Choose one you know your father will like. Then get the family together to work as a team to make dinner.

Putting your health first not only means getting active, but also includes eating a proper diet high in nutrients. Inspire yourself with recipes from Daily Life’s Feed Your Body Friday recipes, or experiment with what’s in the fridge and come up with your own. Eat healthy and be healthy.

6. Have a Water Balloon Fight

Combat the heat with water balloons! Create teams or fly solo. Turn your backyard into a water war zone. Set up cover points and an area to refill your ammo.

If you don’t have any balloons, grab some water guns to start the fun. Again, set ground rules ahead of time. Nothing could ruin this fun more than someone getting whacked in the face with a cold, wet balloon. Keep it safe and keep it cool.

7. Rent Kayaks or a Canoe

Go on an real adventure this Father’s Day, and look up local lakes or rivers. Rent a canoe or some kayaks and set out on the water. Explore the natural wonders of this world.

Like hiking, you can throw in some games to make it exciting. Play ‘I spy with my little eye’ or the scavenger hunt nature game mentioned earlier in this article.

If you go for the afternoon or the whole day, make sure to bring plenty of water, swimsuits, and snacks. Surprise your dad by planning the whole day out. He’ll appreciate the effort you’ve put into this adventure.

8. Go Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great upper body workout, and a workout that dad might enjoy. It can also challenge the entire family, conquering fears and pushing limits.

Look up rock climbing or bouldering gyms in your area. Plan a time this Father’s Day to go. It puts your family’s health first and can provide a fun activity for the entire family.


Whatever your idea of an adventure is, give dad the gift of quality time. It’s better than any material object you could give him, and will bring your family closer together.

Getting active as a family will only encourage and promote future healthy behaviours. Choose from any of the activities above. Make your dad happy this Father’s Day and have a fun-filled day with your family. Everyone wins!

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