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Article: You Need These 11 Plants in Your Bathroom

You Need These 11 Plants in Your Bathroom

You Need These 11 Plants in Your Bathroom

Plants bring your indoor area to life. It’s no secret that greenery makes your space feel that much more like home and has mental and physical health benefits!

Air-purifying plants are all the rage. Clean air equals a healthier and better life.

With all this time indoors, it’s what we all need!

But what about bathroom plants? What works for this often teeny tiny room? Are there any plants that you can put directly in the shower? You’re about to find out.

Check out our list of bathroom plants below.

11 Bathroom Plants You Need

1. Bamboo

Bamboo might be exactly what you need to add a little zen into your bathing space. It needs only moderate and indirect sunlight, which means this works great in bathrooms with tiny windows and not much natural light.

Yet, this doesn’t mean this plant wants darkness - that’s a big no-no.

But this plant does love warmer temperatures, so feel free to crank up that heat on your next shower or bath. At the same time, they hate drafty or cold air. This makes it a fairly decent bathroom plant. Plus, it adds a little tranquillity to your space, which is probably exactly what you’re going for when you draw yourself up a warm bath.

2. Cast-Iron Plant

This one is a plant that works well in extreme temperatures. For bathrooms, that’s another plus! It can withstand a bit of neglect (something that some of us - me included - look for in plants, you know, just in case you forget about ‘em!).

All in all, the cast-iron plant is a beautiful leafy green fixture that will light up any room - including your bathroom.

It loves full shade, and it prefers to be dried out in between waterings. Stick it above your bathroom cabinet or near your toilet. It’ll add the extra something-something that your bathroom is lacking.

3. Air Plants

Air plants are awesome. They tend to be hard to kill too, which is a huge plus for any plant caretaker newbie. They love indirect sunlight and high humidity.

What does this mean?

Oh, you wait for this one… You can actually hang these in your shower or keep them along the lining of your bathtub. These bathroom plants will thrive there.

4. Ferns

A fern adds a tropical vibe to the atmosphere. In turn, it probably reminds most of us of chill days lazing out on the beach (maybe a margarita in hand too - who knows!). This is another ideal bathroom plant.

And there’s a good reason for this.

Similar to other plants on this list, ferns love humidity. On top of this, they prefer filtered light (No fern on the bottom of a tropical forest ever gets direct sunlight)—low maintenance and easy to care for. You definitely want to consider this plant!

5. Ivy

I love ivy! The tangled vines hanging down make any room appear as though you’re in a jungle oasis. These make great bathroom hanging plants. Or if you have a high window sill, it works there too.

Allow the vines to fall into the shower or tub.

On top of this, ivy plants are also air-purifying plants. They’re even great for helping with respiratory infections by clearing the air you breathe. Beautiful and functional; what more could you ask for from any bathroom plant?

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6. Calathea

If you’re hunting for bathroom plants that are low fuss and serious low light, the calathea is it. Again, this plant leans into humidity. They are also super colorful, adding a bit of flair to what is otherwise an often semi-boring room.

A calathea also only needs watering about every 1-2 weeks. This is another one on our list that also falls within the category of air-purifying plants.

Ideally, you probably want most of your plants to be air purifying to receive the best benefits possible!

7. Peace Lily

With large and glossy leaves, the peace lily will love your shower (we aren’t kidding!). As far as shower plants go, this one will thrive. The peace lily wants moist soil. Thus, getting a bit of water in its pot is a-okay and actually encouraged daily.

These guys are also great with humid conditions. They also like low to medium light. For bathrooms with filtered or low light, this is perfect.

8. Peperomia

This plant probably is best to keep outside of your shower unless you have a spot where it won’t get frequently watered. The peperomia (say that 10x fast) likes humidity and doesn’t require a ton of lighting.

Peperomia are also great low light air-purifying plants.

They are very effective at removing formaldehyde from the air you breathe, leaving you with nice and filtered air inside your home and potentially even your home office right now.

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9. Heartleaf Philodendron

These cheerful bathroom plants fit right into your shower area or can even fit perfectly amongst any bathroom hanging plants. It requires low light and damp soil, along with humidity. However, you’ll want to let this bathroom plant dry out between waterings for it to truly thrive.

10. Snake Plant

Okay, I get this plant is on almost every list out there. But there’s a key reason for this. Snake plants are really, really hard to kill. They are durable. And they can even survive in no lighting. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, a snake plant could work. However, you will want to move it from time to time to give it a bit of light from afar.

These add a striking accent to your bathroom.

Snake plants also make great air-purifying plants since they absorb toxins and release oxygen throughout the night.

11. Pitcher Plant

Pitcher plants need humidity. If you don’t have that, they will need a good misting quite often. Yet, this makes them good bathroom plants. And here’s another cool tidbit about a pitcher plant: They’re carnivorous plants.

This means - you guessed it - they will absolutely entrap any bugs or insects and make a meal of them.

Pitcher plants also prefer a very good draining container, lots of water, and a bright sun. You’ll need a bright bathroom window to keep this guy afloat.

Bring Your Bathroom to Life!

There are a ton of air-purifying plants and bathroom plants to choose from. From bathroom plants with no light to shower plants, the list above has got it all. Whether your bathroom is dimly light or flooded with sunlight, one of these plants will work.

So go on - bring nature indoors!

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