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How to Spread the Love on a Local & Global Scale

The Beatles triumphantly sung, “All You Need is Love” - releasing their single all the way back in 1967. Some even claimed it that summer as the “anthem of flower power” - meaning it was the song representing the change growing in the world through the promotion of peace and love.

While the flower power movement is often linked with the hippie movement and psychedelic drugs, they had a point.

When it comes down to it, love is really all you need. And the more, the better. In other words - and not to sound overly cliche - spread love, not hate.

Robert Waldinger is the current director of a 75-year study on adult development and on what makes people truly happy. What did the study find? Robert Waldinger stated, “Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.”

Love brings people up. It brings people together. It’s meaningful. It is the soul and root of each relationship. And when it comes down to it, our interactions with each other and our relationships matter the most (the 75-year study proves this). So, why not spread the love?

And it’s okay if you need a little inspiration for today to do so - we’ve got some! Here are ways you too can spread love on a local and global scale. Every little bit counts!

1. Hold the Door for the Person Behind You

It’s small. It’s easy. It’s - what - 5 seconds out of your day? It shows the world and the person behind you that we’re all looking out for each other. And something even this small can flip another person’s day around.

Imagine: You’ve spilled your coffee that morning all over your lap. You’re running late. You burned your toast - again. You parked your car, but managed to get your coat caught in the door as you go to shut it behind you. This isn’t going to be a good day. As you’re rushing to the door, the person in front of you is holding the door - a small act of kindness. Perspective flipped - maybe this day isn’t going to be so bad.

2. Say ‘Thank You’

To everyone. If someone holds the door for you, thank them. Voice words of appreciation when someone helps you out. Acknowledge it. It means something.

3. Smile More

Smiling can trick your brain into thinking you’re happy - even when you just aren’t feeling it. Plus, you brighten up someone else’s day. So, turn that frown upside down!

4. Give Out Compliments

Now, don’t be fake. Or give praise where it isn’t needed. But if someone looks particularly nice today, tell them! If you’re surprised by how hard your co-worker is working, recognize it and tell them you’re impressed. People love it. It makes them feel good, and why wouldn’t you want that?

5. Pay it Forward

Literally. Do you regularly line-up in that drive-through for your coffee every morning? Buy the person’s cup o’ joe behind you as well! It’ll make their day. And anyone can afford a few bucks.

If you want to go full-throttle on this one, you can do this at a restaurant by paying another table’s bill anonymously. It makes people see the good in this world - and sometimes, we very much need it.

6. Buy Your Wife/Mother/Friend Flowers or A Small Gift

It shows you’re thinking of them. And no, it doesn’t have to be for a special occasion. It’s just about showing them you care and love them.

7. Buy a Homeless Person Food or Hot Chocolate

Do you walk by the same person every single day? Instead of giving them money, grab them a sandwich from a nearby store or restaurant - or if it is a particularly cold day, buy them a hot chocolate. Remember, the small stuff matters.

8. Call Someone You Love and Tell Them

A call just to say you love them is rare. Give your mom, dad, sister, or brother a call. They’ll appreciate it - trust us.

9. Cook a Meal for a Friend or Your S.O.

Who doesn’t love not having to lift a finger for a meal? It’s a treat. And it’s a great excuse to get together (not that you need one!).

10. Tell Them to ‘Keep the Change’

Give a little here and there. Is that 2 dollars really going to make a big difference in your life? But it could do in someone else’s, especially that college barista you see at the coffee shop every morning. Let it go.

11. Let Someone Cut Ahead of You In Bumper to Bumper Traffic

Just let them in. Everyone is stuck on the highway. It’s not going to slow down your commute (it really isn’t). And it’s a small token of kindness. I see so many people just insisting on not letting the merging cars in. It really is not going to make a difference on your day. But it can make someone else’s day a little easier.

12. Ask the Cashier How They Are

At the grocery store, ask the cashier how they are! They rarely get asked this, but ask it of others all day long. Show them you care. Ask how their day is going. Make it a positive and active interaction, instead of a passive one.

13. Give to a Charity of Your Choice

Do your research on this one. Find a cause you care about and support. This can impact worlds.

14. Volunteer!

Volunteering has an array of benefits. Offer a helping hand at a senior’s residence, an animal shelter, a homeless shelter, an after-school program for less privileged kids, or anything else you can think of. Your time and attention is one of the best things you can give - not to mention, it is one of the easiest ways to spread the love.

15. Pick Up Garbage in Your Neighbourhood or a Local Park

It makes all the difference. And it might encourage others to do the same. Respect and love your environment - we only get one planet!

Good Vibes Only!

November 13th is World Kindness Day. We only get a short time on this planet. Use it to spread more love and kindness. The world knows we could always use a little more. And you probably could too!

If we could spread love as quickly as hate and negativity, imagine how great this world could be. Let people leave your presence happier than when they entered it! Giving makes all the difference - for others and for you.

Krista Bugden

Krista Bugden

"Believing in yourself is really half the battle," says Krista. Anything is possible and you really can achieve anything you set your mind to, is her motto. Physiotherapist, Piano player, skydiver, yogi, adventure traveler and energetic force of positivity, Krista is herself a (delightful) force to be reckoned with! As... Read More

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