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Article: 3 Guided Meditations to Increase Your Positivity

3 Guided Meditations to Increase Your Positivity

3 Guided Meditations to Increase Your Positivity

Perhaps you woke up this morning feeling no different than any other morning and not necessarily excited to embrace this day with a sense of wonder and utter excitement. What if we told you that simple visualization techniques can help you experience a utopia each day where you will feel elated upon waking, peaceful as you walk through your day, and excited about each encounter as if they were unlocking magical secrets to life? Well, you can. If you’ve never done a visualization meditation before, you can start now. They help you find an internal world that has been waiting for you. That internal world can become the source of your happiness so that you are overflowing with genuine positivity.

When was the last time you smiled uncontrollably or felt butterflies because you experienced such a wonderful feeling? Well, you can generate positive emotions instead of just hoping they show up. These guided meditations will show you how to practice mindfulness, which is basically noticing and directing your thoughts. You’ll find it’s fun and simple. In a very real way, mindfulness can change your entire life and activate the law of attraction in your favor so you can attract amazing experiences, people and opportunities into your reality. So get ready for a wild and beautiful life, you’ve arrived.

Prepare for your meditation by finding a quiet room or spot in nature you can sit without being disturbed. Each meditation is brief and yet packed with energy that will boost your optimistic self. Sit tall either on a chair or in a cross-legged position if it’s comfortable for you. You may choose to have a friend read these guided meditations to you or record them in your own voice speaking slowly and calmly with a smile. You may also read them as you go. The intention of the focus of your energy is what is most important.

Meditation to Expect Positive Experiences

Start by taking a deep breath in your nose and hold it for five seconds. Then explode the breath out of your mouth like a cannon. Go ahead and do that four more times bringing in as much air as you can on each inhale and powerfully pushing the air out on the exhale as you relax your mind and body.

Now allow yourself to breathe slowly and extra deeply through your nose as we begin the guided meditation. Envision yourself sitting on a giant rock slab which is so big, you can’t see the edges of it. It is comforting and has a nice warmth when you touch it. Inside of this stone is powerful energy that amplifies your thoughts out in all directions.

The stone contains elements that match the elements in your body and speak to each other. Your mind is the command portal to send out ideas about the life you want to live. You punch in one idea that you are extremely supported, happy and surrounded by people you love. And it is sent out to all the molecules in the massive stone and reverberates out into the universe beyond where your eyes see.

You feel that sense of happiness build as it echos through the cosmos. The cosmos is now sorting and processing your request so it may be delivered soon. You now think of another positive experience you’d like to request from the universe. Perhaps it’s financial abundance or a positive love partnership. Punch it into the keyboard of your mind by taking a snapshot of that very future where you feel you are there. Send the energetic imprint through the elemental communication highway and feel it’s ingredients being cooked up in the cosmic womb. Our expectations set the table we sit at to enjoy life.

Take three deep breaths to bring yourself back to the place your body is sitting and notice how you feel after going on that journey. You have created energy and momentum that has shifted your mind to expect positive things so you can experience them. Clasp your right hand around your left and squeeze them imbuing this movement with the energy of positive expectations. Now every time you do this, you’ll have the same feeling you generated in the meditation. Do it three times to set it as a signal to your emotional state. Well done!

Meditation to Feel Energized

Now it’s time to positively charge your aura so you can feel energized. By becoming fully present you can shift your emotional state at any time and it only takes a moment of your time. We will start by using powerful deep breathing in and out of your nose for thirty seconds. Feel your lungs expand on each inhale and then feel the stomach contract on each exhale. Notice after thirty seconds you are buzzing a little bit more.

Now we will add the visualization part to amp up your energy even more. You will do the same breathing technique but this time you will add a simple visualization of positive colors entering your body, cells, and energy field on your inhale. On your exhale you will watch negative colors that are dull or stale leave your body and aura. Do this for one minute and really breathe slowly and extra powerfully to get the full effect. The vibrant positive colors flood your energy field with excitement and your cells vibrate with energy.

At the end of the minute visualize each cell full of white light that is charged like the sun. You are so energized, so full of life and so full of raw potential. You are a creative force with this energy and you can see ideas beginning to flow towards you that are exciting and fun. These ideas can allow you to channel constant energy from the universe to the world to keep you charged and feeling brilliantly illuminated. Welcome the creative insights and write down one that stands out.

Sit in silence and feel the energy you are sitting in. You can always access this energy and feel this alive. Well done!

Meditation to Trust the Universe

Positivity can be born of trust that we are supported and connected to a universe that conspires to help us beyond ways that we can conceive of in our linear mind. There are miracles happening every day for those willing to surrender to the universal support system. Now you get to tap into that vibration of trust with this simple guided meditation. Sit up tall and lift your shoulders up and then back and down. Feel your spine lengthen. Take a deep breath in your nose slowly and expand your ribs to the sides. Exhale pulling your belly button in towards your spine. Inhale and fill the lower lobes of your lungs, feel the back ribs expand, and fill the upper lobes of the lungs. Slowly exhale.

The body breathes although it was never taught how. It stays alive all by itself. There is an energy, an intelligent life-giving loving energy that moves through you with each breath allowing you to experience life through your senses. The love that keeps you alive is responsive to your requests for assistance in your life. It is extraordinarily powerful and loving. See this energy in your mind’s eye that expands and touches all of life. It is you and moves you as you move it. There is no separation, only the illusion that there is. It has always been there and will always be there. It has you wrapped in its love, holding you, guiding you, and giving you the ability to transform and co-create your life.

Surrender as you breathe slowly knowing this cosmic energy is you and it will always give you what you need when you need it. Right now you are exactly where you’re meant to be and experiencing what you’re meant to experience. Drop the resistance, feel the force.

Now state this affirmation with complete resolution three times, “I trust the universe conspires to support me.” Take three more breaths to bring yourself back to the place you’re sitting.

Closing Thoughts

You do not need a Ph.D. in mindfulness to experience the miraculous shifts it offers you. Just diligently use it and allow it’s simple and peaceful effects to be infused into your life. There is more flavor, more options, and more energy available to you than you’ve ever conceived of. All it takes is realizing that you are that interconnected energy, you are pure energy and your thoughts are your light-sabers. You can be a Jedi in real life and imagine the future you want to create. Be a beacon of positivity and the world will show you that you’re a magnet for abundance, love, and miracles.

If you found you’ve experienced a shift by reading this article, do share it with someone you happen to like. They will appreciate the gesture and our team’s efforts will continue to spread the empowerment that comes from knowing the power of the mind. We will leave you with a quote from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma, it says, “the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.”

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