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Article: Back Body Yoga Flow: Find Your Foundation

Back Body Yoga Flow: Find Your Foundation

Back Body Yoga Flow: Find Your Foundation

One major contributor to back pain is having weak muscles that you need to hold the spine in place. Back pain can impede all areas of life by draining your energy and putting you in a foul mood. You need a strong back to live a life free of pain. This back body yoga flow is a yoga flow for your back muscles that will help you stay in alignment more each time you do it.

Back pain can be elusive in diagnosis and treatment. One of the best things you can do to avoid being a part of the statistic that 80% of people experience back pain in their life, and at any given time 31 million in the US alone are estimated to have back pain, is to strengthen your back.

We need to strengthen and decompress the spine as well as keep the synovial fluid moving so we don’t become stiff. Sitting is a part of life and we must use our time wisely to counteract the body posture of modern life. With this guided yoga flow you will not just receive back strengthening benefits but core strengthening as well. As we bring balance to the front and back sides of our body in both strength and flexibility, we unlock the energy of balance within ourselves that can help our mind and spirit.

As you do this series, move slowly, breathe slowly, and feel the energy that is released as you create more stability in your back with this empowering flow.

Yoga Flow for a Stronger Back & Foundation

Yoga pose - Mountain pose.

Mountain Pose

Begin standing with your feet together and hands by your sides with palms facing forward. Roll your shoulders up and back and knit your front ribs in. Grow tall through the top of your head and on an inhale, circle your arms to the sides raising them above your head so they line up with your ears.

As you exhale, swan dive forward bending at the waist as you bring your head towards your knees.

Yoga pose - Forward fold.

Standing Forward Fold

Hold the back of your calves as you breathe in and out of your nose folding your body in half. Relax the back of your neck so the weight of your head will lengthen your spine. Keep a mico-bend in your knees and pull your lower abdomen in as you lengthen the spine for three to five breaths.

Yoga pose - high plank.

High Plank

Bend your knees and step one foot back at a time to come into a high plank position with your hands under your shoulders with straight arms. Your legs are straight as you hold your body on your hands and toes. Keep one line between your shoulders hips and heels so that your body doesn’t droop.

Breathe for three to five rounds in and out of your nose as you keep your legs, back, and stomach engaged.

Yoga pose - side plank.

Side Plank

Check that your right palm is directly under your right shoulder and turn your torso so you open to the left. Reach your left arm up in line with the right and balance on the side of your right foot. Take three rounds of breath in and out of your nose keeping your back, shoulders, legs, glutes, and stomach engaged.

Slowly come back to high plank position and do the same thing balancing on your left arm. Then return to a high plank position.

Yoga pose - extended side angle.

Extended Side Angle

Step your right foot forward between your hands and spin your back heel down. Lift the left arm up and over your ear so there is one line along your back heel through your left arm fingers. Ensure your right knee doesn’t bend past your right ankle to protect your knee.

Take three to five slow deep breaths through your nose and then bring the left hand down, step the right foot back and the left foot forward. Repeat the same position on the other side and then step the right foot forward coming back into a standing forward fold.

Yoga pose - Eagle.


Keep your arms in line with your ears and bend your knees coming up into chair pose as if you’re sitting in an invisible chair. Lift your right leg up and over the left possibly tucking the right foot behind the left calf. Swing the right arm under the left arm bringing your palms to meet.

Keep your spine straight and do not lean forward as you bend your legs a little more. Pull the stomach in as you press your hands away from your face with elbows at the height of your shoulders.

Take three to five deep slow breaths through your nose and then unwrap yourself and return to chair pose to repeat the same thing on the other side bringing your left leg over the right and left arm under the right arm. Then return to standing.

Yoga pose - horse pose.


Separate your feet wider than your hips and turn your toes slightly out. Bend your knees so your hips are at the height of your knees and bring your arms up like goal posts.

Pull your front ribs in and take three to five deep breaths in and out of your nose.

flying monkey yoga pose modified.

Flying Monkey

Bend the right knee more as you straighten the left leg flexing the left foot. Your hips are low towards the ground and you lean your torso forward so you can plant your right arm inside the right bent knee. Lift the left arm up and take three deep slow breaths.

Then walk your hands over so you bend your left knee and straighten your right leg flexing the right foot. Plant the left hand inside the left knee and open to the right by lifting the right arm up in line with the left and take three deep breaths.

Yoga pose - seated twist.

Seated Twist

Lower yourself to a seated position and bring your legs out in front of you with your legs together. Bend the right leg and plant the right foot on the ground. Sit up tall and use your core muscles to turn to the right. Place your left elbow outside the right knee.

Take three to five slow deep breaths keeping your core engaged in this twist. Keep the spine tall as you do this and then slowly switch to do the same thing on the other side with the left leg bent and the right leg straight.

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Yoga pose - seated wide-legged forward fold.

Seated Wide-Legged Forward Fold

Bring your legs into a wide straddle and reach your two peace fingers for your big toes and wrap them around your big toes. Lengthen your spine and pull your self forward with a straight spine to help decompress your lower back.

Take three to five slow deep breaths in and out of your nose and then allow the spine to round and relax letting gravity pull you into the pose without engaging your muscles for at least a minute. Then take a deep breath inhale and lift your torso grabbing onto the insides of your knees and lifting them to bring your legs together so you can lie down on your back.

Yoga pose - reclined twist.

Reclined Twist

Hug your right knee into your right armpit as you lay on your back with your left leg straight. Bring your right knee across your body to the ground so you balance on your left hip. Turn the upper torso to the right and ‘T’ your arms out to the sides.

Breathe and relax your back and stomach for three to five breaths. Return to your back and squeeze your right knee into your right armpit once more before straightening it and hugging your left knee in to do the same thing on the other side.

Yoga pose - savasana.


Lay on your back and relax completely with your eyes closed for at least seven minutes to recuperate your energy. Let your mind be still and allow your breath to happen naturally. You may want to cover yourself with a blanket to stay warm.


Yoga is called a practice because the benefits come when you do it regularly. Each day you will find you feel better and after a few weeks and months, you’ll find the real transformation of mind, body, and soul.

Take advantage of our other at-home yoga flows to get in tune with your body and live your best life. We even have a wrinkle-reducing facial yoga flow! Each of our home yoga flows helps you release endorphins that will keep you feeling creative and optimistic which is a foundation for a great life.

We promote taking care of your mind, body, and spirit with healthy eating, mindful lifestyle practices like meditation, and insights that can help you connect to your soul and heal on a deep level. We are here to support your energy and happiness as we grow together and help make the world a more positive place.

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