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Please select a browser from the list below to find a detailed tutorial on how to delete cookies and other browsing data / history:

Cookies are small pieces of information (and text) that are created by websites you are visiting and are sent to your internet browser along with the web pages that you are viewing. 

Some of these cookies are saved to your hard disk and when you visit the same web page again, your browser sends these cookies back to the website as saved information. For example, it saves old credit card information, addresses, and other data, which is why it needs to be deleted every once in awhile.

If you face any technical issues but you still prefer to use another browser, such as Safari, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox, please make sure you:

  1. Delete the Cookies (browsing history) from your Browser;

  2. Use the most up-to-date browser version (It shouldn't be a problem then because most updated browsers have a flash built in as well).

We are so sorry for any inconvenience you've experienced, and the same time so grateful to you for informing us about this! :)

We really appreciate a proactive attitude such as yours, dedicated to improving the Daily Life experience for yourself and everybody else around! Please write to us using this contact form and describe the issue as detailed as possible.

  • If there is something wrong with any email from Daily Life, please provide us the subject line of the email and a quote of a misleading text or the link (URL) that does not work.

  • If there is something wrong with any Daily Life Website, please provide us with the link (URL) to that website; a quote / screenshot of a misleading text / visual and a short explanation.

  • If there is something wrong with any Daily Life products/services, when you log in to your members area, please provide us with the link (URL) to the product/service, a quote / screenshot of a misleading text / visual and a short explanation.

You'll be happy to know that you can manage your email subscription or totally unsubscribe from all emails, or specific events by following the steps below:

1. How to unsubscribe from emails of specific events

At the end of almost, every email from the specific event organized by Daily Life will have the following message: "Update Preferences Or Unsubscribe"

Important: This means that if you tried to unsubscribe from here, you will be unsubscribed from that particular event updates, but you will continue receiving emails from Daily Life.

2. How to unsubscribe from all the emails

Click on the  "Update Preferences Or Unsubscribe"

And it will take you to a new  page where you must select the option that best matches your needs and you will be done.

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So you interested in writing for Daily Life. Check out our Writers Pitch here to get starting.  It will gives you all the requirements we are looking for.

Want to get daily inspiration to your inbox? Check out our home page, under the top navigation bar, you can find our sign up section. 

If you don't see it there, you may have already signed up for our emails. If you can't seem to find them in your inbox, check your spam, junk or promotions folder and be sure to mark at as "safe" or "not junk" to see it in your inbox.

We are glad you asked! Please email support @ with the subject Line - Advertise With Daily Life. This will get your information in the right hands, and you will be contacted within 72 hours.

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