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Article: Declutter Your Life: Out With the Old, in With the New

Declutter Your Life: Out With the Old, in With the New

Declutter Your Life: Out With the Old, in With the New

Clutter! It’s something that plagues most of us to some degree and I’m not just talking about an endless mound of clothes that are never worn or jars and bottles in the cupboard that never seem to get eaten.

A cluttered mind, cluttered relationships or cluttered lifestyle all contribute to overwhelming stress and sometimes lack of direction and focus.

So, what better time to start decluttering your life than in 2020, a year that promises to be one of change and illumination for many. Whatever your resolutions, whatever your goals or plans, getting off to a good start by having a clear mind and environment is the best foot forward.

Read on for some handy decluttering tips to help you in 2020.

Clear Your Environment

Do you get frustrated because you can never seem to find anything? Are you often so busy that you can’t seem to find time to get everything in order? Does there never seem to be enough time for anything in general or do you struggle with managing your time more efficiently?

When it comes to our living and work environment, it’s essential we keep them harmonious and peaceful (or, at least, to our own personal liking.) An untidy or disorganized environment can swiftly descend into an untidy or disorganized mind, making it difficult to function. Very often, it becomes a cycle we find it hard to break free from.

Make Time for Decluttering

Set aside one or two days during the week to focus entirely on clutter in your environment. Even if you can only spare a few hours, it is far better than nothing at all. Ask yourself what can be thrown out and what can stay? It can be hard letting go of things, especially if they have sentimental value. Part of the problem is our attachment to things – we find it hard to let go of objects or clothing that have memories attached.

Always remember that these memories stay with you in your mind and your heart – they can never be taken from you there. Objects or clothing which you don’t really need or use can be let go. You will probably find this applies to the majority of your things.

You will feel so much better afterward!

Make it Your Space

Now in with the new – you certainly don’t want to be purchasing loads of new things which will only generate a new type of clutter, but you might want to bring in a few things which will make your environment more pleasant or easier for you to live or work in.

What about a couple of Himalayan salt lamps, which provide an ambient and harmonious atmosphere? Or a new flower vase which you can fill with flowers every week?

Sometimes all we need is a change to get us feeling bright and perky and a few items here and there can really make a difference!

Clear Your Mind

A cluttered mind is often an unhappy mind and, what’s more, it can have a negative impact on our day-to-day running of things, as well as our relationships with others.

This is why it’s a great time to start with some nurturing and beneficial habits to keep your mind at peace, no matter how stressful things become.

Make Meditation a Priority

Meditation is highly recommended and it is advised to practice every day. You can meditate outdoors among nature, inside with the lights low and soothing music on in the background; you can also meditate in water (either the bath or the shower) as water has cleansing properties and can help heal you on a number of levels.

Formulating a healthy sleep routine is also important, as lack of sleep can make people snappy and unable to function throughout the day. Winding down with soothing meditation music, an essential oil used in an oil burner and diluted with a carrier oil, and a cup of chamomile tea can help send you off into a peaceful slumber.

Practicing mindfulness is also very good for your mind and taking a few moments each day to simply be in the present, while forgetting both the past and future, is a great way to calm your energies and regain a sense of inner balance.

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Clear Your Relationships

You heard that right! Part of decluttering your life is in the people you surround yourself with.

It’s time to take a look at your relationships with others. Are there any that are toxic and causing you misery? Do you have to stay with that person? Does the good outweigh the bad or vice versa?

Sometimes, we think we are trapped in a relationship with someone and yet we are free to leave when we choose. Or, we may be bound to stay in some circumstances, but there are steps we can take to improve matters. Sometimes it feels as if we don’t have a choice, but there is always a choice.

Make Time to Record Your Thoughts & Feelings

It is a good idea to note down your feelings and thoughts in regard to your relationships with other people and then reach a conclusion based on your own assessment. Discussing it with an impartial friend can be helpful as they can provide perspective (we can be blinkered by our own emotions and thought process, especially in matters of the heart).

If a relationship has become toxic and stale, then use the new year opportunities to reassess your situation.

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Whether the decluttering takes place on a mental, physical or emotional level, there is no better time to begin than now. Start early in the new year and keep track of your progress as the months go by. You will thank yourself for it afterward!

Continue on your organization and decluttering journey: Organized Life, Organized Mind

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