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About Sarah McCullough

Sarah McCullough

Sarah McCullough

Sarah focuses on stress management, healthy sleep, and how interior design and colour contribute to relaxing environments. By day, Sarah works in Human Resources, eagerly absorbing knowledge about the human psyche and why we behave and interact the way we do.

Sarah started her career journey with a single year in the Fine Arts program at the University of Alberta. Unsatisfied with the idea of taking on art as a job, she moved into a series of opportunities to offer her skills to local businesses and non-profits alike. Her entrepreneurial spirit has kept her busy, and she’s always ready to take on new challenges. Unabashedly curious about her environment, she is constantly looking to strike a balance in her world — practicing self-confidence with humility, a harmonious work/life balance, and mixing fantasy with reality.

Sarah can be found working on an interior design certificate, training for a 5K, amateur gardening, working on her novel, and hanging out with her 2-year-old Newfoundland dog, Dio.

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