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Article: A Visualization to Manifest The Future You Want

A Visualization to Manifest The Future You Want

A Visualization to Manifest The Future You Want

Before the meditation, find a quiet comfortable place where you can be undisturbed for this meditation. I suggest reading through this article once and then do the meditation slowly by memory or better yet, record it in your own voice but don’t rush as you record it. You can use it everyday to work on your ability to focus on your desired goals.

It will strengthen your ability to manifest if you practice this visualization because you will be using the mystical and powerful third eye.

Allow about twenty to thirty minutes for this visualization. Before you begin this visualization, have a pen and paper handy. It can be helpful to dim the lights, play very calm acoustic music and make sure you’re warm and in a comfortable position.

Before you begin take a minute to become fully present by breathing deeply with your eyes closed. Breathe in for five seconds and breathe out completely for five seconds. Your breath will get you into a meditative state.

Step 1: The Long Term Vision

Counting backward from five you are going into deep relaxation.

Five, you feel your muscles relax. Your breath slows and deepens.

Four, your mind can now leave your physical body. You start to lift your consciousness up and away from your body.

Three, you have left your body and are floating up through the clouds.

Two, you are now landing on a green field and your feet gently step into the dirt.

One, you feel the warm sun hit your face and shoulders. As you breathe in, you smell the fresh nature around you, a hint of spruce and the scent of a recent rain. Birds chirp in the distance and the wind is only moving the blades of grass ever so slightly.

In front of you is a giant wooden table. On that table is the biggest book you have ever seen. The edges of pages of the book are golden and you sense this book holds something significant and special for you. You step into the grass, one foot at a time, ready to look at this book. Anticipating an exciting find.

You feel the excitement of this moment, knowing it is somehow a part of your destiny. You arrive at the edge of the table and find the book open in front of you. You see a picture in the book. This is your long-term goal that is in the highest good for your mind, body and soul. What details are in this picture?

Take a few minutes to write down everything you see. If something is blurry or you don’t know what it means, breathe and relax. Keep looking and notice what else you see. Jot down anything you observe even if it’s not completely clear yet what it means.

A guide is now approaching from the other side of the field. They look experienced and kind. They have clearly led many on this journey before and have a sense of strong assuredness in their gentle smile. You follow them to the edge of the green grass field where two stone pillars mark the beginning of a path through the forest.

A path of wooden planks raised above the ground winds through this forest. You notice the trees have specks of light in their bark and leaves that catch your eye. You hear happy and excited children laughing and giddy in the distance.

Step 2: The Major Steps To Get There

Ahead you see the guide is taking you to a clearing. It seems something stands tall on the edge of the forest. As it comes into focus you see a giant marble staircase leading to a massive castle. The guide smiles and stops at the base of the stairs.

You carefully ascend the stairs feeling stronger with each step as if you were becoming more luminous as you approach the door. Your body has a subtle glow as you reach the tall doors of the castle which gently open upon your approach. Inside are three hallways. You go down the first hallway and find a giant room.

In the center of the room is one single object. This represents one thing you will need to do to reach your long-term goal. It may represent an emotional quality you need to develop. Pick it up and look at it. Write down what you see and what it means to you. Notice the object begin to glow as your heart begins to glow as well.

The brightness of your heart and the object merge as the object disappears into your heart.

You now walk back down the hallway to the entrance of the castle. The second hallway is now lit with torches. You walk down the hallway and two animals are in two cages. The first animal represents one major obstacle to your goal you will meet. Look at this animal and sense what it means to you.

Wait for the knowingness to arrive as you breathe and look into it’s eyes. Write down what you discover. You now are prepared to meet the challenge that can help strengthen you in your journey to accomplishing your long-term vision.

Now you look at the other animal. It is both gentle and majestic. This animal represents a tool you have within yourself to overcome obstacles. Look deeply into the animals eyes. Breathe in rhythm with the animal until you feel at one with this creature.

Write down the strength of this animal and know you have it to use when you need it. This animal turns into bright white light which surrounds your body and then disappears. You sense it is still with you. You now slowly walk back down the hallway to the main entrance of the castle.

Step 3: What To Start Right Away

The third hallway seems cheerful and you hear playful music coming from it. You are excited to see what is down this corridor. Even the smells coming from this brightly lit hallway beckon you. It seems a party is going on and it’s time to go join it.

You walk down the hallway which is squishy and almost bouncy. Your feet begin to lift off the ground as you walk and you’re becoming weightless.

You get to a giant ballroom and there are angels of the most vibrant colors all around. These angels will help give you the positivity and energy to begin working towards your long-term vision. They will help you overcome your fear and help you really make changes and decisions that will build momentum to get you where you want to be.

One bright orange angel is joy, she shakes your hand and gives you a burst of energy which lights up in your stomach. The next vibrant blue angel is the gift of positive and direct communication. He shakes your hand and your throat lights up with his power.

The next beautiful vibrant angel, larger than all the rest is as bright as the yellow and golden sun. She places her hands on your shoulders and you feel yourself fill with confidence. There is a goofy smiling angel in the corner who looks friendly as can be.

He beams green energy from his heart to yours, giving you an abundance of love and positivity for yourself and to share with others. A translucent pink angel flies down from above you. She is magical. She says, “we are all here to help you always” and hands you a scroll.

In this scroll, is the first step to your mission. The very first thing you will do to start the snowball effect for your long-term vision. It is a simple step. You open the scroll and see one word written clearly in golden ink. What word do you see?

Take a moment to see yourself joyfully taking this step, living the life that will bring you towards your long-term goal, using the strength of your helper animal and easily working through challenges. Feel the joy it brings you to live with purpose and dedication to something that comes from your heart.

It is time to begin your journey on the earth plane and so you will now breathe deeply to come back to your body. Knowing you can return to your castle to find these objects and angels as well as your guide, countdown from five to one.

Five, you step into the sunshine outside of the castle.

Four, breathe as you move through time and space towards earth.

Three, you start to feel your lungs moving.

Two, you feel the gifts of spirit in your heart, they have come back with you.

One, gently open your eyes knowing it’s time for magic to happen.


Write down anything else that comes to mind and check out our article about making a vision board to keep your new vision in the forefront of your mind. It’s time to change. You can change your life with your positive attitude, your gratitude and your words that can also create.

Write down how you can best use your time in a way that will help you build the momentum you need to reach this goal. What do you need to do less of? How will you maintain a sense of balance and fun as you create this new version of you?

When you commit to living a life that is guided by your heart, it will help you develop your intuition. It’s important to know that you can ask for help from spirit. You can ask for courage and positivity to work through your fear. You can also ask for creativity to find resources or new solutions that will make things easier.

Finally, the more you let go of resistance to the unexpected things that occur and the quicker you just embrace every emotion and event, the faster you will see the learning lesson each person, place or thing has for you to guide you to your soul’s purpose.

Revisit this visualization at each new moon, every month to continue to stay focused and inspired.

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