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Article: Essential Oils For Your Most Common Ailments

Essential Oils For Your Most Common Ailments

Essential Oils For Your Most Common Ailments

Well folks, there’s something to be said for folklore and it’s that herbs and plants are powerful. Did you know essential oils are used to treat infertility, gout, chronic pain, fibroids and cancer?

I’m here to open your eyes to an alternative way of healing, the original way, using plants extracts that are high potency cures made by the one and only, Mamma Nature herself.

There’s a rich, widely used and studied world of plant medicine, and thanks to the internet, people are able to share their experiences so we can reclaim the wisdom of our ancestors.

We’ve come up with 10 essential oils that could be used for your most common ailments. You can choose if you’d like to have them in your medicine cabinet or carry along with you to use as needed. Instead of popping pills known to have harmful side effects, why not try Earth’s organic gifts that most medicines are trying to replicate?

While some essential oils can be ingested, some are toxic if eaten and some can only be ingested if they are diluted. Always follow the instructions for each oil. Oils are extremely concentrated and should be kept out of reach of children.

10 Common Ailments & Their Essential Oil Antidote

Headache - Hello eucalyptus oil. Just rub a little of this on your forehead and temples when you have a headache and you’ll feel instant relief. It’s also used for joint and muscle pain, sore throats, coughing, clearing out your sinuses, asthma and as a household cleaner that can remove spots well.

This is a gift that keeps on giving! It’s great for allergies, wound treatment and helps with cold and flu symptoms by removing toxins. This oil is used with an essential oil diffuser, on a hot towel or applied topically. Do not ingest this oil.

Back Pain - It’s wintergreen to the rescue. It has pain relieving properties for the joints and muscles and can be used to decrease stomach pain, menstrual cramps, help with digestion while decreasing gas, as well as reducing painful inflammation.

It has a chemical in it considered analgesic, which is pain relieving and similar to Advil. It’s even good for headaches. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do not use while nursing. Do not ingest this essential oil and dilute it before putting it on your skin.

Anxiety - Lavender will soothe your nerves. It helps reduce hyperactivity as well as depression, but its uses are not limited to just that. It’s often used for bug bites and wounds because it’s antimicrobial.

It’s even been called the only essential oil you’ll ever need. Lavender can be applied topically and the oil should not be ingested even though it comes as a tea. If you’re looking for more information on essential oils for anxiety, check out this guide by Wellness Aromas.

Tiredness - Any citrus like orange, lemon or tangerine will boost your energy levels. Lemon is great for revitalizing your skin because it’s an astringent so you can use it for dual purposes to help dull skin. It’s also a great cleaner for your house.

Lemon helps support the nervous system and the oil which is made from the rinds can help removes stains as well. Orange essential oil is used as an antidepressant and it also reduces inflammation. There are about 75 lemons in one pure bottle of essential oil so you must be careful with it and use it only as directed.

Some essential oils are not made to be ingested because they contain alcohol.

Wound Healing - Frankincense is known to be helpful when you need to heal up. It helps kill germs and bacteria while reducing inflammation. It helps protect healthy cells and is used for cancer and often to help reduce symptoms of chemotherapy. It should be used topically or as aromatherapy with a diffuser, but most say it should not be ingested.

It’s used to boost our immune system and its effects on the nervous system can help us handle stress and negativity.

Depression - Ylang ylang is known for its mood boosting properties. This nice little sedative even has aphrodisiac qualities to boost your libido. It’s used as an antiseptic and helps lower blood pressure. Who wouldn’t want this handy oil around when it helps heart health, energy and your mood?

It can also help with eczema and bacterial infections while allowing you to speak your truth and overcome held belief systems that don’t resonate with your inner self.

Hangover - Had one too many last night? It’s time for some rosemary. This is a common hangover remedy that is either diffused or used topically. It’s also known to improve hair growth and dry scalp. It’s used for stress, anxiety, circulation, headaches, indigestion, cold and flu as well as inflammation that causes pain.

Did we mention it’s also a good pain reliever? Do not ingest this essential oil.

Menstrual Cramps - Clary sage is soothing and can help you work through that time with more comfort. Rub it on your belly to reduce cramps or add it to a hot bath. Some people use it on their pillow or diffuse it. It helps your hormones and is even known to improve your eyesight. This one is safe when ingested in the recommended dosage.

Acne - Thank goodness for tea tree oil to control our breakouts. Do not take this internally. It is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory and used topically to help your skin. It kills bacteria and helps your skin heal. It’s good for chickenpox, psoriasis, fungal infections and boils from staph infection.

It’s even used as a natural deodorant and household cleaner as well as in many hair products.

Indigestion - Meet peppermint oil. This can help soothe an upset stomach as well as sore muscles. It creates a cooling effect and also helps with bad breath. It’s great for headaches, helps clear your respiratory tract, boosts energy and gives you mental alertness. This can be diffused, used topically or internally.

Other uses include alleviating joint and muscle pain, reducing hunger cravings or a great shampoo additive.


What are you waiting for? Why live in pain or with anxiety when nature has the antidote waiting for you? I think when the world uses and understands essential oils there will be much less sickness, fewer complications with drugs, and of course, fewer addictions and overdoses.

If we want to have energy, live a happy life and be a boss, we need to live in harmony with the world we are a part of, including our own body. This is some of the most empowering knowledge we can put to use. Just visit a nursing home and look at all the medicine used which has so many ingredients that we don’t want in our body.

Replacing your medicine cabinet with nature’s first, real medicine is the new black! Oh, and might I add they make great gifts as long as you tell the person on the receiving end what they are used for.

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