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Sophie Viau

Sophie Viau

Sophie is a blogger, writer, entrepreneur, world traveler, and photographer. As a young woman, she had an unusual dream: to discover Iceland! “Nobody in my entourage had an interest in this type of trip” says Sophie, so she decided to go alone.

What she discovered was that, not only was this an extraordinary adventure, it was also a deeply spiritual experience to travel alone in completely foreign lands. “Being alone amidst such grandiose nature reconnected me with my inner self,” she explains.

And that inner connection is what brings Sophie to you today! What she discovered is that by going for her own dreams, she was able to tap a well of wisdom, resources, and talents that help countless others.

We are delighted to have Sophie as our Daily Life Nutrition & Recipe Expert. Her optimism, courage and vast knowledge of foods which nourish body and soul make her a perfect match for our community!

In her spare time, when she isn’t writing for Daily Life, her blog Noble Veggies, or posting stunning photos of her recipes on her Instagram account, she can be found working behind her camera, traveling, indulging in some guacamole, sea salt chocolate, and enjoying sunsets (the magic hour!)

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